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Section A

1.It is fine tomorrow. We`ll go for a p____.

1. I can p____wear my red shirt on weekend.

2. Her favorite a____ is Hemingway.

3. _W___guitar is this?

_It might belong to Alice.She plays the guitar.

4. C___music is his favorite music.

5. 这些是Ann和Amy的自行车。

水的These are ___ ___ ___bikes.

6. 鲁迅是我最喜欢的作家Lu Xun is my___ ___.

7. 谁是野餐中年龄最小的?Who is the youngest___ ___ ___?

8. 这台电脑是我的。

The computer ___ ___me.

9. 这本法语书是谁的?Who does the ___ ___belong to?

10. ____(谁的)French book is this?

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