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Unit 3 Section B(3a-Self Check)

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Unit 3

Teenagers should be allowed

to choose their own clothes.

Section B(3a—Self Check)

Ⅰ. 短语互译 1. 全神贯注; 专注于 2. 目前; 现在 3. 挡道的; 妨碍人的 4. 担心; 关心 5. have an opportunity care concentrate present the way

6. be good for
答案: 1. on 2. at 3. in 4. about 5. 有机会

6. 对??有好处

Ⅱ. 阅读3a部分的短文, 判断正误(T/F)


)1. At the writer’s school, students don’t have to wear

uniforms every day.


)2. The students would like to wear their own clothes

because they think young people should look smart. ( )3. The students think they should be allowed to design

their own uniforms. ( ( )4. All the students agree what the teacher said. )5. The writer thinks students need longer vacations to

do things like volunteering.

答案: 1~5. FTTFT

1. Our teachers believe that if we did that, we would

concentrate more on our clothes than our studies.
我们老师认为如果我们那样做的话, 我们会把更多的精力放在 衣服上而不是学习上。

【自主领悟】本句是一个复合句, that引导的从句是宾语从句,

【用法辨析】if引导虚拟条件句与真实条件句的区别 (1)if引导虚拟条件句时, 若表示与现在事实相反的虚拟与假设, would+动词原形 一般过去时 主句用“_______________”结构, if虚拟条件句用___________。 例如: If I had a lot of money, I would help the poor children. 如果我有很多钱, 我将会帮助那些贫穷的孩子们。 一般现在时 (2)if引导真实条件句时, 常用___________表示将来。即: 主句 一般现在时 用一般将来时, if条件状语从句用___________。例如: If it is fine this weekend, we will go to the beach. 如果这个周末天气

好的话, 我们就去海滩。

①They will have a picnic if it (not rain) tomorrow.

②If I

(have) lots of money, I would give it to charity.

答案: ①doesn’t rain

2. We would feel more comfortable and that is good for
studying. (那样)我们将感到更舒服, 而且会有益于学习。

【自主领悟】be good for意为“对??有益”, 后接名词、代词
动词-ing 或________形式作宾语。例如: Enough sleep is good for health. 充足的睡眠有益于健康。

【用法辨析】be good构成的其他短语 动词-ing (1)be good at意为“擅长??”, 后接名词、代词或________形
式作宾语。例如: My brother is good at drawing. 我弟弟擅长 画画。 人 with (2)be good ____意为“与??相处得好”, 后常接___作宾语。例 如: We are good with our neighbors. 我们与邻居相处得好。

人 to (3)be good __意为“对??好; 对??慈善”, 后常接___作宾语。

例如: My grandma is good to me. 我的祖母待我很好。

【活学活用】 用介词for/at/to填空 ①Gina is good ②Running is good painting. health.


ur English teacher is really kind. She is good

all her

答案: ①at



3. That would be a good way to keep both teachers and

students happy.
那将会是一个让老师和学生都高兴的好方法。 adj. 【自主领悟】(1)“keep+sb. /sth. +____”, 意为“使??保持某种 状态”, 是“keep+宾语+宾语补足语”结构, 宾语补足语可以是形 容词、副词、介词短语、现在分词或过去分词等。 both. . . and. . . (2) _____________意为“两者都; 既??又??”, 可用来连接 句中两个相同的句子成分。

【用法辨析】both. . . and. . . 与neither. . . nor. . . 的区别 连接两个并列成分作主语时, 谓语动词用 复数形式 _________。例如: Both Mary and Tom are my pen pals. 玛丽和汤姆都是我的笔友。

both. . . and. . .

neither. . . nor. . .

“两者都不; 既不??也不??”, 连接两个并列 就近原则 成分作主语时, 谓语动词遵循“_________”。例 如: Neither Jack nor Peter has seen the movie. 杰 克和彼得都没有看过这部电影。

【活学活用】 ①You must keep your eyes exercises. ②Neither Jenny nor Lisa 答案: ①closed ②likes (like) thrillers. (close) when doing eye

③—Basketball has a history of nearly 300 years. Today it is

still loved by
—I agree.

the young

the old.

A. both; and
C. not; but

B. either; or
D. neither; nor

4. You’d better reply to the invitations quickly.
你最好尽快答复那几封邀请函。 名词 代词 【自主领悟】reply to意为“回答; 答复”, 后接_____或_____作 宾语。例如: They waited on your reply to their letter. 他们等 着你的回信。

【用法辨析】answer/reply的异同 answer reply 及物动词, 后可直接跟宾语 不及物动词, 应加介词to, 再接宾语

作名词时, 两者都可与介词to搭配。例如: the answer/reply to the question“问题的答案/回复”



my e-mail as soon as possible.

②你能回答这个问题吗? Can you this question? ②answer

答案: ①reply to

It would be a good experience for me because I want to be a
doctor when I’m older. 对我来说, 那应该是一次好的经历, 因

可数名词 【自主领悟】experience作“经历”讲时, 是_________。 例如: He recounted his experiences to the pupils. 他向学生们 讲述他的经历。

【归纳拓展】experience的其他用法 不可数名词 (1)experience作“经验”讲时, 是___________。例如: Experience is the mother of wisdom. 经验为智慧之母。 动词 (2)experience可作_____, 意为“经历; 体验”。例如: He has experienced lots of difficulties these years. 这些年来他经历了


【活学活用】 ①—They were sent to teach English in a poor mountain

village last year.
—They said they would never forget some pleasant______

while w

orking there.
A. experience C. expression ②你有教英语的经验吗? Have you had any 答案: experience of teaching English? B. experiences D. expressions

Ⅰ. 用所给词的适当形式填空
1. Jessica was well last night. 2. He’s happy to have the opportunity for the old people. 3. Children need at least eight 答案: 1. sleepy 2. to perform (hour) sleep a night. 3. hours’ (perform) a play (sleep) in class because she didn’t sleep

4. Our teacher asked us

(concentrate) more on our (volunteer) at a Children’s

studies than playing computer games.

5. Lisa with her friends often
home on weekends. 答案: 4. to concentrate

5. volunteers

Ⅱ. 单项选择 1. Now we don’t have any lessons on weekends. We have two days A. away every week. B. on C. off D. down

2. Don’t put today’s work for tomorrow. I mean today’s

A. may do

B. must do D. must be done

C. may be done

3. I don’t think sixteen-year-olds
A. should allow

to drink or smoke.

B. be allowed

C. should be allowed

D. shouldn’t be allowed

4. Now the price of the house is still a little higher for most people. A. At first B. At present C. At last D. At once studying. D. to

5. I think working in groups is good A. in B. at C. for

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