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unit 8 how do you make a banana shake A 1

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What’s your favorite fruit?







What’s your favorite drink?






milk shake

奶昔(由牛奶 和冰淇淋等 搅制而成的 混合饮料)

Do you like milk shake?

Can you make a banana milk shake?






1a Write these words in the blanks in the picture above.
turn on peel cut up pour drink put

1. turn on turn off turn up turn down

打开 (水龙头,电灯,电视等) 关闭 open/close 调高 (打开,关闭门窗) 调低 2. cut up=> cut …into pieces 3. pour …into… 4. into (动态) in(静态) 5. peel v. peel an apple n. apple peel

Peel ____ the bananas.

______ the bananas. Cut up

___ the bananas and ice-cream in Put the blender.

_____ the milk into the blender. Pour

Turn on the blender. _______

______ the milk shake. Drink

Listen and put the instructions 1b in order. 5 _____ Turn on the blender. _____ Cut up the bananas. 2 6 _____ Drink the milk shake. 4 _____ Pour the milk into the blender. 3 _____ Put the bananas and ice-cream in the blender. 1 _____ Peel three bananas.

Tell me what you see.

Tell your partner how to 1c make a banana milk shake. How do you First, peel the make a banana bananas… milk shake?
6. How do/does+人+v.? 7. make sb. sth. =>make sth. for sb.


cut up

put … into …

pour …into ...

turn on








How much yogurt do we need?

We need _____________.

one cup of yogurt

two cups of yogurt a teaspoon of yogurt

How much honey do we need?

We need _____________.

one teaspoon of honey two teaspoons of honey

three teaspoons of honey

How many watermelons do we need?

We need _____________.

one watermelon

two watermelons

How many bananas do we need?

We need _____________.

one banana

two bananas

three bananas

1. How many+n-s How much+ n(不可数) 2. 基数词/不定冠词+计量单位名词+of+

n-s n(不可数)

3. 1)need(情)+v原型( 否,疑) 主语+need+v.原 Yes, …must. Need +主语+v.原? No, …needn’t. Yes, …must. Must +主语+v.原? No, …needn’t. 2)need(v实) need+n./代词/to v.

2a Listen and complete the chart.

How bananas apples many How yogurt honey much

watermelons oranges







Listen again. Write the ingredients 2b under the correct amount in the chart. one two three watermelon

bananas yogurt honey

one cup
two spoons

Ask and answer questions about 2c how to make fruit salad. A: Let’s make fruit salad. B: OK, good idea. How much yogurt do we need? A: One cup. B: How many apples do we need? A: Let me think… We need two apples. B: OK, and how much…

Read the conversation and 2d fill in the chart below.
one one three four cabbage

onion, cabbage potatoes carrots tomatoes beef


Role-play the conversation.

Anna: Sam, I want to make Russian soup for a party on Saturda

y. Can you tell me how? Sam: Sure. First, buy some beef, one cabbage, four carrots, three potatoes, five tomatoes and one onion. Then, cut up the vegetables. Anna: What’s next? Sam: Next, put the beef, carrots, potatoes into a pot and add some water. After that, cook them for 30 minutes. Then, add the cabbage, tomatoes and onion and cook for another 10 minutes. Anna: OK, that’s it? Sam: No, one more thing. Finally, don’t forget to add some salt.

1. Can you tell me how? Could/Can you…? Sure./Of course. Sorry, I can’t. 2. put…into…=>put…in…

3. add v. 增加;添加 e.g. Please add some salt into the soup. 请往汤里加点盐。 add..to… 添加…到… add to 增加 add up to 总计达

4. 主语+v.+for+时间段 5. another ten minutes one more thing 数字+ more + n =another + 数字 +n 再多十分钟 另外一件事情

另外的…… 当数字为one时,常 与more连用或只用 one more= another +n单 another。

e.g. Give me two more hamburgers. 再给我两个汉堡。 The boys rode another two hours. 那些男孩子们又骑了两个小时。 Do you want one more cup of tea? Do you want another cup of tea?你想再来杯茶吗?

6. finally adv. 最后;最终 =>in the end =>at last e.g. Did you finally win the game? 你们最终赢得了那场比赛了吗? 7. First, … Next, … (After that,…) Then, … Finally, ...

8. forget to do sth. 忘记(去)做某事 forget doing sth. 忘记 做过某事

e.g. Don’t forget to close the windows. 不要忘记关上窗户。

根据汉语提示填词。 1. Can you ______ (切碎) the vegetables, cut up Tom? 2. Please ___ (加) some sugar to the coffee. add 3. _____ the hot water ____ (将……倒入) Pour into the glass, please.

4. ___ the bananas _____ (将……放进) Put into the blender. 5. Don’t ____________ (忘记做) your forget to do homework.

做自己喜欢的水果奶昔,并简要说明过 程。 可以用下列表示过程的词汇来让你描述 更加清晰明了。 first, next, then, … finally…

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