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7A Unit 7 Shopping 课时学案 05

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镇江市第三中学教学案 七年级 (上) 英语 执稿人:王海萍

第41课时 课题:7A Unit7 Shopping

Integrated skills

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一. 英汉互译:

2. 贫穷地区____________________


5. That?s too 6.试穿一下 ______________________

8.报纸上的一则广告_______________ 9.raise some 10.零花钱________________________

二. 根据句意和所给单词的首字母填空:

1. I like the watch very much .But it?s e_____________.

2. --What s_____ do you wear? ---37.

3. We always go to school early , so we are n___________ late for school.

4. What size are your f___________? Size 40.

5. I have some p____________ of shoes, but now they are old.


1. The children in poor areas贫困地区的孩子们,其中in poor areas作后置定语。

① 骑自行车的男孩_____________________② 穿着红色外套的妇女_______________________

2. I?d like to buy a pair of football shoes. 我想买一双足球鞋。a pair of 一双(对,副,把,条…) 若要表达两双(对…),三双(对…),则要用two pairs of, three pairs of…

eg: two pairs of shoes 两双鞋。 我想买两条新裤子。___________________________. 3. What size are your feet? 你穿多大码的鞋?==What size shoes do you wear?

what size意思是“多大码”。size是名词,意思是“尺寸;大小;号码”这句话还可以表达成: 对划线部分提问) ___________________________________

4. Could I try them on, please? 我试穿一下好吗? try on “试穿,试戴”

当try on后面是名词时,名词可放中间,也可放在后面,但若接代词时,代词只能放在他们中间。Eg : 请试穿一下这件上衣。Please try on the coat. ==Please try the coat on.


一、根据中文填空。 1. How do you spend your ______________ ______________ (零花钱)?

2. This coat is too ______________(大的). Can you give me a smaller one?

3. The new coat is very beautiful, and it ______________(合身)me well.4. Jack and Daniel come from different ______________.(国家)

5. China has an ______________ (区域)of 9,600,000 square kilometres.


( ) 1. 200 yuan ______________ enough for me ______________ the coat. A. are, to buy B. is, to buy C. are, buy D. is, buy

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镇江市第三中学教学案 七年级 (上) 英语 执稿人:王海萍

( ) 2. I like this pair of shoes. Can I ______________, please?

A. try it on B. try on it C. try on them D. try them on

( ) 3. --- ______________ are your feet? --- Size eight.

A. How long B. How big C. What size D. How much

( ) 4. This football is expensive. Do you have a ______________ one?

A. cheap B. cheaper C. cheapest D. small

( ) 5. Mr. Liu would like ___________ some clothes ____________ poor children.

A. to send, for B. to send, to C. sending, to D, sending, for


Alice, 35

I like shopping, but shopping with young children is not an easy thing. I have to look after them while I?m shopping. Shopping with my husband is not fun either. I only go shopping with my husband when I need to buy something for him. If I look at a dress for myself, he says something like, ?The queue is too long? or ?You don?t need to buy that right now.? I often go shopping with my friends. It?s fun. I like shopping alone, too.

Maria, 26

I like shopping very much, but I never go shopping at weekends. There are too many people in the shops. I don?t like shopping with other people. It usually takes me a lot of time to choose things because I never buy the first things I see. I always look around other shops to find the best price. I?m good at finding the best deals. I don?t like buying food in small shops and street markets. I think food in the supermarket is fresher and cheaper, so I shop there.

( ) 1.Both Alice and Maria like shopping________.

A. with friends B. at weekends C. alone

( ) 2. When Alice?s husband says things like ?You don?t need to buy that right now…?, he means


A. the dress is not good quality B. he loves shopping C. he does not want to wait for his


( ) 3. Why does it take Maria so much time to choose things? __________

A. Because she wants to find the best price

B. Because there are too many people

C. Because she likes looking around

( ) 4. From what Maria says, we know_________.

A. things are cheaper at weekends

B. many people like shopping at weekends

C. people don?t like shopping at weekends

( ) 5. Maria likes to buy food_____________.

A. in small shops B. in streets C. in the supermarket

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