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7A Unit 7 Shopping 课时学案 02

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镇江市第三中学教学案 七年级 (上) 英语 执稿人:王海萍

第38课时 课题:7A Unit 7 Shopping

Reading (1)

班级:_______ 姓名:_______ 学号:_______ 授课时间:___年__月__日(星期_)






1、Can I help you? _________________ 2、 just a minute_______________

3、take a look. __________________ 4、太贵了___________________

5、never mind_________________ 6、有足够的钱________________

7、I’ll take them. ________________ 8、很多种类的________________


1、Where is Amy?_______________________________________________.

2、What does Amy want to buy?____________________________________.

3、How much do the new cards cost?_________________________________.

4、Why does Amy buy a present for her friend?__________________________.

5、What does she buy for her friend?__________________________________.

6、Who is her friend?______________________________________________.

7、How much do this year’s football cards cost?__________________________

家长签字 ☆★预习完成情况评价:___ 日期:___


1. Can I help you?=What can I do for you? 要买点什么?

2. just a minute 稍等片刻 just a moment / wait a minute / wait a moment 稍等

3. cost vt. 花费 ★主语一般是消费的事物, 而不是人。 Sth cost(s) sb some money. eg : The watch ___________ (花) me two hundred yuan.

How much _____ (do) the cards ______(cost).=How much_____ the cards?=

What ______ ______ ______ ______ the cards?

They’re 10 yuan.= They _______10 yuan.=______ ______ of the cards _______ 10 yuan.

The birthday presents ________ (cost) Amy 14 yuan.

=Amy______14 yuan _____the birthday presents.=Amy_______14 yuan _____ the birthday presents.

★ spend money on sth(doing sth) … 和 pay money for… 的主语都是人.

She ______________ her new shoes. 她正在为她的新鞋付款。

The wallet ________ (花) him twenty yuan. = He ________ twenty yuan on the wallet.

= He ________ twenty yuan for the wallet.

4. quite adv.相当,非常 quite+adj/adv a very good Walkman =quite a good Walkman

5. expensive adj. 昂贵的 = the price is ______ 反义词cheap adj. 便宜的 = the price is _______


七年级英语备课组 - 第1页 - 第38课时

镇江市第三中学教学案 七年级 (上) 英语 执稿人:王海萍


( ) 1. Can I help you? _____________

A. Yes, I want some fish. B. No, you can’t. C. Thank you.

( ) 2. __________ meat do you want? A. How many B. How often C. How little ( ) 3. What are you doing there, Li Ming? I’m _______ a present. A. buying for B. looking for C. shopping ( ) 4. How much do the clothes _______? A. cost B. get C. take ( ) 5. She and her sister ______ 600 yuan in buying the clothes. A. cost B. get C. take 二、完成句子

1.Amy的围巾和她的头发很相配。Amy’s scarf ______________ her hair. 2.Nick和Pat一样高。Nick is _____ ______ ______ Pat.

D. They’re great. D. How much D. going shopping D spend D. spend

3.这对双胞胎姐妹在同一个学校。The ______ ______ are in ______ ______ school. 4.Sally要买一个和我买的一样的随身听。Sally will buy ______ ______ ______ I do. 5.她的父母没有足够的钱给她买一个MP3。

Her parents don’t have ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______. 【课堂延伸】

Mum gives little Tom ten yuan. Then little Tom goes shopping. He gets on the bus and sits down next to an old woman. Then he sees the old woman’s handbag is open. There is ten yuan in it. He quickly looks into his pocket. The money isn’t here now! Little Tom is sure that the old woman is a thief. He decides to take back the money from the old woman’s bag. He carefully puts his hand into the old woman’s bag, takes the money and says nothing. Suddenly the old woman shouts, “Where is my money. I can’t find it. There is a thief in the bus.” Little Tom feels strange. Then he sees ten yuan under his seat. Little Tom is thinking a question now, “Am I a thief?” ( ) 1. ____ is sitting beside little Tom.

A. A young woman B. An old woman C. A young man D. An old man ( ) 2. Little Tom sees _____ in the old woman’s handbag. A. a purse A. thief

B. a packet B. a teacher

C. ten yuan

D. ten dollars D. a poor woman D. the driver’s

( ) 3. Little Tom is sure that the old woman is a _____.

C. a rich woman C. the thief’s

( ) 4. Little Tom sees _____ ten yuan under his seat. A. his own

B. the old woman’s

( ) 5. Which of the following is right?

A. Little Tom is a bad boy.

作业完成情况评价:___ 日期:______

七年级英语备课组 - 第2页 - 第38课时

B. Little Tom often steals (偷) thing. D. Little Tom makes a mistake.

C. Mum gives little Tom twenty yuan.

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