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7A Unit 7 Shopping 课时学案 03

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镇江市第三中学教学案 七年级 (上) 英语 执稿人:王海萍

第39课时 课题:7A Unit 7 Shopping


班级:_______ 姓名:_______ 学号:_______ 授课时间:___年__月__日(星期_)







1、 正在找一些足球卡片________________ 2、等一下______________________

3、 相当贵__________________________ 4、有足够的钱买书______________

5、 确信___________________________ 6、没关系______________________

7、 等待___________________________ 8、和…相配得好_________________

二、 根据句意及首字母填空

1. These clips are beautiful, and they m______ her favorite T-shirt.

2. What’s the __________(高的) price of the computer?

3. They are ________(等) for you at the school gate.

4. How much does the book _______(值)

5. He wants to buy _______(某物) good in the shop.

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1. match vt. 与??相配


These clips are beautiful, and they __________ her __________ __________ .

match n. 比赛 看一场足球比赛________________________ .

2. enough adj. 足够的

★作为形容词一般放在所修饰名词的前面 enough + n.

我没足够的钱给她买一张CD。 I don’t have ________________ her a CD.

他有足够的时间思考。 He has _____________________________ .

西方人有足够的土豆吃。The people _______________ have _____________________ .

★作为副词放在所修饰词的后面 adj.+enough

今天温暖的足可以游泳。Toady is ___________________ to swim.

他足够大去上学了. He is __________ ______________ to go to school.


一、 单项选择。

( )1.—___________ is the ticket? —It is free (免费的).

A. How many B. How long C. How much D. How often

( )2.There is a discount ___________ last year’s clothes.

A. from B. on C. for D. of 九七年级英语备课组 - 第1页 - 第39课时

镇江市第三中学教学案 七年级 (上) 英语 执稿人:王海萍

( )3.The new dress looks beautiful on me. It ___________ me only 100 yuan.

A. spends B. takes C. costs D. uses

( )4.Let’s buy a pair of shoes to ___________ my mother’s new dress.

A. fit B. match C. look D. make

( )5.___________ you sure you can do so much exercise?

A. Do B. Are C. Can D. will


1.I am very busy. (同义句) I am 2.What can I do for you? (同义句) I you?

3.Daniel buys my friend a present. (同义句)

Daniel a present my friend.

4.Have a look at the book! (同义句)

a look the book!


The the pencil box is 12 dollars.

The pencil box 12 dollars.

is the pencil box?

the the pencil box?

the pencil box ?

6. It takes her half an hour to finish her homework every day.

She half an hour her homework every day.

7. She spends 100 dollars on her trousers.

She 100 dollars her trousers.


Everyone has a family name. But what does it mean? From what do family names?

First, some family names come from the place of their homes. If a man lives on or near a hill, his family name may be Hill. In England people’s names may be Wood, Lake, because they live near the wood or lake.

Second, family names come from a person’s job. If a person is a cook, he may be Cook.

Third, many people get their family names from their father’s given name. If you hear the name “Jackson”, you know that he is the son of Jack.

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九七年级英语备课组 - 第2页 - 第39课时

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