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The Simple Present Tense


一般现在时(The Simple Present Tense)

e.g. He’s twelve. She’s at work. 2.表经常或习惯性的动作: e.g. I get up at 6:30 every day. He reads English every morning. 3.表主语具备的性格和能力等: e.g. She likes noodles. They speak French. 4.普遍真理和自然规律: e.g. Two plus four is six. The moon goes around the earth.

1.be 动词的一般现在时的句式: ?肯定句:主语+be+表语(n., adj.等)

e.g. He is a worker. You are thirteen. They are in the classroom.

?否定句:主语+be+ not+表语

e.g. He is not a worker. You aren’t thirteen. They aren’t in the classroom. e.g. Is he a worker? Yes, he is./No, he isn’t. Are you thirteen? Are they in the classroom? Yes, they are. No, they aren’t.



e.g. What is he? What colour is that bird? How old are you? Where are they ?

2.实义动词的一般现在时句式: 肯?主语(I/We/You/They∕两个或以上名字∕复数名词+实义动词+其他 e.g. I stay at home on Saturdays.They have sports every day. ?主语(He/She/It∕ 一个名字∕一个单数名词)+动词三单现形式+其他 e.g. He stays at home on Saturdays. Lucy has sports every day. 否定句?主语(非三人称单数)+don’t+动词原形+其他 e.g. I don’t stay at home on Saturdays. They don’t have sports every day. ?主语(三人称单数)+doesn′t动词原形+其他 e.g. He doesn’t stay at home on Saturdays. Lucy doesn’t have sports every day. 一般疑问句:?Do+主语(非三人称单数)+动词原形+其他? e.g. Do you stay at home on Saturdays? Do they have sports every day? ?Does+主语(三人称单数)+动词原形+其他? e.g. Does he stay at home on Saturdays? Does Lucy have sports every day?

特殊疑问句:Ⅰ)当主语为非三人称单数 疑问词+ do+主语+动词原形+其他? e.g. What do you want? What time do they have lunch? What do your parents do? How do you spell it? 2) 当主语为三人称单数 疑问词+ does+主语+动词原形+其他? What time does she have lunch? What does she want?

What does she do? How does he spell it? 3)特殊疑问词(who)做主语的特殊疑问句: Who + 动词三人称单数+其他?
Who likes English? Who wants a pencil ?

1.This is my pencil .(变一般疑问 句) Is this your pencil ?

2. These red socks are Kate’s . (一般问句) 问 Are those red socks Kate’s ? 3. I want to buy a big green bag . (变特 殊疑句)What do you want to buy ? 4. Mary does not have any books . (变肯 定句)Mary has books .

5. The clothing shop is on sale . (变为否 定句) The clothing shop isn’t on sale
6. She likes the black bag very much . (变为否 定句)
She doesn’t like the black bag very much .

7. I buy the pants for only 50 Yuan. (用she改 写句子

She buys

the pants for only 50 Yuan.

8. It’s an English dictionary . (对画线部分提 问) What is this ?

9. Lily and Lucy are fifteen years old now . (提问) How old are Lily and Lucy ? 10. Her dog is 2 years and 5 months old . (变 为否定句) Her dog isn’t 2 years and 5 months old . 11. I usually get up at seven o’clock . (用he改 写句子)
He usually gets up

at seven o’clock .

12. He often has hamburger and apples for dinner . (变一般问句)

Does he often have hamburger and
apples for dinner

13. My family(家人 )always like thrillers . (对画线部分提问)
What do

your family always like ?

14. Jane’s sister wants to see the comedy . (变为一般疑问句)

Jane’s sister wantto see the comedy ?

15. Maria and Jack come to this school on Monday . (对画线部分提问)When do Maria and Jack come to this school ?

16. Titanic is really a great sad movie . (对画 What is Titanic ? 线部分提问) 17. I think this documentary is boring . (变复 数句)I think these documentaries are boring . 18. Mike can play the guitar . (对画线部分提 问) What can Mike do ? 19. Julia and her mother can live (居住) in the same city . (变一般疑问句)

Julia and her mother live in the same city ?

20. The teacher wants to join a music club . (变为 特殊疑问句) club the teacher want to join ? 21. She doesn’t know when to join the rock band . (变为肯定句)She when to join the rock band .
knows What does

22. My mother usually has lunch at 12:12 . (对画 线部分提问) What t time does have your mother usually
i m e

lunch ?

23. Li Xing goes home late on Friday afternoon . (变为一般疑问句) Li Xing home late on Friday afternoon ? Does go

24. Li Xing goes home late on Friday afternoon . (对画线部分提问)
When does

Li Xing


home late ?

25. This girl is Joy Smith . (变为特殊疑问 句)Who is this girl ?
26. The twins are eleven . (变为特殊疑问 句) How oldare the twins ? 27. The students study English every day . (对 画线部分提问)
What do

the students study every day ?

28. They want to buy some food . (对画线部 分提问) do What they want to buy ?

29. She watches TV on Saturday evening . (对 画线部分提问) she TV ?
30. She often has a drink of water after supper . (变为一般疑问句) she often a drink of water after have supper ? Does 31. That is an apple tree . (变为复数句)
does watch When

Those are apple trees.

32. Mike’s birthday is February 19th . (对画线 部分提问)When is Mike’s birthday ? 二.用be动词的适当形式填空。
1. I am a student . You 2. She
is are

a teacher .

my friend.



you Li Fen ? No,


not .

4. Is Mr. green very busy?Yes , he
is 5. He must (情态动词)be at home .


6. Comedy 7.


very interesting .

thrillers very scary ?

8. You and I

good friends .

9. His friends are very funny .

10. The twins are very happy because they want to go to a

movie . 11. Our class

big , but their class


small .

12. The basketball club
14. Lily’s room

exciting and fun .

13. The girl in red clothes is my sister .

not very big .

15. It _______ nice to meet you. is
is 16. Your name _______ nice.

17. What class are you in ?

Is 18. ________ your Number Seven?

1. My classmate bike .

(know) the man on the

2. His sister usually goes (go) to school at 7:00 am . 3. Lin Tao likes (like) his new sweater . 4. Let mehave (have) a look .

5. Let’s play (play) tennis !



he like (like) English ?

7. I wantto go (go) to a movie .

8. He

doesn’t know

(not know)the teacher’s name
(meet) you !

9. Nice

to meet

10. Can I ask (ask) the policeman ?

11. Sit (sit) down and have(have) a cup of tea .
Don’t 12. look(not look) at your book !

13.Canyou see(can see)the bananas on the table ?

14. I need

to buy

(buy ) some new clothes .

15. She likesplaying (play) chess . 16. It’s timeto
play (play) be sing

games .

17. You must
18. She must

(be) a good student .
(sing) well .

19. He has (have) an egg and a banana for breakfast . 20. Li Min

a shower after lunch .

21. People usually evening .


(eat) dinner in the

22. What timedoes Mary usually play (play) basketball ? 23. This boy likes playing (play) chess with his father on weekends . 24. Where do his parents do you know? 25. Who school?
teaches work

(work) now,

(teach) you English in your

26. Helen, don’t be (not be) late for class again. 27. I don’t like the movie. It’s boring (bore). 28.Don’t look(not look) at the pictures. Listen (listen) to me.

29. Little Tom can
30. The weather


(ride) a horse.
(be ) windy today.

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