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7A Unit 7 Shopping 课时学案 01

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镇江市第三中学教学案 七年级 (上) 英语 执稿人:王海萍

第37课时 课题:7A Unit7 Shopping

Comic strip & Welcome to the Unit

班级:_______ 姓名:_______ 学号:_______ 授课时间:___年__月__日(星期_)


1. 能够根据图片猜测单词并进行归类。

2. 能够将商品和特定商店联系起来。



1. __________ A shop which sells shoes. 2. __________ You can read and buy books there.

3. _________ Women like to go there and buy beautiful clothes. 4. _________ You can buy sports things like football.

5. __________ If you want a teddy bear, you can go there and get it.

6. __________ A shop where you can buy lots of things.

二、根据Comic strip 填空。

with him, but Eddie says he isn’t f of things but he doesn’t have amoney. So Eddie

says, ‘H.’ Hobo is very happy, but he still asks Eddie to go with him, because he all the bags. You see, how lazy Hobo is!


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1. wallet n. 钱包, 皮夹子 Here are our w________.

purse 钱包, 钱袋, (钱包形的)小袋, 小包, (女用)手提包。

钱包里有很多钱。There is ________ ________ in the ________.

There is ________ ________ ________ in the ________.

There is ________ ________ ________ ________ in the ________.

2. be coming up 就要来了,就要来临了(现在进行时表示将来)

Simon’s birthday ________________. 西蒙的生日就要到了.

3. want to do sth 想要做某事 I want____________ (buy) a lot of things.

want sb to do sth 想让某人做某事I want you_______ (go) ______ (shop) with me.

4. need sb to do sth 需要某人做某事 I need you __________(carry) all the bags.

5. buy sb sth = buy sth for sb 给某人买某物。

买一份礼物给他 __________________________=__________________________.

6. wait vi. 等,等候

wait for sb. 谁正在公交车站等你?Who _____________________________at the bus stop? 七年级英语备课组 - 第1页 - 第37课时

镇江市第三中学教学案 七年级 (上) 英语 执稿人:王海萍

wait for sb. at the bus stop你正在公交车站等谁?Who _______________________at the bus stop? 7. Walkman n.随身听 (pl. Walkmans) two ___________两个随身听 Listen ______________. (听随身听) 【当堂巩固】 一、 单项选择。

( )1.___________ a book and two pens on the table.

A. There have

A. learning A. some; idea A. go shopping A. carry A. having A. geting

B. There is B. learn

C. This is C. to learn

D. There has D. learns D. a; ideas

( )2.It’s important for us ___________ English well. ( )3.Do you have ___________ good ___________?

B. some; ideas C. any; ideas

( )4.-- What about ___________ after school? -- OK.

B. to go shopping C. going shopping D. go to shop B. carries

C. to carry

D. carrying

( )5.The books are very heavy. I need you ___________ them.

( )6.They often have some fruit after ___________ meals.

B. they having

B. to get

C. have

D. to have

D. to getting

( )7.You can drink a lot of juice without ___________ fat.

C. getting

( )8.It’s time ___________. We must ___________ now.

A. to go to school; goes C. going school; go A. it to him A. good

B. to go to school; go D. to go school; go C. it him C. well

D. him ruler D. better

( )9.Here is the ruler. Give ___________.

B. me it B. fine

( )10.He feels much ___________ now. 二、 用所给词适当形式填空。

1.I want him (take) a bus to school. 2.Kitty plans to buy (she) a doll.

3.You’d better make a shopping list before (go) shopping. 4.My cousin always (carry) a book with her, when she waits for the bus. 5.Do you have any good (主意)?

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七年级英语备课组 - 第2页 - 第37课时

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