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冀教版八年级上lesson39 导学案

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八年级上学期英语导学案 使用时间: 编制人: 审核人: 班级: 小组: 姓名: 导学案编号:81YY039

Lesson 39 Danny’ Hobby


1、掌握以下重点词汇和短语:collect , proud , wide , trade , be proud of ,make sb do , come from.


学习重点:(1)牢记单词、短语及句型;(2)学会谈论别人的爱好。 学习难点:表达爱好的句子。 课前自主学习案:

一.[读一读,记一记] 通过预习归纳本课知识点并译成汉语。

1.learn about ______ 2.thanks for sth / doing sth ______ 3.be proud of / take pride in _____4.collect facts about my family ___ 5.get…from …______ 6.his own house ______ 7.not…anymore ______ 8.do a report ______ 9.fee proud ______ 10.once a week ______ 合作探究 1.单词短语探究

①proud adj. 自豪的,骄傲的

[拓展]:be proud of… 为…而自豪 be proud to do sth 因做某事而自豪 pride n.自豪,骄傲 take pride in… 为…而自豪 We are proud of our great motherland. ②get…from 从…得到(获得)… I got a letter from my friend yesterday.

[拓展]:有关get 常用短语:get up 起床;get on 上车; get off 下车;get to 到达;get back 回来;get away 离开;get in 收获.


1.It’s fun and it makes me feel proud

①.make sb do sth 使某人干某事 make + 宾语 +adj “使……” LiPing made the baby laugh.

The football match made him excited.

2.Thank you very much for your letter. Thank you for sth / doing sth. 因…而感谢 eg: Thank you for you help / Thank you for helping me. 3.You keep this photo and send me a photo of Great Grandpa Rex.

keep “保存、保留”讲是延续动词,可以与一段时间状语连用,它的终止性动词是 borrow. lend.

Eg: You can keep the book for two weeks. I borrowed the book two days ago 达标检测 句型转换

1. The little boy is from Africa. (改为同义句) He is a little ___ ___.

2. She took pride in her appearance. (同上) She ___ ___ ___ her appearance. 3. Have you sent your mother a postcard yet? (同上) Have you ___ ___ ___ ___ your mother yet? 4. I will no more tolerate you. (同上) I ___ tolerate you ___.

5. He cleaned his room (就划线部分提问) ___ ___ ___ he clean his room?


老师寄语:Everything comes to him who waits. 凡事需耐心等待。

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