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新目标英语七年级上听力训练Unit 7听力课件(有音频材料下载)

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Unit 7听力试题



Unit 7答案 1-5 ACBBA 6-10 CCBAC

11-15 BBCAC 16. sell 17.pants 18.great 19.yourself 20.afford

Unit 7录音材料

(1)1. How much is the red sweater?
2.Come and buy your clothes now.

3.Anybody can afford our school things.
4.We have great skirts for girls. 5.The blue socks are only three dollars. (2) 6. The white pants are ten dollars. 7.The socks are only three yuan.

8. The girls is at the clothes store.
9.The black hat is small.

10.Can I help you?



(3) 11.W: Can I help you? M: Yes, please. I want shoes. Q: Where are they? 12. W: Is this your sweater? M: Yes, It’s only five dollars. Q: How much is the sweater? 13. W: Do you want to buy these shoes? M: Yes, I want black shoes. Q: What color shoes does the man want? 14. W: This skirt is very nice. M: It’s six yuan, please. W: I’ll take it. Q: Does the woman buy the skirt? 15. W: Are those your pants? M: No, they are on sale. They are at a very good price, only for 20 yuan. Q: Is the woman at home?

(4) Come to Mrs Hot’s Clothes Store. We sell sweaters for only 20 yuan! We have good pants at a very good price, only for 25 yuan.

Do you like bags for sports? They are great.
And the price is only 15 yuan. The socks are

for only ten yuan. Come and see for yourself.
You can afford our prices!

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