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新目标英语七年级上听力训练Unit 11听力课件(有音频材料下载)

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Unit 11听力试题



Unit 11答案 (1) CEBAD

(3) 11.watch 12.shower 13.forty 14.Saturday 15.hours (4) FFTFT

Unit 11录音材料: (1)1. Maria plays her guitar at 5:20 in the afternoon. 2.Scott goes to work at seven forty in the morning. 3.Oh, it’s twelve ten. Let’s go home. 4.Bob goes to bed very early at about 8:30. 5.I can’t have breakfast. It’s nine o’clock.

(2)6. How do you go to work? 7.Can you think what his job is? 8.What time ddo English people have dinner? 9.What time is it now? 10.how many brothers do you have?
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(3) M: Do you often watch morning TV? W: No, I have a lot of things to do in the morning.

M: Do you run?
W: Yes, I run after I get up. Then I have a

M: What time do you go to school?

W: At seven forty. I take a bus to school.
M: What about On Saturday? W: I’m in bed for long hours.

(4) Jane is an English girl. Do you want to

know about her morning? Now, let me tell
you. She usually gets up at around six ten.

At six twenty she does morning exercises.
then she reads Chinese. She eats breakfast at seven. At seven thirty she goes to school. School starts at eight thirty.

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