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新目标英语七年级上听力训练Unit 6听力课件(有音频材料下载)

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Unit 6听力试题



Unit 6答案 1-5 ACABB 6-10 BCABC 11-15 DCEAB 16. player 17.food 18.chicken 19.tomatoes 20.dessert

Unit 6录音材料

(1)1. Bring me some bananas, Jenny!
2.Jimmy likes potatoes for lunch.

3.She has a tennis racket.
4.They like salad. 5.I don’t like volleyball. It’s difficult. (2) 6. Do you like fruit? 7. Is your sister in the room?

8.What do you like for lunch?
9. Does his brother like chicken? 10. How do you spell salad?
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(3) 11. Anna likes ice cream and apples. 12.My name’s Jeff. I like carrots. 13.Dave doesn’t like vegetables, but he likes chicken. 14. W: Do you like tomatoes, Paul? M:Yes, I do. 15. W: Does Kate like salad? M: No, she likes hamburgers. (4) Yao Ming, the basketball play, eats lots of healthy food. For breakfast, he like eggs, bananas and oranges. For lunch, he likes chicken, salad. French fries and apples. And for dinner, he has hamburgers, tomatoes and for dessert—ice cream.

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