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fun 有趣的, 令人愉快的


Haha! It’s fun..


interesting 有趣的,令人感兴趣的
Woo, it’s interesting.

Ah, it’s relaxing.

relaxing 轻松的


difficult 困难的 /'d?f?k?lt/
9687462329783 +782357682 ×778698563433 ? = Haha! It’s difficult.

boring 无聊的,令人生厌的

Hm. It’s boring.

Let’s read:

fun 有趣的,令人愉快的 interesting 有趣的,令人感兴趣的 relaxing 轻松的 difficult 困难的 boring 无聊的,令人生厌的


1. interesting ____ 3. fun ____ 5. relaxing _____



d 4. difficult ____ b
2. boring ____



Listen and check the words that you hear in 1a.

a. interesting ___ b. boring ___ c. fun___

d. difficult ____ e. relaxing ____


Listen again. Write a word in the blank.
interesting 1___________ 2___________ difficult boring 3___________

play computer games play volleyball

watch TV
play basketball

fun 4___________

1c.Listen again and fill in the blanks.(再听一遍录 音,并填空.)
A: Hi,paul!Let’s play computer games! B: That sounds _interesting_,Jenny,b ut I don’t have a computer. A: Well, do you have a volleyball? B: Yes. A: Then let’s play volleyball. B: Oh, volleyball is so_________..... difficult A: Ok, let’s watch TV. boring B: That sounds_________. Hmmm…Let’s play soccer! Do you have a soccer ball? A: No, I don’t. B: Oh. Well, do you have a basketball? A: Yes, I do. Let’s play basketball. P85 B: That sounds___________. fun



Jenny: Let’s play computer games. Tony: That sounds interesting.


True(T) or False(F)
1.Ed has a great map collection. 2.He has 5 volleyballs and 8 tennis rackets. 3.He has no ping-pong balls. 4.He likes(喜欢) playing sports. 5.He only watches sports on TV.


1.Does ED Smith have a great sports collection? Yes, he does. 2.How many tennis rackets does he have? He has eight tennis rackets. 3. Does he have 7 baseballs? Yes, he does. 4. Does he have 3 volleyballs? No , he doesn’t. He has five volleyball. 5. Does he play sports? No , he doesn’t. He only watches them on TV.


Read this magazine article.Circle the sports things.


Ed Smith has a great sports collection.He has 8 tennis rackets, 9 basketballs, and 7 baseballs. He has 3 soccer balls and 5 volleyballs. But he doesn’t play sports—he only watches them on TV !


Sonia has five baseballs , basketballs eight ____________, tennis rackets four ____________,
volleyballs and three __________. she plays sports every day!

Does Sonia play sports?
Yes, she does. She plays sports every day.

给出相应的形式。 has Sonia Hall ____(have) a great sports collection(collect). _______ She ____(Her) has five baseballs ________(baseball). She _____(have) has volleyballs doesn’t seven ___________(volleyball). But she ________(not) watches on play sports. She only ________(watch) them ____ TV.

Find the mistakes! has has three Ted have a great

sports collection. He have two soccer balls, three tennis racket , seven basketballs, and six tennies doesn’t have watches or . He don’t has a ping-pong ball and a baseball. But he watch

them on the TV.

My sports collection Model:(例子)
I like sports. I have a small sports collection. I have a baseball, I have a tennis racket, I have a ping-pong ball. But I don’t have a volleyball. I play sports every day.

My sports collection
I like sports. I have a great/small sports collection. I have……. ……. I have ….. But I don’t have …. I don’t have…… I play sports every day./ I don’t play sports, I only watch them on TV.

His/Her sports collection
He/She likes sports .He/She has a great /small sports collection. He/She has…….

He/She has ….. But he/she doesn’t have …. He/She doesn’t have …. He/She plays sports every day./ He/She doesn’t play sports, he/she only watches them on TV.

Unit 5
? 关于Jack喜欢的球类运动。
? Jack has a great sports collection .He has eight tennis

rackets ,nine basketballs and six baseballs .He also has four volleyballs and three tennis rackets .He plays sports every day.

写一段话,谈谈你所拥有的体育用品或者 其他物品.

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