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8A Unit1 Checkout 教学指导书

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云阳学校 八 年级 英语 指导教学书

(编号:2011~2012学年第一学期第8 号)

课题:8A unit1 study skills and checkout 课型:新授

主编人:韦江华 审核人:初二英语备课组

班级: 姓名: 学号

【教学目标】 1. 学会利用关键词掌握文章大意。 .

2. 复习用形容词来描述人或事物。 .

3. 复习形容词的比较级和最高级。

【教学时间】 ( 1 学时 )

【教学手段】 PPT, recorder



(2’)(二)感情调节:回答:Who is your best friend? What is he/she like?


1. 阅读“自学提示”:

(1’)(1)自学内容:学会用wh问题来找到文中的关键部分。 (2’)(2)自学方法a.. 小组讨论归纳,结果展示在显示板上。 b.小组提出问题,知者帮助未知者答疑。 (2’) 2.小组讨论。

1. Who is Cindy?

2. Why is she unhappy ?

3. Where did she live before ?

4. Where is she now?

5. Who did she come with?

6. How does she feel when her new classmates talk to her?

7. Does she want to go back to her old school?



1. 自学总结形容词的比较级和最高级。

small bad

nice big

pretty easy

slim hot

popular careful

far tidy

little many/much

2. 完成形容词比较等级的练习。见PPT。

1. Tom has _____ (many) erasers than I.

2. The red pen is ____ (nice) than the green one.

3. Wang Ling works ______ (hard) than any other student in his class.

4. His hair is ________(long) than yours.

5. He didn’t sing a song in English any ____ (much).

6. Who comes to school _____ (early), Mary or Jane?

7. Which subject is _________________ (important), science, art or maths?

8. Mr. Lin is _____ (much) richer than Mr. Wang.

9. He is _______ (good) teacher in our school.

10. He is _________ (fat) of the three.

11. The busier he is, __________ (happy) he is.

3. 校对答案。

4. 完成书P21 Part A部分的内容。

5. 自己独立思考:完成本单元词汇的练习。

1. He is ________ (一个诚实的)man. We all believe him.

2. I often thought of my friend when I took out the _______ (music) box.

3. The film is very ______. He feels _____ (bore).

4. True friends can share ________ (happy) and sadness each other.

5. It is very _______ (please) to live with her.

6. She looks so _______ (cheer) after knowing the news.

7. He is six in _____ (high).

8. I like swimming in an _______ (in the open air) pool.

9. She is tall and she has _______ (直的) hair.

10. Please answer me ________ (right).

11. Millie says _____ (ski) is as dangerous as ______ (dive).

6. 小组综合答案,组员准备展示。

7. 完成书P21 Part B部分的内容。

8. 思考小结:


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