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8A Unit1知者加速一

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8A Unit1 知者加速 2011.9


( ) 1. We all love Miss Yang.We find her _______. She always makes her history

class very ______. We are _______ in her class.

A. interesting; interesting; interesting B. interesting; interested; interesting

C. interesting; interesting; interested D. interested; interesting; interested

( ) 2. Of all the sports shoes, John bought ______ pair. Then he had some money for


A. the most expensive B. the most wonderful C. the least expensive

( ) 3. We’ll try our best to do the work with ______ money and ______ people.

A. few, little B. a few, a little C. less, fewer D. fewer, less

( ) 4. Jay is famous _______ the youth as a singer.

A. to B. as C. for

( ) 5. His books are wonderful. I have read _______ of them.

A. everyone B. every one

( ) 6. His books are interesting. ____wants to read his books in our class.(选项同5)


1. The busier he is, the_______ (happy) he feels.

2. Liu Ying’s bedroom is twice_______ (large) than mine.

3. When autumn comes, it gets _______ (cool) and_______ (cool).

4. Mozart is a great_______. He was_______. He was crazy about _______. (music)


1. 我和他都很慷慨大方。(两种)

①_______ he_______ I _______ generous.

②_______ _______ he _______ _______ I _______ generous.

2. 那就是他说的话。 That’s _______ he said.

3. 这是他住的地方。 This is _______ he lives.

4. 她是双胞胎中较瘦的那个。 She is _______ of the twins.

5. 他是我们班最聪明的学生。(用原级、比较级和最高级三种方式翻译) ①

四、猜一猜下列各句中fit 的用法和含义

A. 适合;合身 B.使胜任 C.健康的 D.可容纳;装进

( )1. I tried the dress on but it didn’t fit.

( )2. All the children will fit in the back of the car.

( )3. His personality fitted him to do the job.

( )4. My mother tries to keep fit by doing exercise every day.



My friend is a taxi driver. He has been a taxi driver for ten years. It's a nice job most of the time. He can m______ a lot of people. He always works at night, because there is too much traffic d______ the day. He usually goes home between I and 3 o'clock in the morning. One day my friend was t______ a woman home from a party at 3 in the morning. She had her little dog with her. When they got to her house, she f______ that she had lost her key. So my friend waited in the car with the dog w_____ she climbed in through the window.My friend waited and waited. After half an hour of ringing the bell, he decided to find out what was going on. He tied the dog to a tree and started to climb in through the window.

At that moment some policemen came. They thought my friend was a thief(小偷). Luckily the woman came downstairs. She must have gone to sleep and forgotten about my friend and the dog.


Do you know May, one of my best friends in China? She is my true friend. She she has poor eyesight, likes watching TV and reading bed. She always funny glasses. Now she has a new image.

Her hair is curly and long. She “It’s great. I can gothe supermarket and So nobody will me in the street.” But most of her friends don’t like this new image. I don’t

( ) 1. A. says B. talks C. speaks D. tells

( ) 2. A. and B. if C. while D. so

( ) 3. A. but B. because C. and D. Then

( ) 4. A. on the B. in the C. in D. on

( ) 5. A. puts B. wears C. takes D. with

( ) 6. A. thinks B. as C. says D. speaks

( ) 7. A. swimming B. boating C. skating D. shopping

( ) 8. A. gives B. takes C. knows D. looks

( ) 9. A. hello B. yes C. no D. OK

( ) 10. A. like B. say C. think D. call


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