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班级 姓名 编号 日期: 2013-9- 15 审批:

课题:Unit13 Section A 1a-2c 设计者:林少艳、刘聪 四年级·英语组制

【三维目标】1、知识与技能:1)、能够运用所学知识,谈论或询问事物对我们情绪的影响或人对某一件事或物的看法。 2)、学会比较,分析不同事物的优缺点,从而进行优化选择。

2、过程与方法:能听懂听力内容,并能完成相应的练习。 3、情感态度与价值观:培养学生做一个情感丰富的人。

Ⅰ.自学自研部分(时段:早课 时间: 15 分钟 )

1、旧知链接:make的用法 (1) make +n.

make food 做饭 make a plane 做飞机 make the bed 铺床 make money 赚钱 2、新知自研:(一)词汇训练营:翻译下列词组

4. quiet music________5. 宁可做某事 6. 我也是__________7. 我同意________8. 等待某人___________9. make sb tense__________10. make sb sleepy______11. 如此…以致__________12. 使某人不舒服

____________13. 使某人想要离开________________14. 和某人玩得开心______________ 3、学具准备:

同类演练(时段: 晚课, 时间:20分钟)

“日日清巩固达标训练题” 自评: 师评:


1. The good news makes me __ glad.

A. a kind of B. a kind C. kind of D. kinds 2. -- --It makes me stressed out.

A. What B. How C. Which D. Why days?

A. rain B. raining C. rainy D. rainny 4. I bought a new dictionary and it __ me 30 yuan .

A. paid B. spent C. took D. cost 5. His sister was made __ by him yesterday.

A. cry B. to cry C. crying D. cried 6. I' d rather A. go B. to go C. going D. went she was walking. A. as soon as B. while C. after D. before 8. Did you have fun __ last night?

A. danced B. dance C. to dance D. dancing 9. The film made me A. happy B. happily C. happiness D. to happy 10 .I like __ quiet music while I' m __

A. to listen, eating B. to listen, to eat C. to listen to, eating D. listening, eat

11.They waited for half an hour until waitress ____them at last. A.helped B.served C.treated D.cooked 12.The soft music makes me ______.

A.felt sleeping B.feel sleep C.feel sleepy D.sleep 13.What Tom did made his mother _____.

A. be angry B. to be angry C. angry D. angrily 14. John’s dog died . That made him very __ .

A. sad B. pleased C. easy D. interesting 15. The teacher tried to make the exam __ for us .

A. easily B. easy C. difficulty D. hardly 16. He made faces just to make others ___ .

A. to laugh B. laughing C. laugh D. laughed 17. Jack was made ____ the classroom again.

A. clean B. to clean C. cleaning D. cleaned 发展题: 完成句子

1.I was busy with my work, t____ I didn’t join the fantastic party. 2.Her face is so round and p______ that it looks like a peach. 3.The groud is h_____ in winter when it is frozen. 4.She is a regular c______ of this clothes store.

5.Was it really f_____ to ask him to do all the work? 6.We need to be more _____(science)about this problem.

7.Young parents usually don’t know how___(make) a baby happy. 8.______(wait) for him so long make us angry.

9.They sang and _____(dance) and really had a good time. 10.He said again in order to make himself _____(understand). 11.This is a ________(science)discovery. 12.The white walls make me______ (stress). 13.My_______ (know)of English is very poor.

14.The shoes are quite ________(comfortable).please show me another one. Ⅲ.复习辅导部分:

1、 回头看:基础知识再现与梳理.

2、 精品阁:充实完善课堂笔记.

3、 资料库:搜集查阅资料.

4、 秀身手:完成作业任务.

15.Northeast tigers are________(endanger)animals in China.


_______ _______ ________ _______ ______,sunny or rainy days?


Which would you rather like, spring or winter? I _______ _______ _______winter.

3. 我宁愿要红苹果也不要绿的。

I ______ ______ ______red apples ______ green_______. 4. 我宁愿听音乐也不去看书。

I _______ ______ listen to the music ________ ________ read a book.


The delicious food ________ Tom ________ ________. 6.这么长时间的等待,真让我感到有点生气。

________ for such a long time made me ________ ________ angry.

7.Tom made him wait for over an hour.(改为被动语态) wait for over an hour.


What is color? Why do some of the things around us look red ,some green, others blue?

Colors are really made by reflected(反射') light. We see colors because most of the things reflect light. Something is red, for it reflects most of the red light. In the same way, if something is green , it reflects most of the green light. If something reflects all light, it is white.

Some of the light is reflected and some is taken in(吸收) and turned into heat(热能). The darker the color is, the less light is reflected, the more light is taken in. So dark-colored clothes are warmer in the sun than light-colored clothes. 1. When something reflects light, we can __

A. see its color B. see its heat C. not see its color D. see nothing

2. Something looks white because it reflects __

A. some light B. no light C. all light D. most light 3. The dark-colored clothes are warm because is taken in.

A. more light B. less light C. more color D. less color 4. In summer make people feel cool.

A. dark-colored clothes B. red-colored clothes C. green-colored clothes D. light-colored clothes 5. What' s the best title(题目 )of this passage(短文) ?

A. Dark Color B. Color C. Heat D. Clothes

【教师寄语】I believe I can do it!我信我行!

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