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注:a, an用在单数可数名 词前。读音以辅音音素开 头的名词前用a;读音以元 音音素开头的词前用an。

A 和An
注: l)表示数量有“一”的意思,但数的概念没有one强。 如:I have a mouth, a nose and two eyes. 2)第一次提到某人或某物,不定冠词起介绍作用。 如:Yesterday I saw an old man. He’s Tom’s father. 3)表示某个人或事物,但不具体说明何人或何物。 如:A boy was waiting for you. 4)表示人或事物的某一类。 如:Pass me an apple, please. 5)表示“每一”的意思,相当于every。 如:Mr. Green goes to the cinema once a week.

l)特指某人或某物。 如:The book on the desk is mine. 2)指双方都知道的人或事物。 如:Where are the new books,Jim? 3)指上文提到过的人或物。 如:There is an old woman standing there. The old woman looked worried. 4)用在世上独一无二的事物名词前。 如:the sun, the sky, the earth, the world, etc.

5)用在序数词和形容词最高级前。 如:The third one is carrying the fewest of all. 6)用在山脉、江河、海洋、岛等名词前。 如:the Himalaya Mountains, the Yellow River, the Red Sea, the Taiwan Island, etc. 7)用在某些建筑物名词前。 如:the White House, the Great Hall of the People 8)用在姓氏复数形式之前,表示“某某一家”或“某某 夫妇”。 如:the Greens, the Blacks, etc. 9)用在乐器名词前。 如:the piano, the violin, etc.

10)用在少数名词化的形容词前表示一类人或事物。 如:the old, the poor, the blind, etc. 11)用在表示方向位置的名词前。 如:in the east, on the right, in the centre, etc. 12)用在由普通名词构成的专有名词前。 如:the People’s Republic of China, etc. 13)用在某些习惯用语中。 如:in the morning, by the way, look the same, etc.

1)名词前已有作定语的指示代词、物主代词或不定代词 等限定词。 如:The letter is in her bag. I have some questions. 2)专有名词、物质名词和抽象名词等不可数名词前。 如:China,water,music, etc. 3)球类活动、学科名词、一日三餐前。 如:We have English and math every day. 4)复数名词表示泛指。 如:They are workers.

5)节日、星期、月份、季节名称前。 如:June 1 is Children’s Day. 6)表示颜色、语言、称呼语和官职、头衔的名词前。 如:Headmaster Li came to Class One just now. 7)某些固定词组或习惯用语中。 如:at night, go to school, by bus, etc. 定冠不定冠 意思差千万 有些名词前用冠词或不用冠词,其意义有所不同。如: 1)at table在吃饭; at the table在桌子旁 2)in class在上课; in the class在班级中 3)go to school去上学; go to the school到那所学校去 4)go to bed上床睡觉; go to the bed

到床那边去 5)in front of在…的前面 ; in the front of在…的前部.

(2008年湖北省孝感市)People often go skating in _________ winter. A A. × B. a C. an D. the
(2008年天津市)Jack enjoys watching TV, while Tom is interested in listening B to______ music. A. the B. / C. a D. an

? (2008年广东省汕头市)_____ youngest A leader in China is____ man called Lu Hao. ? A.The;a B.A;the ? C.A;a D.An;all

Try out 1. He is ______ strongest pupil in our class. A. a B. an C. the 2. He’ll come back in ____ hour. A. a B. an C. the 3. She has __ egg and some milk every morning. A. a B. an C. the 4. Alice likes to go ___ shopping with her friends. A. / B. a C. the 5. Tom is playing ___ football, and Lily is playing _____ piano. A. /, / B. the, / C. /, the 6. ___ sun is bigger than ____ moon. A. The, the B. /, / C. The, /

? ? ? ? ? ? ?

7 _____ elephant is ______ useful animal . B A An an B An a C The an 8 His aunt will be back in _______ hour . B A a B an C the B 9 I have ____ important meeting to attend . A a B an C the 10 She is too tired ,so she wants to have____ A rest . A a B an C the ? 11 Foshan is a beautiful city .I’ll come hereA ___ ? second time . ? A a B the C an a second time再一次

C ? 1 Mr. Wang bought ______ house .______ house is not far from the lake . ? A a An B the The C a The ? 2 Would you please pass me ________ B ? sugar on the table ? ? A a B the C an ? 3 ____earth we live on is bigger than _____ B moon. ? A The, a B The , the C A , the ? 4 _____ Blacks are going to the park this B Sunday .Why don’t we go for _______ walk ? ? A A , a B The , a C The, the

1. ____ useful book a 2. _____ Beijing / 3. _____ Class 12 Grade 3 / 4. have ____ lunch 5. have ____ big lunch / a 6. in ____ morning 7. in ____ cold morning a the 8. ______ Mr Li 9. _____ university / a 10. ______ umbrella 11. _____ hour an an 12. _____ engineer 13. ____ forth street an the 14. _____ day before yesterday the / / 15. play _____ chess play _____ golf a 16. _____ few _____ little a the 17. by _____ time go to ______ cinema the 18. at ____ breakfast at ______home / /

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