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新目标七年级上Unit8 When is your birthday 课件

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Go for it For Grade Seven

Unit Eight When is your birthday?
When is your birthday

Welcome to
our classroom!


months of the year

Sing a song

Months of a year

January first Jan. 1st

March eighth Mar. 8th

May first May 1st

September tenth Sep. 10th

October first Oct. 1st

December twenty-fifth

Dec. 25th

Pairwork: When is your birthday ……..? My birthday is ……

/It’s…….. How old are you?

Birthday: May 2nd

He was born in 1975

Birthday: January 18th Birthday: August 8th He was born in 1978 She was born in 1978

Birthday: May 24th She was born in 1980

When is his/her birthday? His/her birthday is…

Birthday: May 17th

He was born in 1976

Birthday: January 1st He was born in 1977

Birthday: July 23th She was born in 1978

Pairwork: When is his/her birthday ……..? His/Her birthday is ……

How old is he/she? He’s /She’s……

Make a survey
Name Date of birth Age

Report like this: My birthday is….. I’m…... Cindy’s birthday is February 9th. She is 15.…

?one first

sixth ?two second ?seven seventh ?three third ?eight eighth ?four fourth ?nine ninth ?ten tenth ?five fifth


?eleven th ?twelve


?thirteen th ?fourteen th ?fifteen

twentieth ?thirty thirtieth


twenty first

24 25 26 27 28 29 The speech contest 30

The school trip October
1 2 The basketball game 3 4 5
Sally’s birthday party



is his When ____ ____ birthday? is August 17th ____ birthday ___ ____ ____. (8月17日) His

is her When ____ ____ birthday?
Her is April 24th ____ birthday ____ ___ ____.

is ___ When ___ his birthday? His is May 25th ____ birthday ___ ____ ______. (5月25日)

Edison Feb.11, 1847

Lu Xun Sep.25, 1881

Li Siguang Nov.18, 1889

Newton Dec.25, 1642

Nie Er Feb.14, 1912

Curie Nov.7, 1867

名词的所有格 :表示所属关系,即表示 某物是“谁的”。名词所有格常见的结构 有两种: 一、’ s 所有格 表示有生命的人或动物的名词所有格, 单数名词和不以 s 结尾的复数名词一般在词 尾加“ ’ s”,以 s 结尾的复数名词在词 尾只加“ ’ ”。如: Kate’s cat 凯特的猫, Children’s Day 儿 童节, the girls’ books 女孩们的书

二、of 所有格 ▲无生命事物名词的所属关系,一般常用“ of + 名词”来表示,即 of 所有格。如: a map of China 一幅中国地图, the legs of the table 桌子的腿 ▲of 所有格与 ’ s 所有格有时可以互换,不过 要注意它们物主的位置不同。如: 猫的名字是咪咪。 The name of the cat is Mimi. ( of 结构,物 主 the cat 在后) The cat’s name is Mimi. (’s 结构,物主 the cat 在前 )

1. 如果一样东西为几个人所共有,则只在最 后一个名词上加“ ’ s ”。如: Lucy and Lily’s father is a teac

her. 露茜和莉莉的爸爸是名教师。 2. 如果所指事物不是两人共有,而是各自所 有,则应在每一个名词后加“ ’ s ”。如: Lucy’s and Mary’s mothers are teachers. 露茜的妈妈和玛丽的妈妈都是医生。

Lilei’s family. 1.This is________(李雷的家庭). a photo of Bill’s family? 2.Is that________________ ( 比尔家的一幅照片)? the name of Tom’s sister 3.What’s____________(汤姆妹妹的名字)? Lily and Lucy’s 4.This is_________________(莉莉和露茜的)room. Mrs. Green’s sons 5.They are___________(格林夫人的儿子). 6.It’s my________(mother) bag. mother’s 7.Are these the________(twin) books﹖ twins’ 8.March 8 is________(woman) Day. Woman’s 9.What’s the girl’s name﹖ (同义句) name of What’s the __ __the girl﹖ a leg of the 10.一幅中国地图_____________ 桌子的一条腿____________ table a map of China Sally的棒球拍________________Bill的堂兄___________cousin Sally’s baseball bat Bill’s 我父亲的一位叔叔____________my father’s a friend of

一、将下列单词连成句子 1.years, 14 , she's old (.)

She’s 14 years old. ____________________________________ 2.birthday , when , San's ,is ,(?)
When is San’s birthday? _________________________________ 二、改错 His ( )1.He's good friend is Lolin Smith . ________ A A B C D has ( B )2.My grandfather have a brother . _______ A B C D 3. he is 25 year old. _________

看图填空,完成下列对话 name A:Hello! My _____ is Colin Zhang.______ your name ,please ? What’ B: My name is Jennifer. Nice to ______ s meet you. When A: Me, too. _______is your birthday ? B: _____________________. My birthday is July 7th. A:___________ you born ? When were B: I was born ______ 1991. in A: OK, so you are twelve _____ old. years B: Yes, that's right.



3. 他舅舅的生日是12月24日.

4. 李老师的生日是9月30日.
5.我妈妈的生日是2月1日. 6. 我的生日是7月2日. 7.吴言的生日是5月3日.

1. My friend Wang Xiao’s birthday is October thirteenth.
2. My dog’s birthday is April twenty-sixth. 3. His uncle’s birthday is December twentyfourth. 4. Miss Li’s birthday is September thirtieth.

5. My mother’s birthday is February first.
6. My birthday is July second. 7. Wu Yan’s birthday is May third

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