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panda We’re all animals. No, I’m a pet.















Match the words with the animals in 1a the picture.
1. tiger ___ a 2. elephant ___ f 3. koala ___ c 4. panda ____ e 5. lion ____ d 6. giraffe ____ b


Listen and check the (√) the animals you hear in 1a.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

tiger ___ elephant ___ √ koala ___ √ panda ____ lion ____ √ giraffe _____

Guess what animal it is.

It’s a panda.

It’s an elephant.

It’s a lion.

It’s a tiger.

It’s a koala.

Why do you like dogs? Because they’re friendly. Where are lions from?
They’re from South Africa.

Practice the conversation with your 1c partner. Then make conversations about the other animals in 1a. Use the words in the box.
cute smart interesting fun lazy beautiful

cute smart

interesting fun lazy beautiful Why do you want to see them?

Let’s see the pandas first. Because they’re very cute.

cute smart

interesting fun lazy beautiful
Why do you want to see them?

Let’s see the giraffes ________ first.

Because they’re beautiful very __________.

cute smart

interesting fun lazy beautiful

Let’s see the koalas ______ first.

Why do you want to see them?

Because they’re very _________. interesting

cute smart

interesting fun lazy beautiful Why do you want to see them?

Let’s see the elephants _________ first.

Because they’re very _______. smart

Listen and write the animals you 2a hear. Draw a line from the animals to the description words and the countries they are from.

Animals pandas 1. _________ koalas 2. _________ lions 3. _________

Description words really scary kind of interesting

Countries Australia South Africa

very cute


Listen again. Complete the 2b conversation with the words in 2a. pandas Julie: Let’s see the _______. John: Why do you like them? kind of Julie: Because they’re _______ interesting. John: Where are they from? Julie: They’re from ______. China


Talk about the other two animals
in 2a with a partner. Do John

and Julie like them? Do you like
them? Why or why not?

Well, I like koalas.

Why do you like them?

Because they’re very cute and they are from Australia.

Well, I don’t like lions.
Because they’re really scary.

Why don’t you like them?

Most of them are from South Africa.

Where are they from?

Read the conversation in 2d and 2d answer the questions. 1. Does Peter have a pet? Yes, he does. ______________________________ 2. What can Dingding do? He can walk on two legs. He can _______________________________ dance, too. _______________________________

3. What pet does Jenny’s mom have? She has a cat. ________________________________ 4. Does Jenny like the cat? Why? No, she doesn’t. ___________________ Because it’s very lazy. ___________________

2d Role-play the conversation.
Jenny: Your dog is really cute, Peter! Peter: He’s my new pet, Dingdi

ng. He’s very smart. Jenny: Really? What can he do? Peter: He can walk on two legs. He can dance, too. Jenny: Wow! Peter: Does you family have a pet?

Jenny: My mom has a big cat, but I don’t like her. Peter: Why don’t you like the cat? Jenny: Well, because she’s kind of boring. She sleeps all day, and her name is Lazy. Peter: Haha, then that’s a good name for her!

1. Why don’t you like her? 你为什么不喜欢她呢? 另外,Why don’t you + 动词原形,还 是一种提建议的句型。 意为“为什么 不??呢?” 例如: Why don’t you take a walk?


Why don’t you drink some tea? 为什么不喝点茶呢? “Why don’t you + 动词原形” 的同义句可 以说: Let’s … 例如: Let’s take a walk. 让我们去散步吧。

Let’s drink some tea. 让我们喝点茶吧。

1. Let’s play volleyball after school. (改 为同义句) Why don’t _____ _____ you play volleyball after school? 2. Let’s join the music club. (改为同义 句) ____ ______ you join the music club? Why don’t

2. kind of 有几分?? 相当于一个副词, 后面多跟形容词 。例如: They’re kind of scary. 他们有点可怕。 The pandas are kind of cute. 熊猫有点可爱。 【拓展】 kind 作名词意为“种类” a kind of … 一种?? What kind of bread do you like? 你喜欢哪种面包?

1. 我不喜欢看电影,因为它有点无聊。 ________________________________ I don’t like movies, because it’s kind ________________________________ of boring. 2. 他们有两种类型的书包。 ________________________________ They have two kinds of schoolbags. 3. 杰克有点懒惰。 Jack is kind of lazy. ________________________________


1. 让我们先去看老虎吧。
Let’s see the tigers first. ____________________________

2. 那些大象来自哪里?
____________________________ Where are the elephants from?

3. 你为什么不喜欢牛奶? Why don’t you like milk? ____________________________ 4. 那只懒猫整天睡觉 。 The lazy cat sleeps all day. ____________________________ 5. 因为狮子有点吓人。

____________________________ Because lions are kind of scary.

1. 总结所学过的动物的名称,用英 语写出来。 2. 缩写一个小对话来讨论一下你所


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