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Unit 1 How often do you exercise?

Section A


1.知识目标:Can remember the following words:

exercise, skate, board, hardly, ever, once, twice, time, surf, Internet, program, result, active, as for.

2.能力目标:Can express like these:

What do you usually do on weekend?

How often do you watch TV?

3.情感目标:Good habits can make you get good grades.


2、always, usually??频度副词的用法。


(一)预习导学 Trans late the following:

1.锻炼 2.踩滑板 3.几乎不 4.曾经

5.次数 6.上网 7.节目 8.结果

9.活跃的 10.至于 11.多常 12一周三次

(二)自主学习:Do 1a,1b,2a and 2b.


1.Pair work 1c,2c and 3






1.— is ―luck 52‖shown on CCTV?

—Once a week.

A. How soon B. How often C. How far D. How long

简析:how soon多快,how often多常时间,how long多久,


2.He often doesn’t go to the movies.改错

简析:always, usually, often等频度副词一般放在行为动词之前;be 动词之后及助动词和行为动词之间。故应改为He doesn’t

often go to the movies.

3.He watches TV twice a week .(提问)

简析:提问次数,多常时间做某事应用how often,故应为:

How often does he watch TV?


1.(2008.上海).Linda always takes active part in sports after school.

A. û B. a C. an D. the

2. (2002,黑龙江).You must take the medicine twice a day.(提问)


Activities How often

watch TV

Surf the Internet


read English books

go to the movies


Unit 1 How often do you exercise?

Section B


1.知识目标:Can remember

Junk,food,milk,coffee,chocolate,drink,health,interviewer,habit,try,ofcourse, lookafter,lifestyle,grade,thesameas,different,mayke,although,keep,must,less

2.能力目标:Can express like this:

--How often do you drink milk?

-- I drink milk every day.

3.情感目标:Good habits can make you healthy.

二、教学重难点:1.熟记本课时词汇; 2.能够描述自己的生活方式.


(一)预习导学:Trans late the following:

1.垃圾食物 2.咖啡 3.相当健康 4.以学校回家

5.尽力做 6.当然 7.照顾 8.生活方式

9.取得好成绩 10与?相同 11.不同的 12.不健康的 3

13.尽管 14.或许 15.保持健康 16.习惯

(二)自主学习Do 1a,3a,2a,2b and 3b.

(三)合作探究 1b, 2c

(四)梳理归纳 3c, Write about your own habits.


1. Here the flowers I give to you as your birthday present.

A. am B. is C. are D. be


2.—it is raining,—the old worker still works outside.

A. Although, but B. But, although. C. 1,although



3. She didn’t go to school, she felt—sick.

A. a kind of B. kinds of C. kind of D. kind

简析:a kind of一种, kinds of各种各样的, kind of有一点儿.稍许,故应选C


1.(08上海)It’s difficult for us to tell the (different)between these too words.

2.(08 重庆) He is only 8 years old, he knows more about science than his father.

A. But B. Though C. so D. Because

3.(2008 重庆).please the dog for me while I am away.

A. look at B. look after C. look up D. look out



Unit 2 What’s the matter?

Section A


1.知识目标:Can remember the words;

matter, have a cold, stomachache, Sore, back, arm, eye, foot, hand , head, leg, mouth, neck, nose, stomach, tooth, throw at.

2.能力目标:Talk about the health and give advice.



三、学习过程:Can express like these:

—What’s the matter with you?

—I have a toothache.

—You should see a dentist.

(一)预习导学.Translate the following.

1.感冒 2.胃疼 3.脚 4.头

5.牙齿 6.喉咙疼 7.躺下来休息 8.加蜂蜜的热茶

9.牙医 10.感到身体好 11.太差了 12.多喝水

(二)自主学习:1a, 1b, 2a and 2b

(三)合作探究1c,2c,3a,3b and group work.






1.—How is your grandma?—He is not .

A. feel well B. feel good C. feeling well D. feeling good 简析:形容词表示身体健康的,又是进行时,故选C.

2.I’m really busy because I have homework to do at the moment.

A. too much B. too many C. much too D. many too

简析:too much 加不可数名词,too many 加名词复数.much too 加形容词或者副词,故应选C.

3. He (be) a history teacher five years ago.



1.(2008,北京).—My brother’s ill in hospital.

—I’m sorry—that.

A. hear B. hearing C. heard D. to hear

2.(2008,芜湖).We— fight against pollution.

A. may B. should C. mustn’t D. needn’t


1. An apple a day (keep) the doctor away.

2. He didn’t go to school because of his (ill).


3. He brushes his (tooth) every day.

4. We walk with our (foot)

5. He should (have) some hot water.

6. Look! A dog (lie) at the door.

7. He was ill yesterday. But now he feels much (well)

8. My mother (have) a cold three days ago.

Unit 2 What’s the matter.

Section B


1. 知识目标:Can remember the words:

Ago, illness, advice, thirsty, be stressed out, early, problem, way, traditional,way, tradition, believe, weak, angry, medicine, western, everybody, get, stay, important, moment, until, hear.

2. 能力目标:Talk about the health and give advice.

3. 情感目标:学习关心他人及照顾自己的身体健康.



(一) 预习导学:Trans late the following words.

1.口渴的 2.紧张的 3.传统的 4.中医

5.相信 6.阴阳的平衡 7.例如 8.生气的 7

9.西方国家 10.药 11.均衡的饮食 12.保持健康

(二)自主学习:Do Ia,1b,2a,2b,3a

(三)合作探究:2c,3b,and group work





1.It’s difficult t for a little child the work.

A. finish B. to finish C. finished D. finishing


2. It’s going to rain. You need an umbrella with you.

A. taking B. takes C. to take D. took

简析:need需要,后加to do sth. 故应选C.

3. Don’t be angry Tom. He is only a child.

A. with B. to C. for D. in

简析:生某人的气为 be angry with sb.故选A


1.(2008,宁波).It’s a serious problem. We can’t decide Mr. Harris come back.

A. while B. since C. until D. so

2.(2008.呼和浩特)—Is your sister ill ?

—No, .only a little cold.


A. serious anything B. nothing serious

C. serious nothing D. anything serious.


1. (eat) green food can help to keep you (health).

2. If we went to have a healthy lifestyle, we must have a (balance)diet

3. It’s very important for us (study) English well.

4. You should (eat) less food (keep) thin.

5. He has a (tooth) and has to see the deutist.

Unit 3 What are you doing for vacation ?

Section A

Learning aims.

(一)knowledge aims .

1. New words: babysit camp plan hike how long

send postcard

2. Target languages.

(1) -- What are you doing for vacation ?

---I;m going camping .

(2) —When are you going ?

away get back 9

--I,m going on Monday.

(3)—How long are you staying ?

--We are staying for two weeks.

(二).Ability aims

(1)能听懂与 vacation 有关的activities词汇及简单表达。

(2)能听懂由what how where who when how long 引导的与 vacation 有关的话题表达。

(三)Emotion aims.

通过What are you doing for vacation


一. 教学重难点。

(1)“由What are you doing for vacation ?”引出的vacation Ability。

(2)由what how where who when how long 引导的有关 的词汇及对话。

(3)Vacation plan 的制定。

三.Learning steps.

(一)情境导入。教师可以由展示自己的一组vacation activities 的图片导入,做简单的说明,然后让学生来完成剩下的大部分图片,这样就自然地过渡到Section A Part 1a 的学习当中去。



Step 1. 1a&1b.Look at the vacation activities in the picture .Make a list and add a few more .Then listen and number the pictures.

Step 2 . Pair work. What are people in the picture doing for vacation ?Make conversation like this.

A: What are doing for vacation ?

B:She’s babysitting her sister.

Ste3. Listening. Listen and finish 2a & 2b.

Step 4. Group work. Ask and answer about the vacation plans, then write down. Use ―where ……?what ……?who ……with ?‖


1.Read the conversation of 3a.then fill in the chart .

Use the dictionary and the textbook to find:


3)too long中的 too 意思是___________4)回到学校_______________

2.Pairwork .Practice the conversation of 3a.then make new conversations using the information of 3b.

3.Writing.Write an article about your dream vacation.

(四).梳理归纳. Sum up.

Write down what you have learned in this class .

________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 11


四. 典题赏析.

1.---_____did you tell him about the news ?

---By____ an e-mail.

A. How ;sending B. How; send C. How; sent D. What ;sending

【解析】A。此题考查特殊疑问词和介词加动名词的用法。 是介词后跟动名词,又根据回答是通过发电子邮件(这种方式),可知用,故选A。

2.—The best thing to do in Hainan Island is scuba diving. The fish and the coral reefs are beautiful.

---That _____really cool 。

【解析】四个词都可以作系动词,后接形容词作表语。 look意为“看起来”。sound意思为“听起来”, became意为“变成,成为”,feel 意为“感觉起来”,根据语境用选B。

3.---_____are you staying in Shanghai ?

---For about two minuts.

A. How often B. How long C. How soon D. How far

【解析】B。此题考查特殊疑问词的辨析。 how often 对表示频度的副词提问; how long 对一段时间提问;how

soon对表示将来的某一段时间提问;how far 对路程提问 。“For about two months “表示的是一段时间,故选择B。

五. 中考链接。

1. (2008.北京)Would you like to help me _____my sister, Dick ? 12

A. babysit B. send C. make D. ride

2(2008厦门.).---What ___you ___for vacation ?

---I’m going bike riding .

A. are;doing B .do;do C.did;do D.were;doing

3.(2008河北)I’m planning _____my friends in Beijing this weekend.

A.visit B.visits C.to visit D.visiting


六. 能力提升。

1. Li Ming is staying in China for three years.(对 提问 ) __________Li Ming____in China .

2. We enjoyed ourselves at the party.( 改为同义句)

We_____________at the party.

3. We are going to Beijing tomorro Beijing tomorrow.(改为一般疑问句) ____you ___ ____-Beijing tomorrow.

4.We had a sports camp last Sunday .(用next Sunday代替 last Sunday) We ___have a sports camp next Sunday.

答案:1.How long is ;staying 2.had a good time 3.Are ;going to

4.are going to

Unit 3 What are you doing for vacation ?

Section B


一. Learning aims .

(一)Knowledge aims: 1.New words: bike ride famous Europe something lake

leave countryside nature forget finish

2.Target language :

What do you like to do on vacation?

What are you doing there ?

What are you doing this weekend ?

I’m going shopping on Saturday.

(二)Ability aims.


(2)能够制定一份vacation plans.

(三).Emotion aims.了解和熟悉当地地理,培养学生对本土的热爱。


(1)有关vacation plans的词组,句子及对话表达。

(2)vacation plans 的书面表达。


( 一)

情景导入:教师可带领学生做一游戏。让几个同学到讲台前,做几个假期休闲活动的代表性动作,让其他同学猜猜。再引导学生关于这些活动再谈一点,以引起其兴趣,同时又顺势导入课本Part 1a.

( 二 ) 自主学习(自己实践)。


Step1 1a.Match the words with the pictures.

Step2.1b. Pair work .

What do you like to do on vacation? Use The words from 1a

and any other words you know. Make conversation.

Step3 Listen to the tape to finish 2a&2b.

Step4.Pairwork.like2c practice the conversation.


1.教师可用实物或照片或多媒体展示几件或一项vacation有关的物品,然后,让学生猜一猜,这将进行什么样的 。结束这个游戏后,让他们盖住Part3 的短文,只看上面的五幅图片,再让学生猜。肯定学生是无法将这些信息组合的,再让他们看短文学习3

1)结构是有 ________词+______词

2)famous构成的短语有__________ ________

3)忘记做某事___________ 4)计划做某事___________

2. Practice 3b.Complete the article about Julia’s vacation plans.

3. Writing .Pretend you are a famous singer or soccer player .What are your vacation plans ?Write an article.

4. Do a survey. Weekend plans.

(四)知识梳理。 Sum up 。

Please write down what you have learned. in this class.

———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— 15



1.This morning I went to school in such a hurry (匆忙)that I _____my notebook at home .

A. left B. forget C. leaving D. forgot

【解析】A。考查动词辨析。 “把某物丢,落在某地”。故选A

2. I want to do _________.

A. different something B. something different

C. anything different D. different anything


3.China is famous ____its Great Wall.

A. as B. for C. to D. with

【解析】D 考查短语:以······而著名.作为······而出名。故选D。


1.(2008.乌鲁木齐)—Look at those clouds. It _____soon, I’m afraid.

A. rains B. was raining C. is going to raining D. is going to rain

2.(2008.山西 )--Look !How ____the boys are !

--Yes. They won the games this afternoon .

A. exciting B. excitement C. excite D. excited

3.(2008.西安)Are you going to visit your grandparents this summer ?

A. All right B. Good idea! C. I’m not sure . D. I agree.


答案: (1D 2D 3C)

六 .能力提升。根据汉语提示完成英语句子。


I’m _______ ________this vacation.


I______ ______ ______at home .


We took _____ ______ ______last week.


There is _____ ______ ______in the book .


What _____ _____ ______ _______vacation ?

答案:1. go hiking 2.decide to relax 3.an exciting vacation 4.something interesting 5. are you doing for

Unit 4 How do you get to school ?

Section A

一. Learning aims:

(一) Knowledge aims: 1.New words: train forty sixty seventy eighty ninety 17


minute take by far kilometer shower quick bicycle early mile

2.Target language :

(1)---How do you get to school ?

---I ride my bike .

(2)---How long does it take ?

---It takes about forty minutes.

(3)---How far is it from your home to school?

---It’s three miles.

(二)Ability aims.

学会以 How do you get to school ? -How long does it take ? 及How far?.为中心的话题的相关词组和对话

(三)Emotion aims.



“How long it takes How to get to places及其回答.

三.Learning steps.

(一)情景导入。The teacher asks several students,” How do you get to school ?”If the students can’t answer the question in English ,tell them to answer in Chinese.


Step1. Look at the picture. How do students get to school in the morning ? Make 18

a list. Then add other ways to get to school.

Step2.1b.Listen and write the numbers next to the correct students in the picture above 1a.

Step3.Pairwork .Look at the picture again. Make conversations like this. A:How dose Bob get to school ?

B:He takes the train.

Step4.Listening.Listen 2a and repeat then finish 2b.

Listen 2c and check then match .

Step5 Pair work. Make conversations about how you get to school : Use ―How……?How long……?‖


3a.Read the passage and answer the questions

3b.look at the pictures .Ask and answer the questions

(四)梳理归纳。Sum up.

What have you learned in this class ? Please write down.



1.---Kate ,do you know ____it is from here to the gym?

---About twenty-minutes’ walk.

A. how long B. how far C. how soon D. how often


【解析】B. how far对距离提问;how soon对未来的一段时间提问;how often对频度提问;how long对一段时间提问。根据题意“About

twenty-minutes’ walk”可以看出上文是对距离的提问,用how far 。故选B。

2.Our school is just ten ____walk from my home.

A. minute’s B. minutes’ C. minute D. minutes’s

【解析】B. 考查结构:数词+minutes’ walk (多长时间的)步行。故选B。

3.---Peter ,how old is your father this year ?

----______.And we just had a party for his _____birthday last weekend.

A. Fortieth; forty B. Forty; forty C. Forty; Fiftieth D. Fortieth; fortieth



1.(2008. 安徽)---Will you get there by ___ train?

---No, I will take ___taxi.

A. /; a B. a ; the C./; / D. the; a

2.(2008四川省自贡.)--____is it from your home to school?

---It’s three miles.

A. How long B. How far C. How often

3.(2008.湖南娄底)---____will you leave for Beijing ?

---In a few days.

A. How many B. How soon C. How often


答案: 1A 2B 3B



It ______one hour _________my homework last night.


When it rains ,I____________________.


I__________________my bike on weekend.


__________is it from your home to school ?

答案:1 took me to do 2.take a taxi 3.like riding 4.How far

Section B

一.Learning aims.

(一)Knowledge aims .

1. new words: stop north party river depend boat must than car

2. Target language.

(1)---How do get to school?

---I ride my bike to the subway station .Then I take the subway .

(2)---How far do you live from school ?

more 21

---I live 10 miles from school.

(二)Ability aims.掌握where how far how long how what ??think of 等词提问的有关get to school 的话题的对话及词汇。

(三)Emotion aims




2.most,many, some ,other 和a small number of 等概念的理解和运用。


(一) 情境导入。教师准备几张bus stop ,bus station ,train station ,以及subway station的实物照片,师生共同讨论他们不同的特色,记者就自然引出课本的简单画图,让他们判断一下分别是什么?


Step1.Match 1a.

Step2.1b.Pairwork.Tell how you get to school (Use two kinds of transportation to get to school)

Step3.Listen 2a&2b,then check them.

Step4.Pairwork.Use the information of 2b to tell how Nina get to school .


3a. Read the article . Then read the statements about the article,

write ―T‖ or ―F‖.



1. They are different ____the Nited States.

2. In China ,it depend ____where you are .

3. What dose she think ____the plan ?

4. How do students ____the word get to school?

答案:1 from 2 on 3 of 4 around


1. the way of _____(get) to school is popular .

2. That must be a lot more fun than ____(take) a bus .

3. I need ____(see) my friend.

4. Twenty miles ____(be) far away .

答案:1 getting 2taking 3 to get 4 is

(四)知识梳理。Sum up.

What have you learned in this class ?Please write down .



1. In our school library there ___ a number of books on science and the number of them ____growing larger and larger.

A. is; are B. are; is C. has; is D. have; are


【解析】a number of的意思是“大量的”,用来修饰可数名词的复数形式,相当于 many,a lot of 等,后面的谓语动词用复数形式;the

number of 意思是为“······的数量”,其后谓语动词用单数形式。答案:B。

2. In my class some students love music, _____are fond of drawing and ____enjoy reading .

A. some; the other B. others; the other

C. others; the others D. some; others



3.There are many lakes and rivers here, so children can go to school ____easily


A. by bike B. by boat C. by bus D. by car



1. (2007.)---Excuse me ,is the supermarket far from here ?

---No, it’s about _____.

A. 7 minutes walk B. 7 minute walk


C. 7 minutes’ walk D. 7 minute’s walk

2. (2008.)We still need ____more chairs for the meeting room.

A.nine B. nineth C. ninth D.

3. (2008.)---What a nice model ship!

---Thank you .It ____me three days to make it.

A. paid B. spent C. took D. wasted

答案: 1C 2A 3C


1.How do you get to school in the morning?

2.His home is not far from the school.


You can’t ____ _____your parents forever.


He will _____ _____Beijing to have a meeting in two hours.


_____ _____students _____the bus _____school.

答案:1.你早上怎样去上学?2.他家里学校不远 。

3. depend on 4. leave for 5. Not all ,take to


Unit5 Can you come to my birthday party ?


I. Learning Aims:

1) Knowledge aims: 1) New words and phrases :

lesson another concert calander weekday study for a test have a(n) -----lesson have to another time go to the doctor

2) Important sentences: ---- Can you come to my birthday party?

-----Sure, I’d love to./ I’m sorry, I have to -----

Ability aims: 1)准确发出,接受和拒绝邀请。


Emotion aim: 通过本节课的学习,学会邀请别人和接受或拒绝 别人的邀请,以增进人与人之间的情感,拉近人与人之间的距离,培养学生的交往能力。

2. Important language goals:

1)情态动词Can 的用法


3.Learning steps:

Step1. 情景导入

Ask the students ― What’s the date today? ‖ and ― Whose birthday is today? ”Then let the students ask other students to come to his/her birthday party. 26

------ Can you come to my birthday party, Mary

------Sure, I’d love to.

I’m sorry, I have to -----.


Step 2. 自主学习。(品尝知识享盛宴!)

Listening and writing.(Finish 2a and 2b)

Check the answers in groups. Then cimplete the test below.

A. 英汉互译。

1.another time________ 2. 谢谢你的邀请___________

3.go to the guitar lessons ____________ 4.太多作业____________

5.go to the concert________ 6. 棒球比赛____________


1.Thanks for_______(ask).

2. I’m sorry. I have to ______(go) to my piano lesson.

3. ---can he _____(go) to the movies?

---No. he can’t .He ______(play) soccer.:

4.Sure, I’d love to _____(come) to your birthday party tomorrow.

5.They can’t _____(go) to the concert. They ______(go) to the party. Step3.合作探究(动手动脑出真知!)

Every group makes a birthday card like 3a ,and look at the reasons to say no to an invitation in 2b.Write some more. Then, Student A invite your parter to come 27

to the party .Student B say you can or can’t and say why. Do it like this: A: Hey, dave , can you come to the party on Sunday?

B: I’m sorry, I have too much homework to do this weekend.

A: That’s too bad. Maybe another time.

B: Sure, Joe. thank for asking.


What have you learned in this class? Please write them down:



1). The shoes are too big, So I’d like to try _____pair.

A. other B. the other C. another D. the others.

解析:答案:C 。another 在此泛指“另一双”.

2). ----Could I borrow your dictionary?

----Of course you_____.

A. can B. must C. should D. will

解析: 答案: A. can 最符合题意。“当然你能。”

3). ----Can you finish your homework before dark?


A. No problem. B. That’s OK. C. Never mind D. With pleasure.

解析:A, 没问题;B, 不客气;C; 不介意 ;D,很愿意。问句句意为:“天 28



1).Chinese climbers carried the Olimpic Flame to the top of the world’s highest mountain______8th of May 2008.(2008,苏州)

A. on B. at C. in D. from

2).----Ben, would you like to play football with us?

----,but I have to wash the dishes first.(2008,重庆)

A. No, I can’t B. I don’t want to C. Yes, please. D. I’d love to.

3).Great changes have taken place in China, who can tell ______it would like in ______five years?(2008,青岛)

A. how;other B . what; more C. how; another D. What; another



1.–Happy birthday! ? _______________.

A. Thanks B. the same to you C. I do too D. Not at all

2. He ______ stay at home, because his mother was ill.

A. has to B. have to C. had D. had to

3.. ____ Friday morning, I like to go to the movie _______ friends.

A. In, on B. On, with C. On, and D. At, with

4.. Would you please _______me ________ the housework?

A. help, in B. to help, with C. help, doing D. help, do

5.. I have to go to my guitar lesson ____ 19:00___20:00 ___ the evening. 29

A. from, to, on B. in, at , on C. from, to, in D. at, at, on

6. You can’t find him. He usually _____ at 4:00.

A. have an English lesson B. is having an English lesson

C. will go to the guitar lesson D. goes to the guitar lesson



1. My American friend is going to v________ me next week.

2. Hey! Can you come to my b_________ party?

3. Don’t talk in class, please keep q______.

4. -What did you do on Saturday? -Nothing much, I stayed at home the w________ day.

5. I’m sorry, I can’t come, I have to s________ for the math test.


1. Can you __________(come) to my house for dinner? Sorry, I can’t .

2. Thanks for __________ (ask) me to your birthday party.

3. He’s trying _________(go) out, please _________(help) him _________(open) the door.

4. Do you want_______(go)_______(swim) with us Saturday afternoon?

5. Would you like ______(come) to my office ______(discuss) the report 答案:


1.study for the test 2.go to the doctor 3. have a piano lesson


4. help my mother 5. visit my aunt

Step2 A. 1.改个时间 2. Thanks for asking. 3.去上吉他课

4. too much homework 5. 参加音乐会 6. baseball match

B. 1.asking 2. go 3. go plays 4.come 5. go go


一、 A D B D C D

二、 A. 1. visit 2. birthday 3.quiet 4. whole 5. study

B.1.come 2.asking 3. to go ,help (to)open 4. to go,swimming

5.to come,to disccuss

Section B

1.Learning Aims:

Knowledge aims: New words and phrases : tomorrow weekday invitation training

chemistry the day after tomorrow have… training with…team

Ability aims: 1)学会询问及回答日期


Emotion aim: 通过本节课的学习,学会婉言拒绝别人的邀请,礼貌待人

2. Important language goals:

A:What’s today?

B: It’s Monday the 14 th.


3.Learning steps:

Step1. 预习导学。

Take out a calender and ask students the date, then fill the blanks below. A: 英汉互译:

1. 周末______2.工作日________3.昨天______4. 后天_________

5.照顾她的妹妹______________6.和我打网球___________ B: 写出星期的名称。(can you write them correctly?)

___________________________________________________________ Step2 Listening and practice.

1.Listening.Can Vince play tennis with Andy? and match Vince’s activities with the days . Please complete the chart(finish2a)

2.Pairwork. Practice the conversations about Vince and Andy. like this: A: Hi, Vince , can you play tennis with me?

B: When?

C: Today.

D: Sorry, I can’t. I…

Step3. 自主学习。

1. Read 3a only once. Then answer the questions:

判断正 (T)误(F)。

1. Sonia is visiting Henry although she is busy this week.

2. Sonia is going to her cousin’s birthday party on Monday evening.

3. Sonia has a toothache.


4. Sonia is in the school tennis team and she has tennis training on Wednesday.

5. Sonia has a chemistry test next Thursday.

2. Fill in the blanks in the e-mail message. Use ―I’m+ing‖ or ―I have to + verb.‖(finish 3b)

Step4 梳理归纳

Write an e-mail message to a friend .Say why you can’t visit next week.


1.Mr Smith often watches football match­ ____ after he is retined (退休)

A. whole the day B. all the day C. the all day D. the whole day

解析:“”whole意为“整个的,全部的”表示整天可以说“the whole day”可排除A,除此之外all day 可以表示整天,不与定冠词连用,故选D

2、Since I had a lot of home word to do .I didn’t go to bed­­___12 last night

A. until B. when C. while

解析固定搭配not until表示“直到?才”句意为“直到12点才去睡觉”

3、Shall we go out for a walk after supper?(改写句子,句意不变)

­­____ _____ _____ a walk after supper?

解析:句意:表示征求意见,用What about/How about


1、Thanks a lot for ­­____me____ your birthday party.

A. invite for B. invite to C. inviting for D. inviting to


2、---Listen! Is Tom singing in the classroom?

----NO. It___ be Tom. He has gone to Pairs.

A. may not B. needn’t C. can’t D. mustn’t

3、----Harbin is really a beautiful city and there’re many places of interest. ----So it is. Why not stay here for­­____ two days?

A. other B. others C. another D. the anthers



1、 这周我确实很忙。

I’m______ ______this week.

2、 星期四我和校队有篮球训练。

I have basketball _____ _____ the school team this Thursday.

3、 在星期五晚上我要和一些朋友去看电影。

I’m going to the movies with some friends _____ _____ ______.

4、 他不得不复习准备星期三的化学考试。

He has to study for the _______ _______ on Wednesday.

5、 这周末你去度假吗?假期回来请给我打电话。Are you ______ ______ vacation this weekend?

Pleas call me ______the vacation.


自主学习 1-5 F T T T F

中考链接 1-3 DCC完成句子 1.really busy 2.trianing with 3. on Friday 34

evening 4. chemistry test 5.going on;after

Unit6 I’m more outgoing than my sister .

Section A

1.Learning Aims:

Knowledge aims:

1) New words and phrases : outgoing twin calm wild serious athletic note mean as way both physics however as…as… more than in common the same as

2) Important sentences: Pedro is funnier than Paul.

Tina is taller than Tara.

Tom is more athletic than Sam.

Ability aims: 1)Talk about personal traits.

2)Compare people.

Emotion aim: 通过观察分析,讨论人与人之间的不同点和相同点,从而培养学生的观察能力分析能力和判断能力。

2. Important language goals:


2 ) 形容词和副词的比较级。

3.Learning steps:


Step1. 情景导入

Ask two students to come to the blackboard and other students compare them.(hair, eyes, height and so on). Then complete the black below: 写出下列单词的比较级:

sunny_________fat__________tall___________ interesting__________ smart__________ serious__________


A. Listening!(Finish 2a and 2b.)

B. Pair work.

Student A, look at the chart below. Sudent B, look at the chart on

page 83.Ask and answer questions about Sam and Tom.

Step3 合作探究(小组合作力量大!)

A. Reading

Ask the students not to look at the article, only look ay the photos of Liu Ying and Liu Li in 3a,let them find the differences about the twins. Then read it and answer the six questions.

B. Writing

Write an article about things that are the same and different between you and your good friend or family.


1. 表示人物特征的词你掌握了多少?

______________________________________________________ 36


________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________



4. 典题赏析。

1). I prefer skiing to climbing because I think climbing is ______skiing.

A. not as exciting as B. not more exciting as

C. not most exciting as D. more exciting than

解析: 本体考查形容词原级和比较级的用法。由前半句“我更喜欢滑雪”可知,“爬山不如滑雪有趣”。A. not as exciting as


2).Our family has bought a car so we can travel _____than before.

A. most easily B. less easily C. easily D. more easily

解析: 由than 可知空格处应用比较级,故排除A.C两项。句意为:我们家买了辆小轿车,所以我们旅游比以前更方便了。故选D.

3)______ you study, _______grades you will get.

A. The hard, the good


B. The harder, the better

C. Harder , better



1)The population in China is _____(large) than that in India.

2) Bob takes exercise every day and makes him _____than before.

A. stronger B. healthiest C. athletic

3)______school is much bigger than______.

A. Our; their B. Ours ; theirs C. Theirs; our D. Their; ours



1.Sam speaks Chinese well.Tom speaks Chinese better.(合并为一个句子)Tom speaks Chinese than Sam .

2. Pedro is heavier than Paul.(根据句义改为选择疑问句)

is , Pedro or Paul?

3. He is always the winner between us in tennis.(改为同义句)

He always me in tennis.

4. My home is ten minutes’ walk from our school.(就划线部分提问) is it from your home to your school?


中考链接 1.larger 2. A. 3.D


句型转换 1.better 2.Who; heavier 3. beats 4.How far

Section B

1.Learning Aims:

Knowledge aims: New words and phrases :

laugh interest though necessary care friendship information

be good at be popular in be different form make sb. do

Ability aims: 1) 谈论自己所喜欢朋友的特征;


Emotion aim: 通过对别人不同点的肯定和包容,让学生树立尊


2. Important language goals: 加深巩固比较级的用法。

3.Learning steps:

Step1. 情景导入

Ask students what is important in a friend ship, write the six phrases on the blackboard, let the students explain them in English. Which one is important in a friendship?1is the most important.

a. has cool clothes.

b. Is popular in school

c. Likes to do the same things as me.

d. Is good at sports


e. Is good at school work

f. Makes me laugh

Then talk about them in 1b.


1. listening.( finish 2a and 2b).

2. Pair work. Talk about Holly and Maria and their best friends. Step3 合作探究.

Do you have a good friend?

How do you like her (him)?

Read 3a and you will know what friend James Green , Huang Lei and Mary Smith like.

Step4 梳理归纳

(Sum up!)


1.Stop______so much noise! My father is sleeping.

A. to make B. making C to hear D. hearing

解析:stop to do sth. 停下来去做另一件事,stop doing停止干某事。由后句“我爸爸正在睡觉。”可知应该停止“制造噪音”。故选B.

2.---What do you think Tina is like?

---She used to be quiet,but she is quite _____now.

A. clever B. serious C. outgoing D. strict

解析:由答语“他过去很腼腆”,but 表转折,说明“她现在很外向”。A 意 40

为“聪明”,B C意为“严肃”,故选 C.

3.Beijing,the capital of China,is one of _____cities in the world.

A. the biggest B. bigger C. much bigger D. big


一。”one of + 形容词最高级+复数名词,意为“最?之一”。


1.The doctor told Mary to eat ______vegetables and _____meat because she was getting fatter and fatter.

A. much; little B. more; fewer C. many; few D. more ;less

2. We all like Miss Yang. She always makes her history class very_____.

A. interest B. interests C. interesting D. interested

3.---Bob, how are you feeling today?

--- Much____. I don’t want to eat anything.

A. better B. worse C. healthier

4.----Knowledge is money.

----But I think it is ______money.

A. as important as B. so important as

C. more important than D. the same as



1.) Everyone in our class enjoys (run) in the morning.

2). Who is (funny), your father or your mother?


3). She talks (much) than her sister.

4). Liu Ying is (outgoing), and I’m quieter.

5). Why is your English book is (thin) than the others?

6). Speaking in front of so many people, he can’t keep c (平静).

7). The teacher is s (严肃). We are a little afraid of(怕)him.

8). The o (相反) of the word quiet is wild.

9). It is n (必要的) for us to have a good study habit.

10). Liu Ying is more a (活跃) than Liu Li. )

2. 单项选择

1. We spent day the problems.

A. the all; discuss B. the whole; discussing

C. all the; with D. all the; to discuss

2. My father makes me every morning.

A. exercise B. exercises C. to exercise D. on exercise

3. It’s important me to have a new bike.

A. of B. for C. to D. on

4. I like to have a friend who me.

A. like B. liking C. is like D. are like

5. ---I’m very sorry, I can’t help you. ---- .

A. Thank you all the same. B. It doesn’t matter

C. I’m sorry to hear that D. Don’t worry 答案:


中考链接 1-4 D C B C

完成单词:1.running 2.funnier 3. more 4. more outgoing

5.thine6.calm 7.serious 8.opposite 9.necessar 10.athletic 单项选择1-5 BABDA

Review Units1-6

Teacher’s word: Lost time is never found again

Learning aims:认清目标,把握重点。

1、Knowledge aims: Can grasp the important words and know how to use them.

2、Ability aims: Talk about activities you do and your likes and


3、Emotion aims: Enjoy your life.

Learning steps:



1.h_dly 2._lth _ gh 3.m _tter 4.f__get 5.m_n_te 6.d_pend 7.w_rry 8.wh_le

9.how_ver 10.t_g_ther 11.health___(adj)12.foot__(pl)13.ill_(n)14.far __(比较级)____(最高级)


B、 重点短语

1.how often 2.look after

3.be stressed out 4.depend on

5.begin with 6.keep in good health

7.beat me in tennis 8.此时 9.患感冒

10.多远 11.擅长


13.共同点 14.去观光 Step2、自主探究,交流互动。

1、 你经常在周末干什么?

What___ you often___________?

2、 大部分学生每周锻炼三到四次。

Most students exercise______________.


My lifestyle is__________ you.

3、 我想我有点不健康。

I think I am——————.

4、 吃健康的饮食是很重要的。

It’s important_____________.

5、 我计划在美丽的乡村度假。

I’m________ spend time ____________.

6、 我听说泰国是一个观光的好地方。


I hear Tailand is a good place__________.

7、 少数同学乘地铁。

A_______ students ___ the subway.

8、 我们两个都喜欢参加聚会。

We___ like___ to the parties./___ of us like ___to the parties.

9、 他比我更懂得多。

He________ than I do.


1._I want to go to different places, but I don’t know the___. _A map is helpful, I think.

A. price B. way C. time D. ticket

2_.Is your toothache getting better?

_No, it’s even___.

A. bad B. serious C. worse D. worst

3._Mum,Tony is coming to dinner this evening.

_OK. Let’s give him___ to eat.

A. something different B. different anything

C. anything different D. different something

4.To keep healthy, we should eat more vegetables and less___.

A. meat B. food C. wine D. drink

5.I enjoy__ my bike in the mountains. It’s not always easy, but exciting.

A. ride B. rode C. to ride D. riding


6.Did you have any problems_____ to London?

Yes, I couldn’t____ Chinese food.

A. travel, find B. traveling, found

C. traveled, finding D. traveling, find

7.The twins __ going to the movies.

A. both like B. like both C. like all D. all like

8.Bob,with his parents,__ going to hawaii for vacation.

A. are B. am C. like D. is

9. sorry, I can’t go fishing with you.

A. It sounds great B. I’m afraid not

C. It doesn’t matter D. That’s right

10.___ raining, __he is still working outside.

A. Although, but B. but, although C./, although D. Although,/


A. Finish the words according to the sentences.

1.She spent the w______ morning reading books.

2.He is so tired and can h_____ keep his eyes open.

3.Jack’s birthday is on Sunday. I got his i____ this morning.

4.We are d_____ how often we do different activities.

5.Liu Ying is my best friend. We have many things in c_____.

B. Writing.

运动与健康是当今备受关注的话题,今年的中考便与此有关,请陈述 46


Unit7 How do you make a banana milk shake?

Section A

一. Teacher's words:

Heaven helps those who helps themselves. (天助自助者)

二.Learning aims:

Knowledge aims: shake, milk shake, blender, turn on, cut ,up .cut up, peel ,pour, into ,yogurt, ingredient, cup watermelon ,teaspoon, amount

instruction, finally, mix mix up, popcrn, popper, boil, salt, add add ``to``

Ability aims :Make and describe a banana milk shake?

Emotion aims:通过学习某些食品的制作过程,了解中西方的饮食文化及差异。

三.Teaching steps:

Step 1.情景导入




(1)打开 (2) 切碎 (3)进入到?内

(4)混合在一起 (5) 把...加到?上

(6) 两茶匙蜂蜜 (7).一杯酸奶 Step3.听听,练练

(1)Listen to the tape and do 1b.Then let Ss practise 1b with parteners.

(2)Listen 2a and 2b ,then ask and answer questions about how to make fruit salad, and do 3a.

Step 4.Free talk (小组活动,思维创造)

Look at these pictures and say how to make popcorn.

Step 5.写写,练练


Step 6 实战应用


1.Please give me two ______ milk.

A. glass B. glass of C. glasses D. glasses of .

解题:选D. 本题考查不可数名词的计量法。milk牛奶,为不可数名词,其前不能直接被基数词修饰,但可以用“表示容量的词+偶发”表示,如:two 48


of milk(两杯牛奶)。

2.You__the light .It's bright enough here .We can see everything clearly.

A. mustn't turn off B. must turn on

C .needn't turn on D. need turn on

解题:选C。本题考查情态动词和动词词组用法区别。turn on 打开,turn off 关上,后面的句子说“这儿够亮了,我们能清楚的看到所有的东西”说明上句应为“你不必开灯”。

3.You must be careful when you cross the street, please.

____________ __________ when you cross the street, please.

解题:答案:Be careful.本题考查同义句转换。“你一定小心”是一种嘱托,可用祈使句。


1.Linda,I'v bought many________ .Now let's make the birthday cake.(2004.上海)

A. fresh eggs B. chocolate milk C. frozen food D. rice dumplings

解析:many 用以来修饰可数名词的复数,而且下面出现了“make the birthday cake",故选A。

2.He had something to write down and asked me for ______.(2004.天津)

A. a paper B. some papers C. some pieces of papers D. a piece of

pape解析:paper为不可数名词,不能加's,不能用a 修饰,但可用a piece of 修饰。


3. ---________students are there in your class?

---Forty one.(2004.北京)

A. How many B. How much C. How long D. How heavy

解析:根据答案判定是提问数量,且students 是复数形式,故可用How many.选A。

(三). 能力提升:

1.The little boy was so hungry that he ate up ____________(一大碗米饭)

2.Don't ______________________________(把他们混在一起)。

3.Mysister likes __________________________(含有鸡肉的三明治)。 答案。1.a big bowl of rice 2.mix them up 3.sandwiches with chicken Step 7.Sum-up:知识梳理:


Step8. Homework


Section B

一.Teacher's words:Men learn while they teach.(教学相长。)

二.Learning aims :

Knowledge aims :


(1):sandwich, bread, butter, relish, lettuce, turkey, slice, super top recipe, check, green onion, duck, sauce, pancake, roll


Ability aims: Make and describe turkey sandwich.

Emotion aims:


三.Learning steps:




(1)火鸡三明治 (2)一些黄油 (3)把...放在...上

(4)另一片面包 (5)两片面包 (6)火鸡片 Step3.听学兼容:

(1) Let Ss do 2a and 2b.

(2) Desribe how to make a turkey sandwich.

(3) Read 3a and 3b with your partner.

Step4.Free talk(小组活动,思维创造)

How to make super sandwich that you like.

Step 5.写写,练练

Please write the short passage


Step 6.实战应用;


1.----____________late for the meeting next time.

----Sorry , I won't.

A. Be B. Don't be C. Do be D. Be not


2.You must read the _________carefully before taking the medicine.

A. news B. pictures C. numbers D. instructions.



3.——Let’s go to the supermarket by taxi.

----We_______ take a taxi .It is not far from here.

A. can't B. needn't C. couldn't D. mustn't



(二). 中考链接;

1.(2007.南通)Come on ,children .Help yourselves to some___________ if

you like.

A. fish and chicken B. fishes and chicken

C. fish and chicken D. fishes and chickens

解析:fish(鱼肉) 和chicken(鸡肉)都是不可数名词,故选A。


2.(2007.青岛)Mr. Smith always has _________ to tell us.

A. some good pieces of news B. some pieces of good news

C. some good piece of news D. some

解析:选A。表示“几条好消息”,应将good 放在piece之前,some 决定了piece 用复数形式。

3.(2007.厦门)I need some help .Can you __the bananas for fruit salad? --- Yes, Mum. But where's the knife?

A. cut up B.mix up C. put up

解析;选A。上句意为我需要一些帮助。你能切碎这些香蕉做水果沙拉吗? cut up 切碎;mix up 混合;put up 举起。


1.Look!The girl_________________(在切肉)

2.Granny________________the milk ___________(把......倒入)the cup.

3.Let me think .We need __________(再,又另外两个)apples.

答案:1.is cutting meat 2.poured,into 3.another two或two more





Unit8 How was your school trip?

Section A

Teacher's words: Time and tide wait for no man.(岁月不待人)

Learning aims:

Knowledge aims: gift shark aquarium seal hang hangout souvenir win autograph prize visitor outdoor octopus end monitor

Ability aims: Talk about events in the past.

Emotion aims:


learning steps:




(1)去过水族馆 (2)和朋友逛街

(3)买了一个纪念品 (4)看到了许多鲨鱼

(5)去了海滩 (6)听起来有趣 Step3.听海拾贝。

(1) Listen to the tape and do 1b ,2a 2b.

(2) Let Ss practice 2c and do 3a.


Step 4. Free talk .(小组活动,思维创造)

Let Ss make conversations using the structurs below.

(1) Were there...?

(2) Did you see...?

(3) Did you go ...?



Step6 实战应用


1. --Why didn't you give me a phone call?

--I __________.But nobody answered the phone.

A. Do B did C. will D. have


一般过去时,助动词did 用来代替原句中的动词。

2.All the people ______interested in the film they saw yesterday evening.

A. is B. will be C. was D. were

解题:选D。本题考察一般过去时的用法。由yesterday evening 可知,该



3.My father __________ some money in his bag and went away.

A. puts B. has put C. put D. putting

解题:选C。本题考查动词put 的形式。and连接的前后动词形式



1.(2007.长春)--How was your day off?

--pretty good ! We _______ the History Museum.


2.(2007.重庆)We all love Miss Yang .She always makes her history class

very __________

A. interest B. interests C interesting D. interested

解析;very是副词,后要跟形容词,该形容词修饰事物history class,故用


3.(2007.成都)In the end ,he decided to send the sick child to hospital.

其中In the

end 是何意、

A . At once B. At last C. At first

解析;in the end “最后”,等于at last.故选B

(三). 能力提升:

1.____________(别的什么东西)did you see in the zoo.


2.Last week we ____________(玩得高兴)on the school trip.

3.Fathers______________(为我买了一本故事书)on my 13th birthday. 答案:1.what else 2.had fun/had a good time/enjoyed ourselves

3.bought me a story book/bought a story book for me)

Step 7.Sum-up 梳理归纳;


Step8. Homework


Section B

一. Teacher's words:

Every man is the architect of his own fortune.(自己的命运自己掌握。)

二.Learning aims:

Knowledge aims:

sleep late ,drive. off, day off, rain, DVD, yard, yard sale, luckily ,umbrella, raincoat, wet, competition, player, future, again

Ability aims: Talk about events in the past .

Emotion aims:



三.Learning steps:

Step 1.情景导入:



(1)睡过头 (2) 休息

(3)礼品商店 (4)驾车外出 Step3.听海拾贝

Listen to the tape and finish 2a,2b then talk about last day off.

Step 4.Free talk (小组活动,思维创新)

Read 3a and finish 3b then talk about or act it out what you did on your day off.


Can you write a letter about what you did on last day off?



1.——Mr. Johnson, we have found your watch.

------My watch ! Thank you .Where ____________ it ?


A. do my find B have you found C. did you find D. were you finding 解题:选C。本题考查动词的时态。根据句意。手表已经找到,因此“找到”的动作应用过去时。

2.―How was your weekend?""Great! We _________a picnic by the lake."

A. have B. are having C. had D. will have


3.―Where is the bird?""It ____________(fly) away a moment ago ."

解析:本题考查动词的用法,由moment ago “刚才”可知应用一般过去时,故应用fly 的过去式flew.

(二). 中考链接;

1.(2004.北京)Our teacher, Miss Chen ,_______English on the radio the day before


A. teaches B. taught C. will teach D. had taught

解析:the day before yesterday 标志这个句子是一般过去时态,teach的过去式是taught.故选B。


——Who cleaned the blackboard yesterday ,Dick?


A. cleaned B. does C. did D. is

解析:回答疑问句,为了避免重复,用do 的相应形式来替代原句中的词, 59


3.----___________he _________at this school last term?

---Yes, I think so.(2004.桂林)

A. Did; study B. Does ;study C. Was; study D. Did ;studied

解析:last term 是一般过去时态的标志,所以用一般过去时态,一般疑问

句要借助动词Did .后面的谓语动词用原形。故选A。


1.We______________________(去兜风)and felt very happy.

2.It___________________(花费了她)ten minutes to walk to the cinema.

3.Did you __________________________________(玩得高兴)?

答案:1.went for a drive 2.took her 3.have a good time.

Step 7.梳理归纳:





Unit 9 When was he born ?

Section A

I. 学习目标

1、Knowledge aims

1) New words and phrases

born ,record ,hiccup ,sneeze ,too, to , golf .Brazilian ,national , achievement, become, call

2) Target language

a. Who's that ?

That's Deng Yaping.

b. When was she born ?

She was born in 1973.

c. You're never too young to start doing things.

2. Ability aim.

Can talk about famous people.

3. Emotion aim:

通过谈论描述人物,增进了解,改善人际关系,和谐相处。 II.教学重难点




Step 1 情景导入


Show the students some photos of the international sports stars such as Deng Yaping. Michacl Jordan & so on .Let the students talk about them.

Step 2 自主学习

1b. Listen &write the year the sports star was born under catch


Step 3 合作探究

1c. Pair work

Practice the conversations about Deng Yaping below.

Then make conversations about the other sports stars.

A: Who's that?

B: That's Deng Yaping .She's a great Chinese ping-pang player. A: When was she born?

B: She was born in 1973.

Step 4. Listening .

2a. Listen & fill in the "How long" column in the chart. 2b. Listen again & fill in the "stared " &"stopped" columns.

2c. Pair work. Fill in the blanks with information from the chart in 2a. Then make conversations about Charles Smith & Donna Green.

Step 5. 自主合作探究

Read 3a & talk about the famous people in the article. 62

Modal : A:Who's Shirley Temple ?

B:She's a movie star.

A:When did she become a movie star?

B:When she was three years old.

Step 6. Sum-up !


1、The girl was___ scared _____get the dark room.

A. too ; to B. so ; that C. too ; that

[解题]本题主要考察句型结构与题干所要求句型是否一致。A项句型为“too + adj /adv +to do ", B项句型为“so + adj /adv

+that 从句”,C项无此句型,所以选A。

2、—_____ did he hiccup ? —For 69 years.

A. How often B. How far C. How long

[解题]根据答句for 69 years 可知,问句是提问“多长时间”。how often 多久一次,how far (距离)多远,how long


3、Mozart started ____music at the age of four .

A. write B. writing C. writes

[解题]“start doing sth ”表示“开始做某事”,根据此用法可知答案选B。 V.中考链接

1、The 2002 Word Cup Soccer Match _____on May 31st .

A. begin B. has begin C. begins D. will begin 63

2、He stopped ____when he was ill.

A. to smoke B. smoke C. smoking D. to smoking




_____ _____ your father _____ ?


This book is _____ _____ for a 10--year--old boy_____ read.


_____ _____ Pele _____a professional soccer player ?

Section B

I. 学习目标

1、Knowledge aims

1) New words

talented loving creative outstanding unusual kin well-known grandson,

skate, ice skating, tour ,could, piece ,take part in, alive

2) Target language

She's a famous vilinist .

She was born in 1971.


She toured the U.S when she was fourteen.

2、Ability aim


3、Emotion aim


II. 教学重难点




Step 1 情景导入

The teacher describe his family member to the students. Then the

students imitate the teacher to describe one of his own family members.

Step 2 自主合作探究(看图配词)

1a. Write one or two words under each picture to describe the person.

1b. Then talk about the people.

eg. A: Arthur is a loving grandfather.

Step 3 Listening & talking

2b. Are these sentences about Maidori or Laura? Write "M"(for 65


"L"(for laura) on the line.

2c. Ask & answer questions about Midori & laura.

Step 4 自主学习,合作探究

3a. Read the artide & fill in the chart.

Step 5 Writing

3b.Lookat the information in 2b.Write an article about Lauar. 3c.Write about a person you admire.





Step 6 Sum-up !


1、I saw Mr. Wang____ into the library just now.

A. went B. goes C. going D. go

[解题]“see sb do”表示看见某人做某事的过程,“see sb ding”表示看见某人正在干某事。本题中go into the


2、China ____ WTO in 2001.

A. joined B. joined C. took part in D. is in

[解题]join 意为加入某团体或组织,take part in 意为参加某项活动,故 66


3、The loving parents____ a lot of free time____ their child.

A. take , in B. spends , in C. spend , with

[解题]spend time with sb 意为“花时间和某人在一起”,从本题的句意来看应选C。

V. 中考链接

1、—Where's Lily, do you know ?

— I saw her ___the piano in the classroom just now.

A. play B. to play C. playing D. plays

2、He____10 dollars on this dictionary.

A. cost B. spent C. paid D. took




Li Yundi_____ to learn the_____ _____the age of four.


She started _____ _____when she _____ four .


We saw _____ ______the piano at the party.


Unit 10 I'm going to be a basketball player Section A


1、Knowledge aims

1) New words & expressions

grow up, computer science, program, engineer, pilot, professional, move, dream, somewhere, artist, exhibition, save, hold, at, the time,

rich travel, all, over yet retire

2) Target language

What are you going to be when you grow up? I'm going to be a computer program.

How are you going to do that?

I'm going to study computer science.

2、Ability aim


3、Emotion aim



重点:学会描绘自己的人生理想和表达奋斗的想法。 难点 :对社会公益和公共事业的计划安排。

act, same 68

III.学习过程。Learning Steps

Step 1. 情景导入

T:What are you going to do next week ?

What are you going to do after school ?

What are you going to do when you grow up ? Step 2. Free talk

a. Do you think these jobs are interesting ?

computer ,programmer, basketball, player ,pilot, actor, teacher, engineer doctor

b. What are you going to be when you grow up ?

c. How are you going to do that?

Step 2 Pair work

A: What are you going to be when you grow up ?

B: I'm going to be a basketball player .

A: How are you going to do that?

B: I'm going to practice basketball every day .

Step3 Listening & talking

2b. What are Cheng Han's plans for the future? Fill in the chart. What Chen Han is going to be an actor





2c. Pair work

A: Where's Cheng Han going to move ?

B: He's going to move to New York.

Step 4 .Group work

Read Tian Tian's diary about her dream job.

Then talk about the things she's going to do.

S1: What's Tian Tian going to be when she grow up? S2: She's going to be an artist.

S3: Where's she going to move?

S4: ------

Step 5 . Group work

Everyone knows about the Olympic Games.

What can you & your classmates do to keep the Olympic spirit


S1: I'm going to ------

S2: We're going to ------

Step 6. Sum - up!


1、If you go ____ _____take me with you.

A. something ; interesting


B. interesting; place

C. interesting ; somewhere


2、How long _____to stay there?

A. is he going B. would he go C. will he go

[解题]be going to 结构表示打算、计划、决定做某事,故此题选A.

3、—How are you going to be a basketball player? __ I'm going to practice ______ every day.

A. play B. playing C. to play

[解题]practice 后跟动名词,表示练习做某事。故本题应选B. V.中考链接

1、When I grow up , I'm going to do____ I want to do.

A. that B. what C. which D. when

2、I'm going to hold an art exhibition_____ will make merich & famous.

A. who B. where C. when D. that

VI. 能力提升



I'm ____________ all over the world if I have a lot of money.



We're going to _____________ next year.


In big cities, more and more people want to get .

Section B


1、Knowledge aims

1) New words & expressions

Resolution, instrument, over, fit, fax, lady, communicate, foreign ,build

2) Target language

What are you going to do next year?

I'm going to take guitar lessons.

2. Ability aim

能够完成New Year's resolutions 的表达和交际。

3.Emotion aim


II 教学重难点

1 重点:学会制定自己新年和未来的计划安排。

2 难点: 对社会公益和公共事业的计划安排。

III 学习过程


Step1. 情景导入

Do you usually make your resolutions on New Year's Eve ? What are they?

Step2. Free talk

A. 1a. Look at the pictures & talk about the five people's New Year's resolutions.

B. Talk about your own resolutions .

Step3. Listening

2b. How are Kim, Lucy and Mannuel going to make their resolutions work? Listen & fill in the chart.

How are they going to do it?




Step4. Group work

2c. Make a list of other resolutions you want to

A: I'm going to get good grades.

B: Sounds interesting. I want to get a lot of exercise.

Step 5 Group work

3a. Read the magazine article talk about the reader's resolutions. Step 6. Writing


3b. Write a magazine article about Kim, Lucy& Manuel & their resolution 3c. Write an article about some of your own resolutions.





Step7. Sum-up!

IV. 典题赏析

1. I want to be a reporter because I enjoy ____ people.

A. talk with B. talking with C. to talk with

[解题] enjoy 后跟动名词,表示 “喜欢做某事”, 根据句意 ,本题应选B。

2 He told a funny joke and made us ____ loudly.

A. to laugh B. laugh C. laughing

[解题] 句中made 为使役动词, 意思是“使 ------怎样”, make sb. do sth., 后面宾语补足语 应该用动词原形,故应选B。

3. Some girls said they were going to exercise ____to keep____.

A. more, health B. much, healthy C. more , fit

[解题] 本题主要是考查副词 比较级和系表结构的用法。“加强锻炼”应该是exercise more . Keep 是系动词,后跟形容词构成系表结构,

Keep fit 意思是保持健康,故本题选A。

V. 中考链接


1. We communicatc____ each other ____ letter.

A. by, with B. by, by C. with ,with D. with , by

2. ——What's your resolution ?

—— I want to get ____ ____.

A. a lot of exercise B. lots of exercises C. more exercises VI、能力提升



You'd better ______ us _______ for so long.


Some readers are going to _______.


Next year I'm going to ______ a _______.

Unit11 Could you please clean your room?

Section A



New words: dish, sweep, meeting, hate


Phrases: do the dishes, sweep the floor, take out the trash, make your bed, fold your clothes, clean the living room,stay out late, get a ride, work on, hate to do sth..

Important sentences:

--- Could you please clean your room?

--- Yes, sure./ Sorry, I can’t. I have to do my homework.

--- Could I use the ca?

--- Yes, you can./ No, you can’t. I have to go out.

I like cleaning the bike because I can be outside.

I don’t like doing the dishes because it’s boring.


Learn to Make polite requests and ask for permission.




1. 熟练应用礼貌要求和请求允许的两个句型:

--- Could you please clean your room?

--- Yes, sure./ Sorry, I can’t. I have to do my homework.

--- Could I use the car?

--- Yes, you can./ No, you can’t. I have to go out.

2. 如何表达自己的喜好并给出理由:


I like cleaning the bike because I can be outside.

I don’t like doing the dishes because it’s boring.


(一) 预习导学


洗餐具 打扫地板 把垃圾拿出去 整理床铺 叠衣服 打扫起居室 去看电影 在外呆到很晚 搭便车

(二) 自主学习

If you want to ask somebody to do the things above, what should you say? Listen

to the tape of 1b, try to get the answer. Write down the patten drill below. ___________________________________________________________

If you want to ask somebody for permission politely, what should you say? Listen

to the tape of 2a, try to get the answer. Write down the patten drill below.

At the same time, finish off 1b、2a and 2b.

(三) 合作探究

1、Discuss with your partner in your group, try to find out how to answer the questions above. Practise the drills with the phrases above in pairs. Finish off 1c and 2c.


2、Do 3a and practice it with your partner.

(四) 梳理归纳

From this class, you should grasp:

1. 礼貌的要求及回答


2. 礼貌的请求允许及回答


4. 不喜欢做某事及理由


1. Nancy hates ______ chores on Sundays.

A. to make B. making C. doing D. does

do chores 干家务,为固定短语,排除A、B项, hate doing sth. 讨厌干某事,故选C.

2. --- Do you like cooking?

--- No, I don’t. It’s ______.

A. interesting B. boring C. exciting D. funny

句意为:--- 你喜欢做饭吗? --- 不,太无趣了。由答语“不”可知讨厌做饭。只有B符合语境,故选B。

3. --- Could you please do the dishes, Mary? --- _________.

A. Yes, sure. B. Yes, you can. C. No, you can’t. D. Yes, please.


句意为:--- 玛丽,请你洗餐具好吗? --- 是, 当然可以。Could you please do sth.?? 用来表示礼貌地请求,其肯定回答为:Yes, sure\ of cour-se\ certainly\ Yes, I can. 故选A。


1. (2007,厦门) --- Would you please _____ me your raincoat?

--- Sure, here you are.

A. lend B. borrow C. return

2. (2007, 临汾)--- Could you please not keep the water running?

--- ________. I’m turning off the shower.

A. OK, I will. B. That’s all right. C. sorry, I can’t.

3. (2008, 温州)I don’t like this kind of TV shows because they’re _______.

A. boring B. wonderful C. interesting D. beautiful


一、 根据首字母或汉语提示完成单词

1. Could you help me s________ the floor of the classroom?

2. Lily likes to d_______ the dishes.

3. You should m_______ your bed.

4. I often help mom take out the t_______ this year.

5. We Chinese often watch TV in the l_______ room.

6. What other ________ (家务) do you have to do?

7. Could you help him _______ (叠) these clothes.

8. I’m going to ________ (工作) my computer.


9. She ______ (带出) the trash at home every day.

10. We have a class ________ (会议) every week.

答案:1. sweep 2.do 3.make 4.trash 5.living 6.chores

7.fold 8.work on 9.takes out 10. meeting

二、 英汉互译

1、洗餐具 2、整理床铺 3、打扫客厅

4、叠衣服 5、扫地 6、work on

7. get a ride 8. stay out late 9. do chores 10. do the laundry

答案:1. do the dishes 2.make the\one’s bed 3.clean the living room

4.fold the\one’s clothes 5.sweep the floor 6. 从事,忙于 7. 搭便车8 .在外面呆到很晚 9. 做家务

10 .洗衣服

三、根据答语, 从方框中选择适当的问句

1. ---- _______________

--- Sorry, I can’t. It’s too heavy.

2. --- ________________

--- Sorry, I can’t. I don’t know her number.

3. --- _________________

--- Yes, sure. I like animals.

4. --- __________________

--- Sorry, I don’t have any.


5. --- __________________

--- Sorry, I need it today.

6. --- _________________

--- Yes, you can. But first you have to clean your room.

A. Could you please tell Lucy?

B. Could I watch TV?

C. Could you please lend me some money?

D. May I use your bike?

E. Could you take out the box?

F. Could you take care of my cat?

答案:1 E 2 A 3 F 4 C 5 D 6 B

Section B



New words: borrow, invite, care, feed, mine

Phrases: invite sb. to a party\ to do sth., borrow…from…, take care of, take sb. for a walk, play with, forget to do\ doing, on vacation

Important sentences:

1. Thanks for taking care of my dog.

2. Don’t forget to clean his bed.



Learn to Make polite requests and ask for permission.




1、 熟练应用Could you do?.和Could I do?.句型;

2、 学会写求助的电子邮件。




买些饮料小吃 借些钱 打扫客厅

邀请我的朋友参加聚会 去买东西

用一下你的影碟机 把垃圾带出去 整理你的床铺


1. 1a. What can teenages ask their parents to do? What do parents ask their teenages to do? Write ―parents‖ or ―teenages‖ next to each phrase in your book..

2. 2a and 2b. Listen to the tape and finish 2a and 2b.

(三) 合作探究

1、Use the phrases in 1a to make conversations with your partner.

Eg. Parent: Could you clean your room?

Child: Yes, I can.


Child: Could I invite my friends to a party?

Parent: No, you can’t.

2、You are having a party. Ask your partner for help. Talk about these things:

go to the store buy drinks and snacks do the dishes

clean the living room take out the trash

3、Discuss and practice How to write an e-mail for help.

(四) 梳理归纳

From this class, you should grasp:






1、I _______ my English book at home. Can I ____ yours?

A. left; lend B. forgot; lend C. left; borrow D. forget; keep


我能借你的吗?表示把某东西落在某地,用动词leave,不用forget,排除B、 83


2、--- could I invite my friends _____to our house?

--- Yes, you can.

A. come B. to come C. comes D. coming

invite sb. to do sth. 邀请某人干某事,故选B。

3、Would you like some ______ and _______?

A. snacks; drinks B. snack; drink C. snacks; drinkD. snack; drinks.



1. (2007,临沂) --- Would you please pass me today’s newspaper? ---__________.

A.Yes, please B.Here you are C.You are welcome. D. I think so

2. (2006, 山东)--- Can you help clean the window?

--- ________.

A. I’d like that B. Sure, go ahead

C. Sorry, but I have to meet my uncle

D. It’s none of my business



take care of, go to the store, work on, come over, play with


1. Could you please ________ to buy some fish foe me?

2. He likes ________ my little dog.

3. His sister is going to _____ his computer.

4. Lily’s father is ill. She has to ______him at home.

5. Would you like to ____ to my house on Saturday?


1. go to the store 2.playing with 3. work on

4. take care of 5 .come over


1. May I borrow your knife, please? (改为同义句)

Could you _____ your knife ___ me, please?

2. Don’t forget to close the door before you leave the room.(同上) ______ to close the door before you leave the room.

3. She is looking after her mother at home.(同上)

She is ______ ______ _____ her mother at home.

4. Could you help me clean the living room? (做肯定回答) ______, _______.

5. Play with him.(改为否定句)

______ ______ with him.

6. I need some help. (改为一般疑问句)

______ you _______ _____ help?

7. I like to do the dishes because it’s relaxing. (对划线部分提问) 85

_______ ________ you _____ to do the dishes?

答案:1 lend, to 2 Remember 3 taking care of 4 Yes, sure. 5 Don’t play 6 Do ,

Unit12 What’s the best radio station?

Section A



New words: radio, comfortable, seat, screen, close, theater, cinema, easy, worse, worst

Phrases: radio station, comfortable seat, close to home, good quality clothes, think about。。。

Important sentences:

1. --- What’s the best movie theater?

--- Showtime Cinema, I think.

2. --- Can I ask you a question?

--- Sure.


Learn to 1. Discuss preferences;


2. Make comparisons.




1、 熟练掌握形容词最高级的变化规则及不规则变化形式

A. 一般在词尾加-est;

B. 以字母e结尾的词加-st;

C. 重读闭音节词词尾只有一个辅音字母时,先双写辅音字母,再加-est;

D. 多音节词和部分双音节词在词前加most

E. 不规则变化主要有:

good\well --- better --- best bad\ill --- worse --- worst

many\much --- more --- most little --- less --- least

far --- farther --- farthest / --- further --- furthest


Eg: Town Cinema is the cheapest.

Jason’s has the best quality clothing.

Movie Palace has the most comfortable seats.


(一) 预习导学

1. 1a. How do you choose what movie theater to go to? Write the things in the

box under ―Important‖ or ―Not important‖.


Comfortable seats big screen friendly service cheap new movies close to home in a fun part of town popular

ImportantNot important


1. 1b. Listen and match the statements with the movie theaters. Write in the names of the theaters.

QualitiesMovie Theaters

It has the biggest screens.

It’s the most popular.

It’s the closest to home.Town Cinema

It’s the cheapest.

It has the friendliest service.

It has the most comfortable seats.

Town Cinema Screen City Movie Palace

2. 2a. Listen to a reporter interviewing a boy. How does the boy answer the questions? Circle the correct letters below.

Green City Survey

1. Which is the best clothing store?

a. Jeans Corner b. Jason’s c. Trendy Teens d. Funky 88


2. Which is the best radio station?

a. Easy Listening 97.9 FM b. Oldies 102.1 FM c. All Talk 970 AM d. Jazz 107.9 FM

Then finish 2b.

3. 3a. Read the article and fill in the chart.

The bestNameBecause

movie theaterScreen CityIt has…

Clothing store

radio station

(三) 合作探究

1、1c. Practice the conversation. Talk about the movie theaters that you know with your partner.

Eg. A: What’s the best movie theater?

B: Showtime Cinema. It’s the cheapest.

A: But I think Gold Theater has the most comfortable seats.

2、2c. Role play.

3. 3b. Think of three stores in your town and fill in the chart. Then talk about the stores with your partner.

(四) 梳理归纳


From this class, you should grasp:

1、 形容词最高级的变化规则和不规则变化;

2、 形容词最高级的用法。


1、 I can’t pass the exam _______ your help.

A. with B. without C. under D. having



2、I think Yao Ming, the famous basketball player, is becoming _____ new star in


A. hot B. hotter C. hottest D. the hottest

在NBA联赛中,姚明正成为最杰出明星。形容词最高级前必须加the, 故选D。

3、English is one of _______ important subjects in our school.

A. most B. the most C. more D. much more

“one of+the+形容词最高级+名词复数”这一结构表示“最。。。之一”。句意为:在我们学校英语是最重要的学科之一。故选B。


1.(2008,张家口) --- I think Li Ming is the strongest student in our class. 90

--- I

agree with you, but who is the second ______ one?

A. strong B. stronger C. the strongest D. strongest

2. (2008, 苏州) Daniel is a careful driver, but he drives ___ of my friends.

A. more carefully. B. the most carefully

C. less carefully D. the least carefully

3. (2008,上海)Which one is heavier, the wooden ball_the iron ball?

A. or B. and C. but D. so


一、 选词填空

1. This radio station is pretty ______ (good\ better).

2. It has _______ (the worst\worse) clothes than Jason’s.

3. Liuliu Clothing Store has ________ (cheaper\the cheapest) shoes of all the shops in town.

4. Houhe Theater has ___(more comfortable\ the most comfortable) seats of all.

答案:1. good 2 .worse 3. the cheapest 4. the most comfortable

二、 根据汉语完成句子

1. 镇上最好的学校是哪所?

_________ _______ _______ school in town.

2. 汶南镇比东都镇美。

Wen Nan Town is _____ ______ _____ Dong Du Town.


3. 聂辉为何这么认为呢?

Why _______ Nie Hui _____ _____ ?

4. 惠多多超市有最优质的服务。

Hui Duoduo Supermarket has the _______ _______ .

5. 调频98.8“轻松听”电台比调幅970“大家谈”电台好。 Easy Listening 98.8 FM _______ ______ ______All Talk 970 AM. 答案:1. What’s the best 2. more beautiful than 3. does; think so

4. friendliest\best service 5. is better than

Section B



New words: loud, success, act, without, together, near, farthest, southern, still, lovely, northern, enough.

Phrases: talent show, without doing sth., action movies,

Important sentences:

--- Who do you think is the funniest actor?

--- I think Jim Carrey is the funniest actor.


Learn to 1. Discuss preferences;

2. Make comparisons.









creative quiet good funny dull loud bad boring


1. 1a. Write these words and phrases next to their opposites in the chart.

2. 2a and 2b. Listen to the tape and finish 2a and 2b.

3. 3a. Read the article about the school talent show. Fill in the blanks with the words from the box.

4. Write an article about a talent show.

(三) 合作探究

1.Look at the information about the talent show in 2a and 2b and make a conversation.

Eg. A: Who was the best performer?

B: Eliza was the best performer..

2.Interview three classmates. Write their answers in the chart below. Eg: A: Who do you is the funniest actor?


B: I think Jim Carrey is the funniest actor.

What\Who do you think is the…..

(student’s name)

(student’s name)

(student’s name)

funniest actor?

most creative music


loudest musical group?

most boring TV show

worst movie

best book

(四) 梳理归纳

From this class, you should grasp:

1、 形容词最高级的变化规则和不规则变化;

2、 形容词最高级的用法。


1、He lives ______ (far) from school in our class.

farthest。句意为“在我们班里他住得离学校最远。”由in our class 可知 94

此处应为最高级, 而far


2、This project is too difficult for me. I can’t do it ____your help.

A. having no B. no C. without D. with

句意为:对于我来说这个课题太难了,没有你的帮助我不能完成它。 without为介词,意为“没有”,故选C。

1. Who do you _____ is the funniest actor?

A. think B. think over C. think of D. think about

句意为:你认为谁是最滑稽的演员?do you think”你认为”在这里是插入语,故选A。


1.(2008,重庆) --- What bad weather!

---Yes.The radio says it will be even__________ later on.

A. bad B. badly C. worse D. worst

2. (2007, 长春)--- Who is ________ running star in your college? --- I think Philip is.

A. famous B. more famous C. the most famous D. less famous 能力提升


1.This park is _______ (beautiful) of the three.

2. Which is ________ (heavy), the horse or the elephant?

3. Where is the best _______ (cloth) store in town?


4. He lives ______ (far) from school in our class.

5. Her first movie was a great _______ (successful).

6. The Yellow River is the second ______ (long) river in China?

7. Tom is the _______ (tall) of the two boys.

8. The radio says it’ll be even ______ (cold) tomorrow.

9. What do you think is the ________ (creative) of all the music videos?

10. I think English is _______ (interesting) of all the subjects.

答案:1 the most beautiful 2 heavier 3 clothing 4 farthest

5 success 6. longest 7. taller 8. colder 9. most creative 10. the

most interesting


1. Town Cinema is the best movie theater.(对划线部分提问)

_______ ________ the best movie theater?

1. He can’t sing very well.(改为肯定句)

He ______ sing very well.

2. I like Huiduoduo Supermarket because it has the best quality goods(商品).(对划线部分提问)

______ ______ you like Huiduoduo Supermarket?

3. This sweater is cheaper than that one. (改为同义句)

That sweater is ________ than this one.

4. Who is the best player? Do you know?(句意不变,合并为一句) 96

______ _______ you think is the best player?


1.What\Which, is 2.can 3.Why do 4.dearer\more expensive

5.Why do

Review of units7-12学案

1.Learning Aims:

Knowledge aims:1)New words and phrases:

hang,win,umbrella,born,tour,become,engineer,borrow,worse,without, piece, lay, cut up, not at all, take care of

2) Important sentences: ?How do you make vegetable soup ?

?Are you going to live in Beijing??Could you please buy some food ? Ability aims: 运用所学词汇、句型进行听说读写训练。 Emotion aims: 学会运用英语与人交流。

2. Important language goals:



3.Learning steps:

Step1. 游戏导入(巩固所学词汇短语句型)

1) Finish the clues


1. It's a very large fruit. _______

2 .It is said that it will rain, so you had better take an ______.

3. We are proud of him because he w_____ the game yesterday.

4. He was not dead, and he was still a______.

5 .Camels can live quite a few days w______water and food in the desert.

2)Choose words from units 7-12 and write a clue for each word.



3__________________________________________________________ Step 2.


一、listening and writing.(Finish 3a 3band3c )

1、Check the answers in groups.

2、Pair work: Role play. Practice the conversations and write down.

二、Telling: Write the ingredients of your favorite snack and tell how to make it.


三、Pair work: Imagine your life twenty years from now.Make a dialogue. Step3.合作探究(动手动脑出真知!)

一.Group work: Write a story. To imagine a vacation, write some words, then take

turns to write a sentence using a word.

二.Reading and writing: Read part9 and tell other students what you think about




What have you learned in this class? Please write them down:



1). (2008山东)根据首字母提示,在空格处填入一个适当的单词。 ...One day ,he invited Du Xuan to his house and treated him with wine .On 99


wall of the room h______ a red bow(弓).Its shadow appeared in Du Xuan's cup.

[解析]hang(1)动词:逗留,徘徊,hang out意为“闲逛”(2)动词:“悬 挂,吊;(过去式hung)绞死,吊死(过去式hanged)”。如:?I

hung the washing in the yard yesterday.昨天我把洗好的衣物挂在院子里。?They hanged him for


2).(2008福建福州)——Would you mind ______ ______(关掉)the radio? ------Of course

not. I'll do it at once.

[解析]关掉电器使用“turn off”,打开电器使用“turn on”,而关上、打开门、窗、盒子等则使用“close”、“open”。Would you

mind 后要跟V-ing 形式。所以答案为:turning off。

3). (2008四川自贡)4,000 people died in a few days ______ the pollution.

A .because

of B .thanks to C. related to

[解析]A because of “由于,因为”B thanks to“幸亏,多亏” C related to “与......相关”。由题意可知选A 。


1).(2008湖北襄樊)根据首字母提示,在空格处填入一个适当的单词。 100

---May I b______ your ruler?

---Sorry, I've lent it to Liuying .

2).(2009 山东泰安)— Mind your steps, guy! Don’t you see the words “ the

grass‖? — Oh, I am sorry.

A. Keep off B. Keep out C. Take off

D. Take out

3).(2009 新疆)— Are we going to have the sports meeting this week?

— No. It is --------till next week because of the bad weather.

A. put away B. put on C. put off D. put up

4).(2009 广州) —How did the accident happen?

—You know, it difficult to see the road clearly because it .

A. was; was raining B. is; has rained

C. is; is raining D. will be; will rain



1. It’s dark (暗的) in the room. Please ______the light.

A. turn on B. turn up C. turn down D. turn off


2. ---______girls are there in your class? ---Twenty.

A. How often B. How far C. How much D. How many

3. Don’t______ the milk into the cup. It's full.

A. peel B. pour C. leave D. drink

4. You can ______ some sugar ______ the water.

A. add; / B. add; into C. add; to D. add up to; /

5. --- Would you like to drink the smoothie? --- ______.

A. Yes, I'd love to B. No, I'd love to

C. Don't ask me D. Sorry, I can't

6. There is ______ smoothie in the cup.

A. any B. much C. a few D. many

7. --- The banana is too big. ---You can ______ first.

A. cut up them B. cut them up C. cut it up D. cut up it

8. Do you like lettuce ______ sandwiches?

A. of B. in C. at D. with

9. --- I’d like to eat ______ bread. --- Here you are.

A. many B. a C. a slice of D. two

10. --- Let’s make fruit salad. --- ______.

A. No, I'm not B. Thank you C. That's all right D. That's a good idea



1. We should eat vegetables and fruits to keep f______.


2. My uncle is an e_______. He knows a lot about computers.

3. Living beside the underground station means that I don't need a car to get around . It s______ me money.

4. He got w______ because he fell into the river .

5 .---What are you going to be in the f______?

---I am going to be a scientist.

B. 从方框中选择适当的词并用其正确形式填空。有两项是多余的。 rich, grow up, move, save, major, communicate, pilot

6. I am going to be a ______ because I like flying in the sky.

7. My aunt works in Canada. I often ______with her by sending emails. 8 .The young man is very _______. He has a lot of money.

9. The little boy says that he is going to be an actor when he ______.

10. Jack likes painting very much, so he wants to ______in art.

中考链接答案:1. borrow 2.A 3.C 4.A


一. 1A 2D 3B 4C 5A 6B 7C 8B 9C 10D

二. 1.fit 2.engineer 3.saves 4.wet 5.future 6.pilot communicate 8.rich 9. grows up 10.major

7. 103

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