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Section A (Period One)

? 知识能力:学会用have对物品的所属进行 提问以及应答 ,学会使用do和does引导的 一般疑问句 ? 情感:培养热爱运动的好习惯

Task 1

Learning new words

soccer ball



tennis tennis racket


Task 2 Learning new drills

A: Do you have a ping-pong ball? B: Yes, I do. No, I don’t.

Class work

Let’s ask and answer together

ping-pong ball

soccer ball


A: Do you have a …? B: Yes, I do . No, I don’t.

Pair work

asking your partner by using the drills and words you have learnt, such as…
Do you have…?

Yes, I do.
No, I don’t.

1b Listen and circle the words you hear.

2a Listen to the conversations. Number the pictures [ 1- 4 ].

2b Listen again.Match the pictures in 2a with the balls.

A: Does she have anTV ? a apple? B: Yes, she does. B: No, she doesn’t.

a basketball ? A: Does he have a soccer ball?

B: Yes, he does. No, he doesn’t.

A: Does she have a … ?

B: Yes, she does .
B: No, she doesn’t .

Class work Let’s ask and answer together

A: Does he have a … ? B: Yes, he does. B: No, he doesn’t.

Does she have …? Yes, she does. /No, she doesn’t.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? 1. ----Do you have a basketball? ----_____________. A.Yes,I am. B.Yes,I do. C.Yes,I have D.I have 2.____your mother ___a tennis racket? A.Do;has B.Does ;have C.Are;have C.Is;has

1. Complete the conversation:

A: Excuse me, do youhave
B: No, I don’t .

a soccer ball

A: ____ Jim have a soccer ball? Does

B: Yes, he does .

Thank you ,bye-bye.
Ok! Let’s say goodbye!

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