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P25 1.快速买票 buy tickets quickly 一张……的票 a ticket to /for …… 门的钥匙 a key to the door

这个问题的答案 an answer to the question 去某地的路 the way to +地点

一张聚会的请帖 an invitation to a party

2.最大的屏幕 the biggest screen

3.在这儿附近 near here

4.离家最近 the closest to home 离……近 be close/near to 离……远 be far from

5.最短的等候时间the shortest waiting time 迫不及待的做某事can’t wait to do sth. 等候 wait for

6.最好的音质 the best sound




7.最舒适的座位 the most comfortable seats 坐下 take/have a seat

P26 1.最好的服装店the best clothes store

2.最好的广播电台the best radio station

3.播放最无聊的歌曲play the most boring songs

4.我可以问你一些问题吗?May I ask you some questions? 5.在城镇 in town 6.你为什么这么认为?Why do you think so? 7.欢迎到我们社区!Welcome to my neighborhood! 8.最新鲜的食物the freshest food 9.谢谢你告诉我.Thanks for telling me.

为……而感谢 thank……for

10.没什么。/不客气。No problem.

P27 1.相当坏 pretty bad 2.一顿饭多少钱?How much is a meal?

一日三餐 three meals a day 3.从你家到这儿有多远?How far is it from your home?

4.做公交车10分钟 10 minutes by bus

P28 1.才艺展示 talent show 2.最有才能的人 the most talented person 3.越来越受欢迎 more and more popular 4.全世界;世界各地around the world

5.例如 such as / for example 6.有……相同特征;(想法、兴趣等方面)相同 have……in common

7.等等 and so on

8.各种类型的;各种各样的all kinds of

9.是……的职责;有……决定be up to

10.发挥作用;有影响play a role

在某事当中扮演重要角色play an important role in sth. 在做某事当中发挥重要作用 play an important role in doing sth.

扮演……的角色 play the role of

11.得到很好的奖品get a very good prize

获奖 win a prize

12.被编造 be made up

13.认真对待…… take……seriously

14.做某事有趣 be fun to do sth.

做某事很愉快 have fun (in) doing sth.

15.使梦想实现make one’s dreams come true P30

1.最好的棋手 the best chess player

2.最有创造力的舞者the most talented dancer

3.最有趣的作家the most interesting writer

4.最快的跑步选手 the fastest runner P31

1.要去的最好的地方the best place to go to

2.最小的咖啡馆之一one of the smallest coffee shops P32 1.最受游客欢迎的城市the most popular city for visitors

2.挤满…… be crowded with

一群 a crowd of

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