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七年级下册英语Unit 11 How was your school trip

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Unit 11 How was your school trip? 测试题 听力部分


( ) 1. went for a walk A. last Monday

( ) 2. milked the cow B. last Saturday

( ) 3. rode a horse C. last Tuesday

( ) 4. fed the chickens D. last Sunday

( ) 5. took some photos E. last Friday


( ) 6. A. It is good. B. It was great C. It is fun

( ) 7. A. Yes, I do.

B. We climbed the mountains.

C. No, I didn’t. I went to the Shopping Mall.

( ) 8. A. She rode a horse

B. She went fishing.

C. Yes, she did.

( ) 9. A. There are many pictures.

B. Yes, we saw a lot of paintings.

C. I draw a picture last night.

( ) 10. A. That sounds great!

B. Sorry to hear that.

C. Lovely!

三、 听对话,选择最佳答案。( 5分)

( ) 11. Carol’s school trip was______________

A. OK B. excellent C. terrible

( ) 12. Tina __________ last Sunday.

A. went to the museum.

B. grow some apples

C. picked some apples

( ) 13. Yesterday the weather in Wuhan was _________.

A. fine B. not good C. cool

( ) 14.How were the apples?

A. They were good.

B. They were good last week.

C. They were not good last week.

( ) 15. What did Gina do?

A. She visited her friends.

B. She bought many gifts.

C. Her friends gave her lots of gifts.



1.see________ 2.take________ 3.hang________

4.buy________ 5.sleep________ 6.get________

7.meet________ 8.sound________ 9.watch________



( ) 1. ---_____ you ______ sports yesterday ? ---Yes , I did.

A. Were , do B. Was; do C. Did ;do D. Did ;/

( ) 2.Tom _____ football this morning . He went shopping with his mother.

A. doesn’t play B. didn’t play C. wasn’t play

( ) 3.---Who cleaned the blackboard? --- I ______

A. did B. does C. was D. am

( ) 4.He was not at home _____.

A. last night B. tomorrow C. now D. today

( ) 5.I ____ bread for lunch. It was terrible.

A. had B. watched C. bought D. saw

( ) 6.I ____ this book last year. I thought it was very interesting.

A. see B. saw C. read D. watched

( ) 7.---What did you do last Sunday? ---We _____ a dolphin show.

A. watched B. found C. saw D. looked at

( )8. Grace and her daughter had a good time ___ the trip.

A. on B. at C. in D. of

( )9.He _____ that hat in the shop yesterday.

A. didn’t buy B. didn’t bought C. wasn’t bought D. doesn’t buy

( ) 10. I ______ a hat in the activity last Sunday.

A. win B. won C. wins D. wined

( ) 11. In the football game, we ____ the students from Class 9 and ______.

A. beat; won first prize B. beat; win the first prize

C. beat; win first prize D. won; won first prize

( )12. ---When ____ you ___ your old friend? --- The day before yesterday.

A. will; visit B. did visitor C. will; visitor D. did visit

( )13. He couldn’t come to the party ______ he was very busy at that time.

A. so B. and C. but D. because

( )14. He’s leaving ____ end of this month.

A. at B. at the C. with D. with the

( ) 15. They ____ a picnic last weekend; they enjoyed themselves.

A. have B. has C. had D. having


Tom did not like doing his homework,because he liked to do some things after

school.a lot of mistakes in his homework.

Then one day,his maths teacher at Tom’s homework and saw that he got all

his answers right.He was very and surprised(惊奇).The next morning before

class,,“You got all your homework right this time.Did your father help you?”Sometimes Tom’s father helped him with his homework,this time he didn’t help Tom because heat home.So Tom answered,“NO,Sir.He Was busy last night,to do it ”

( )1.A.others B.another C.the other D.other

( )2.A.made B.found C.looked at D.looked

( )3.A.laughed B.knocked C.looked D.saw

( )4.A.please B.pleased C.pleasure D.sad

( )5.A.to B.for C.in D.at

( )6.A.talked B.asked C.spoke D.said

( )7.A.and B.but C.so D.or

( )8.A.isn’t B.won’t be C.wasn’t D.can’t be

( )9.A.wanted B.mustn’t C.liked D.had

( )10.A.itself B.of them C.myself D.himself

四、阅读理解 (共15小题,30分)


I had a summer camp with my classmates last year. Early in the morning. We gathered at the bus station. After saying goodbye to our parents,we got on the buses. It took us more than two hours to arrive at the campground. We got off the buses cheerfully. Laughing and shouting. We jumped and ran all over the place. It was the first time for us to be away from the parents .Some of us started to feel homesick(想家). However, when the night party and dances began, the

homesickness was gone. The next day, everybody rushed to the boating class, hoping to be at the head of the others. At first ,my friends and I worked hard, but the boat wouldn’t listen to us and kept going round and round. Then the teacher taught us how to work together. After many tries, we did much better. Swimming class was my favorite. It was about the hottest time of a day and the best time to stay in the cool water. The swimming teacher was a funny man, and during the class he often made us laugh happily. During the week I learned a lot of new things and made many new friends. I also learned how to take care of myself.

( ) 1. They got to the campground__________ .

A. on foot B. by bike C. by bus D. by plane

( ) 2. The campground was __________ from their homes.

A. quite near B. not far C. very long D. quite far

( ) 3.Why swimming class was the writer’s favorite?

A. Because it was good to stay in the cool water when the weather was hot.

B. Because the writer felt quite relaxed during the class.

C. Because the swimming teacher was interesting.

D .Because of all the above

( )4.Which statement is NOT true?

A. he children were happy to be away from Dad and Mum.

B. Their homesickness lasted for long.

C ..It was teamwork to boat.

D. They camped for a week.

( )5.Which is the best title for the passage?

A. I Learnt a lot. B. Boating and Swimming.

C. On the Campground D. My First Summer Camp



Len was thirty years old, and he had very long hair, He lived in a big city, but one year he did not find any work there, so he went to a small town and began looking for work there. He went to a lot of places, but nobody wanted him. Then he met an old friend, and this man said to him,

“People in this town don’t like long hair. Why don’t you go to a barber (理发师) ? He can cut a lot of it off and then you can get some work..” Len went to a barber and said, “Please cut most of my hair off.” The barber began. He cut and cut for a long time and then he said to Len , “Were you in the army a few years ago?” “Yes, I was.” Len answered. “Why did you ask that?” “Because I have found your cap,” the barber answered.

( )6. Len was twenty years old.

( )7. Len had very long hair.

( )8. Nobody wanted Len for work.

( )9. Len met an old classmate.

( )10. The barber cut off a lot of Len’s hair.


One day an old woman wanted to go to Paris to see her son. She was very happy. So she got up early and got to the small station at nine o’clock in the morning. But she didn’t know the train time She felt very worried, and just at that moment, she saw a little boy running. She asked the boy when the train would leave.

The boy looked at the woman and said, “[tu: tu: tu: tu: tu:]”just like firing a gun(开枪). Then he ran away. The old woman was very surprised. She thought and thought. At last, she knew the time. There was a smile on her face. “What a clever boy! He told me the train time!” She said to herself.


11. Why did the woman get up early?

12. When did she get to the station?

13. Why did she feel worried?

14. What did the boy mean by saying [tu: tu: tu: tu: tu:]; do you know?

15. Why did the woman smile at last?


1. I saw the sharks. (改为一般疑问句)

_________ _________ see the sharks?

2. Were there any famous singers at the aquarium?(否定回答)

No, _________ __________.

3. He did his homework last night.(改为否定句)

He ____________ ____________ his homework last night. 对划线部分提问)

_________ __________ the students watch a movie about dolphins? )

_________ __________ no one come to the sale?

六、书面表达。 (15分)

写封信给你的朋友,说说你的周末过的怎样。(假定天气不好,60~80词) 请根据要求写一篇日记。 上个休息日(4月24日,星期日),我过得非常有趣。




1. I went for a walk in the park after school last Friday.

2. My father milked a cow last Sunday when we were in the countryside.

3. I went to the zoo last Saturday and I rode a horse there.

4. My mother was not at home last Monday and I fed chickens.

5. Last Tuesday we had a school trip and I took some nice photos.


6. How was your school trip yesterday?

7. Did you go to the Green Park?

8.Did Carol visit the fire station last week?

9.Did you see any painting in the museum?

10.The school trip was terrible.

三、 听对话,选择最佳答案。( 5分)

11. M: Carol, how was your school trip yesterday?

W: It was excellent.

12. M: Tina, did you go to the museum last Sunday?

W: No, I went to the farm and picked some apples.

13. M: Linda, how was the weather in Wuhan yesterday?

W: The air was not clean.

14. M: Were the apples you eat yesterday good?

W: They went bad last week!

15. M: How was your visit to Japan, Gina?

W; Nice, I bought lots of gifts r my friends.

听力答案 1-5 E D B A C 6-10 B C C B B 11-15 B C B B B


一.1.saw 2. took 3.hung 4. bought 5. slept

6.got 7.met 8.sounded 9.watched 10.lived

二.选择填空 1~5CBAAA 6~10 CAAAB 11~15 BDDBC

三.完形填空1-5 DBCBA 6-10 DBCDC

四.阅读理解 1-5 C D D B D 6-10 F T T F T

11. Because she wanted to go to Paris to see her son

12. At nine o’clock in the morning.

13. Because she didn’t know the train time

14.Two to two to two(1:58—2:00)

15.Because she knew the time

五.1 .Did you 2. there weren’t 3. didn’t do 4. Where did

5. Why did

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