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U9 Review

Part1 words and phrases

杂志 m g z n 音乐 网球 t n n s 衣服 c l t hes

因为 b c se 不同的 对......感兴趣的 be in

拉小提琴 饭店 r st r n t 忙碌的 花费,度过 sp d

爱好 h b b y 享受,喜欢 n j y 安静地 不同种类的游戏 流行的,受欢迎的 他们自己Part2 sentences

1. how often 你多久听一次音乐?/你多久复习一次?/你多久看望一次祖父母?

2. So do I. 玛丽喜欢听歌,我也是./ 他是3班的,我也是。/ 她昨天去学校了,我也是。

3. Everybody has different tastes and interests. (翻译)

4. Why don’t we + ? Why not +? 为什么不一起去做飞机模型呢?/ 为什么不一起打网球呢?

5. How about +? What about +? 一起听听音乐怎么样?/ 在饭店见面怎么样?/先吃晚饭怎么样?

6. Make sb do 让某人。。。 The gamer at the other end makes you feel like an idiot .

7. I would like = I’d like + ? feel like +? enjoy + ?

Unit10 Review

Part1 词汇运用能力检测

1.Health ---healthy--healthily He eat ______food. He eats __________. He is in good _________.

2.What’s the matter with you? I’ve got a _______ /________ /_________ /_________.(胃疼/发烧/感冒/咳嗽)

3.吃药 吃这个药一天三次。

4.You ’d better + ? 你最好待在家里。/ 你最好给他打个电话。/


5.except & besides & beside We are all happy,except Tom. (Tom 高兴吗?)

We are all happy,besides Tom.(Tom 高兴吗?)

6.good/well--- _____ ---- _______ bad ---- ______ ---- _________

I feel even _______(bad) now. I write English words ______(well) than before.

7.list five kinds of fruit /vegetables

8.Never /hardly/seldom 否定副词 I hardly/never/seldom eat any fruit. 翻译:她几乎不怎么吃肉。

9.need (1)实义动词 (2)情态动词

I don’t need ______(eat) a lot of French fries. I needn’t ________ (change) my eat habits .

He doesn’t need _______ (go) home at once . Linda needn’t ______(spend) so much money any more.

I need some water./I need drink some water./ I need to drink some water./

10. Plenty of + cn (pl)/un 我有很多朋友。/ 我吃了很多肉。

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