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( ) 1.When I arrived home , I remembered that I ______ my key in the classroom .

A. forget B. forgot C. leave D. left

( ) 2.Mary,please show ______ your picture.

A. my B.mine C.I D.me

( ) 3.My clothes are not in style.That makes me ______.

A. happy B.unhappy C.look cool D.feel cold

( ) 4.The problem is too difficult. ____ students can work it out.

A. Nobody B. Little C. Few D. A few

( ) 5.For example, there are already robots ____ in factories.

A worked B working C to work D work

( ) 6. After you get to Beijing, please _________.

A. call up me B. call me up C. call up I D. call I up

( ) 7. There _________a football game on TV this evening.

A.is going to have

C.will have B.will going to be D.is going to be

( ) 8. Peter is ten years old. He is _________ to go to school.

A. old enough B. enough old C. young enough D. enough young

( )9. —Does everyone _________ in our class like swimming?

—Yes, they do.

A. other B. another C. else D. others

( ) 10. They can't sing. We can't sing, _________.

A. too B. also C. neither D. either

( ) 11. She finds _________ hard to finish the work in two days.

A. it B. that C. this D. its

( )12. Your friend is _______ than you, so you should be as ________ as him.

A. popular, friendlier B. more popular, friendly

D. popular, friendly C. more popular, friendlier

( ) 13. Charles? cousin is the same age ________ him. They get on well ______

each other.

A. for, in B. as, on C. as, in D. as, with

( ) 14. My math teacher ________ me, because he ________ I failed my test.

A. is angry for, find out

C. is angry with, find out B. was angry with, found out D. was angry with, find in

( ) 15.Just now she saw the man ________ into the room.

A. go B. went C. goes D. to go

( ) 16. When I came into the bank,the clerk ___________the phone.

A. talked with

B. talked on D. was talking in C. was talking on

( )17. How much do you need _______ that bike?

A.to pay for B.to pay C.pay for D.buy

( )18. There are ______ students playing on the playground.

A. two hundreds B. hundred of C. hundreds of D. hundreds

( ) 19. —— ________ did you begin to study English?

— I ________ to study English when I was seven.

A. When; begin

C. While; beginning B. When; began D. While; was beginning

( ) 20.Playing with ______ robot is ______ unusual experience for me.

A. an; an


It was the end of the term.It was the last .The teacher gave the B. a; an C. the; a D. a; a .David and Sue went home

together..“You?re lucky,Sue.have a good report.”David said.

When they 30 home,Sue gave her report card to her father 31 .He read it 32.“Mm,”he said,“Sue works well.” 33 he looked at David,“What 34 you,David?”David gave his report card to him.The father35to read.“He doesn?t work very 36 and he is lazy sometimes.”He said,“That?s not very good.”David?s face turned 37.Then the father looked at the report card

again.“Just a minute,”he said,“I haven?t read it all.It says, ?But this year,his work is good.?That?s nice,David.Now you can have awonderful holiday. will your holiday last(持续)?”“It will last eight weeks,”the children said.“Eight weeks!Let?s go to Hawaiivacation!”said the father. 26.A.year 27.A.told


C.week C.said C.of

D.month D.spoke D.in D.hardly

B.talked B.with

28.A.from 29.A.ever

B.never C.always

30.A.got to B.arrive at 31.A.once


C.got D.went

D.for the first time


D.Then D.are D.wanted


32.A.carefully B.careful 33.A.But

B.So B.of

C.care C.Because C.to

34.A.about 35.A.1iked



36.A.hardly B.hard 37.A.black 38.A.both



D.red D.every D.How long

B.blue C.green C.all


39.A.How often B.How far 40.A.on


C.How much

C.to D.about


Mr. Black was working in a factory in a big town. He liked 1 very much, and was very good it. When he was free, he down to a small river behind the factory and tried some fish, but there were very few there, the water wasn’t clean. One summer he went to the seaside during his holiday and stayed at a small, cheap hotel.

“I have never fished in the 6 before.”He thought. “It will be more interesting than fishing in our river.”

7 first he caught a lot of fish and was very 8 . He gave them to the hotel and they cooked them for guests, and he enjoyed himself very much. After , he did this every day. But he got his bill(帐单) at the end of the week, he saw it, “For oil to cook fish(7 days), 70 pounds.”

()1.A.fishing B.drawing C.singing D.lying ()2.A.in B.on C.at D.with

()3.A.lay B.waited C.sat D.looked

()4.A.to watch B.to eat C.to find D.to beat

()5.A.when B.since C.after D.because

()6.A.river B.sea C.lake D.pool

()7.A.On B.In C.At D.For

()8.A.sad B.worried C.happy D.sorry

()9.A.that B.this C.eating D.thinking

()10.A.after B.when C.how D.why

15分) at night you day.

Your body grows more while you are asleep. No one can live without sleeping. If a child is tired, he needs able to listen to your teachers in class or can?t work well if you do not have if you wake him or her up when he rest. Many students hope to learn more before rests, so they study until at night. But they feel very tired in the day and they may forget more.

of sleep every night. Get enough .


1. 你们不应该和老师争吵这事。

You________ ________ ________your teacher________ it.

2. 我希望你能够实现你的梦想。

I hope your dream can ______ ______ .


We were watching TV ______ my mother ______ ______.


______ the girl ______ ______, the alien got out.


This dish tastes _____ _____ ______ that one.

6. 100年后人们能活到200岁吗?





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