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1.一般现在时 am/is/are +done
? We clean the classroom every day. ? The classroom is cleaned by us every day.

2.一般过去时 was/were+done
He made the kite. The kite was made by him. ? He put on a coat. ? A coat was put on by him.

3.一般将来时 shall/will /be going to+ be done
? They will plant trees tomorrow. ? Trees will be planted by them tomorrow ? He is going to write a letter to his mother. ? A letter is going to be written to his mother by him.


has /have +been done
? Jim has finished the work. ? The work has been finished by Jim.

5.含有情态动词的被动语态 ? can/may/must/should +be done
? I can find him. ? He can be found by me.

1. 不知道动作的执行者是谁。 这块手表是中国制造的。 This watch is made in China. 2. 没有必要指出动作的执行者

Many trees should be planted every year.

3. 需要强调或突出动作的承受者。 世界上越来越多的人说汉语。

Chinese is spoken by more and more people in the world. 4. 句子的主语是动作的承受者。 许多房屋被冲走了。
Many houses were washed away by the flood.

一、行为主体不明确,不必说出或者无法 说出动作的执行者时。例如: Football is played all over the world. 二、不易找到或根本就不可能找到动作的 执行者时。例如: My bike was stolen.我的自行车被盗了。

三、汉语中含有“据说”、“据悉”、“有 人说”、“大家说”等时。例如:

It is said that one day he climbed to the top of a house and ……
It was reported that her mother died of SARS. 众所周知… … It is well known that …

据推测说… … It is supposed that …


Tina is asked to come by Paul. Tina是被Paul叫来的。

He was born in October,1989.




in spring.


are planted by him in spring.

Tom will clean the room tomorrow.


The room will be cleaned by Tom tomorrow.

His brother washes bowls every 宾(受动者) day. 主 谓

Bowls are washed byhis brother every day.

1.They make shoes in that factory.
主语+及物动词+宾语 Shoes are made factory. 一般现在时: (by them) in that

S(主语)+am/is /are +过去分词

2. They term.


ten computers last

Ten computers were bought (by them) last term. 一般过去时:S+was/were +过去分词

3.Amy can take good care of Gina .

Gina can be taken good care of by Amy.

S+ can/may/must/should + be+过去分词


1)一般现在时:You are this.

invited to


2)一般过去时:The story was told by her.

3)一般将来时:The problem will be discussed tomorrow.

The rubbish can be put into the dustbin over there. 你的包可放在大房间里。

Your bag can be carried into the big room.

◆被动语态的否定句与一般疑问句: 否定句: be +not+ 过去分词 一般疑问句:Be+主语+过去分词…
1.English is spoken in the USA. English isn’t spoken in the USA. Is English spoken in the USA? 2. I was invited to a party yesterday. I wasn’t invited to a party yesterday. Were you invited to a party yesterday?

3.The baby must be taken good care of. The baby mustn’t be taken good care of . Must the baby be taken good care of?
4.The work will be finished tomorrow. The work won’t be finished tomorrow. Will the work be finished tomorrow?

◆感官动词和使役动词在主动语态中不带 to但在被动语态中要保留 to .
常考的词有 make / see / watch / hear 1) I saw him dance at the party. He was seen to dance at the party. 2) We heard them sing in the room. They _______________in the room were heard to sing 3) The boss makes her work for 12 hours every day. She __________________for 12 hours is made to work every day.

1、被用来做某事 被某人使用 2、 由、、、制造 在、、、制造 3、 装满 4、 覆盖 5、据说 6、 被迫做某事 7、 被听到作某事 8、 被看见作某事 9、 建立 be used for doing sth be used by +人 be made of +原料 be made in + 地点 be full of / be filled with be covered with It’s said that be made to do be heard to do be seen to do be built

补充部分 1. 主动结构表被动意义
cut,burn,drive等词作不及物动词时,它 们的主语为物,可以用主动语态表被动意 义。

? This kind of shirt sells well.

2. look,sound,taste,smell等系动 词用主动表被动意义。
例: It smells wonderful.
Mooncakes taste delicious.

3. 在be worth doing中,doing表被动 意义。
例:This book is worth reading.

? 2. look,sound,taste,smell等系动词用主动表 被动意义。

? 例: It smells wonderful. ? Mooncakes taste delicious.

? 4. want/need/require+doing =want/need/require+to be done
例:My bike needs repairing. ? =My bike needs to be repaired. ? 我的自行车需要修理。

课堂练习 (一)改写句子 1. We plant trees in spring every year. Trees are planted _________________ by us in spring every year. 2. She posted the letter yesterday. ____________________ by her yesterday. The letter was posted 3. Mr Turner gave me a birthday present. _______________a birthday present by Mr Turner. I was given 5. You may hand in your homework tomorrow. Your homework may be handed in ______________________________ by you tomorrow. 6. She is going to write a letter. __________________________ by her. A letter is going to be written


1.People use knives for

cutting things.

Knives ______ ______ for cutting things. are used
2.The students clean the windows of their classroom twice a month. The windows of their classroom______ are _______ twice a month. cleaned

3.I found the ticket on the floor. ______ ______ ______ ______ on the floor. The ticket was found 4.I told her to return the book in time.

She ______ _______ to return the book in was told time.

5. His doctor made him have only two meals a day.

He ______ _______ _______ _______ only was made to have two meals a day. 6.Now people can use computers to help them.

can be used Now computers _______ ______ ______ to help them.

7. Did you plant many trees at this time last year? Were ______ _______ _______ many trees planted _______

at this time last time?
8.Must we finish our work today?

Must be finished _______ our work______ _______ today?

9. The foreign friends gave us some wonderful stamps. we were given 1) _______ ______ _______ some wonderful stamps. 2) Some wonderful stamps _______ were ________ _______ _______. given to us

10.The teacher asked Tom to turn on the computer. Tom _______ ________ to turn on was asked the computer. 11.In this factory women do most of the work.
Most of the work _______ ________ is done by women in this factory.

12.He can mend the bike in two days. can be mended The bike ______ ______ _______ in two days. 13.You must take this medicine three times a day. must _______ be This medicine _______ taken ________ three times a day.

14.The students study German in this school. is studied German _______ ________ by the students in this school. 15.Do they often talk about this question?
talked Is ______ this question often _______ about _______them by _______?

be allowed (allow) 1)Teenagers should _____ to go out at night.

was invented(invent) 2)The telephone _____ by Bell.

3) English is spoken (speak) in China. ____
is made 4) The car ____ (make) in China.

5) The room must be cleaned(clean) _____ every day.


C 1.The TV set _____ in Japan. A, made B, makes C, is made C 2.The mirror ___ yesterday morning. A,broke B,is broken C,was broken C 3.Your homework must__after class. A, hand in B, be hand in C, be handed in D.is handed in 4.This story is very interesting. It B _____ by LuXiu in 1940. A, wrote B, was written C, writes

5.I won’t come to the party unless B Sue __________ too. A, invites B, is invited C, invited 6.A lot of schools C ___ a year ago A, built B, was built C, was built 7. A talk on Chinese History_____ B in our school last week. A, is give B, was given C, gave

A 8.When _______the computer_____? A, was, invented B, is, invented C, did, invent D.were invented 9.Bikes mustn’t _______everywhere . A A. be put B. be putted C. put D.putting C 10.We ____a story by Tom yesterday. A. told B.was told C.were told D.had told 11.The windows of the room___once a week . C A. must clean B. have cleaned . C . are cleaned D. cleaned

B 11, The PRC ___ in 1949.

C 12, The old man

___________politely . A, should speak B, should be spoken C, should be spoken to D.should speak to C 13, The 29th Olympic Games _______in Beijing in 2008 . A, is held B, held hold C, was held D 14, Stars can’t _______in the day time. A, be see B, see C, be seen D.saw

A. was , found C . did , found

B. was , founded . D. is founded

A 1. If city noises ____ from increasing,people ____ shout to be heard even at dinner. A. are not kept;will have to B. are not kept;have C. do not keep;will have to D. do not keep;have to C 2. The fifth generation computers, ____and perfected now. A. developed B. have developed C. are being developed D. will have been developed A 3. --- ____ the sports meet might be put off. --- Yes,it all depends on the weather. A. I've been told B. I've told C. I'm told D. I told

D 4. I need one more stamp before my collection ___. A. has completed B. completes C. has been completed D. is completed C 5. Rainforests ___ and burned at such a speed that they will disappear from the earth in the near future. A. cut B. are cut C. are being cut D. had been cut 6. The new bridge ___ by the end of last month. B A. has been designed B. had been designed C. was designed D. would be designed 7. When part of a pencil is in a glass of water, C it looks as if it ____. A. breaks B. has broken C. was broken D. had been broken

B 8. Great changes ___ in the city, and a lot of factories ___. A. have been taken place; have been set up B. have taken place; have been set up C. have taken place; have set up D. were taken place; were set up D 9. That suit __ over 60 dollars. A. had costed B. costed C. is costed D. cost 10. --- Look! Everything here is under construction. A --- What’s the pretty small house that __ for? A. is being built B. has been built C. is built D. is building 11.--- Do you like the cloth? C --- Yes, it ___ very soft. A. is feeling B. felt C. feels D. is felt

B 12. It is difficult for a foreigner ____ Chinese. A. write B. to write C. to be written D. written 13. I have no more letters ____ ,thank you. C A. to type B. typing C. to be typed D. typed 14. Take care! Don’t drop the ink on your shirt, A for it __ easily. A. won’t wash out B. won’t be washed out C. isn’t washed out D. isn’t washing out 15. Nobody noticed the thief slip into the house because the lights happened to ___. D A. be put up B. give in C. be turned on D. go out

D 16. The computers on the table ___ Professor Smith. A. belongs B. are belonged to C. belongs to D. belong to 17. --- What do you think of the book? C ---Oh, excellent. It’s worth ___ a second time. A. to read B. to be read C. reading D. being read C 18. The squirrel was lucky that it just missed ___. A. catching B. to be caught C. being caught D. to catch D 19. This page needed ___ again. A. being checked B. checked C. to check D. to be checked B 20. ___ many times, the boy still didn’t know how to do it. A. Having taught B.

Having been taught C. taught D. Teaching

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