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Books are important to us. I remember when I was a young baby,who could only say”mom,dad”’most of things, she let me know how to read those books and told me stories,which were from books and asked them to tell me what was in the book. I also asked them a lot of questions:”why can the bird fly?””why is the sky blue?”“”and so on. My father told me that books were our good friends and they could us answer questions. So I liked reading books Now I am a middle school student. In my time ,I read different books and learn a lot of read books but I don’but I don’t feel sleepy. I love books.

the human!

( ) 1. A. wanted B. had C. began D. decided

( ) 2. A. remember B. realize C. mistake D. understand

( ) 3. A. cheap B. interesting C. thin D. healthy

( ) 4. A. game B. sight C. TV D. world

( ) 5. A. toys B. food C. friends D. happiness

( ) 6. A. told B. asked C. sent D. loved

( ) 7. A. fruits B. leaves C. flowers D. mountains

( ) 8.A.have B. let C. make D. help

( ) 9. A. thirsty B. looking C. good D. asking

( ) 10. A. kept B. regarded C. treated D. read

( ) 11. A. free B. study C. rest D. sleep

( ) 12. A. magazines B. knowledge C. experience D. information

( ) 13. A. bath B. walk C. meal D. sport

( ) 14. A. stay B. stood C. end D. use

( ) 15. A. sun B. wind C. sea D. lake


先阅读短文,在其后空白处写出各单词的正确形式,单词的第一个字母已经给出。 (一)

George was very stingy. He hated spending money. Whenever he had to buy something he ”make it $1.90 and I’ll buy it.””what’s ten cents?” he asked himself. “if it makes this man happy, then it won’t hurt me very much.”few cents here and a few cents there, and by the end of the year he had saved several hundred dollars.

tooth and said,”’s too damaged to save.”

“How much do you charge to pull a tooth?” George asked.

“Forty dollars.” the dentist said.

“ Forty dollars!”“How long will it take you to pull out the tooth?” he asked.

“About two minutes.” the dentist said. ”Forty dollars for two minutes’ work!”“That’s robbery.”

The dentist smiled .”You’re right .”she said, ”Thank you for telling me. I’ll pull your tooth out ”

1.c________ 2.a_________ 3.a_________ 4.s___________ 5.b_____________

6.p________ 7.e_________ 8.b__________ 9.s__________ 10.s____________



I remember that when I was in my teens, I used to refuse to follow many “do’s “ and “don’t” of my parents’. For example , when I planned to sleep with my pet dog, they immediately said,”No way”were unreasonable about. he put his foot down.”What’s wrong with giant pants? All my classmates wear them. And I don’t think you have the right to ask me to take them off, you are my father!” said he. I ’s strong will 1.b________ 2.e__________ 3.f__________ 4.r________ 5.n_________

6.a________ 7.t_________ 8.r________ 9.b_________ 10.s__________


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