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阅读理解填词专项训练 5

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the street.

(辩护) the poor man.

In court(法庭) Mr. Hill said,” I don’and took a glass necklace away with an arm. Since he didn’t enter the room, he must be punished for only an arm!”

The clever judge(法官) ” I agree with you, Mr. Hill. The defendant’s left arm will be in

prison for a year.”(卸下) the artificial (假的)court.

1.l_______ 2.n______ 3.h_______ 4.s_______ 5.c________

6.r_________ 7.o_______ 8.w________ 9.h_______ 10.l__________


As young students, you have many dreams. These dreams can be very big, such as winning the Nobel Prize. Andrew Matthews , an Australian writer, tells us that making your dreams real is life’s biggest challenge. You may think you’’ideas stop you from realizing your dream.


’It will help you to get better exam results.

1.s_______ 2.t_______ 3.s________ 4.b__________ 5.w__________

6.t________ 7.m_________ 8. n________ 9.y____________ 10.i__________



明天(星期五)全班同学将去参观科学博物馆,由你(班长)通知全班同学。通知的开头与结尾已给出。 内容如下:1.早上8点钟在校门口集合,步行前往。2.下周一交一份有关参观的报告。3.参观时要认真听,仔细看并记下有趣的东西。4.不可在博物馆大声喧哗及拍照。5.带笔和笔记本。

Fellow students,

Thank you!

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