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7A unit 8 reading1

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Today we are going to have a fashion show. your classmates are going to show us some different stytles of clothes. Now please enjoy the show.

? T: What is he wearing? ? S: He is wearing a shirt. ? T:What is his shirt made of?It is made of cotton.It is a cotton shirt.Is it comfortable? ? Yes ,it is.

They wear different clothes in different styles.

modern (摩登的,时髦的)

smart (神气的)

cool (酷的)

colourful (色彩艳丽的)

Millie and her classmates are giving a fashion show in the school hall. Let’s enjoy it.

Skimming the text and find some new words and phrases:
? cotton n. 棉,棉布 colourful adj. 色彩艳丽 的 ? wool n. 羊毛 cool adj. 酷的,凉快 的 ? leather n. 皮革 smart adj. 时髦的,聪 明的 ? silk n. 丝绸 modern adj. 时髦的,现 代的 ? trainer n. 运动鞋 young adj. 年轻的 ? popular adj. 受欢迎的 ? 流行的

Activity 2. Scanning
Read the passage carefully complete the following table.
Name Millie Simon Amy Daniel Sandy Clothes Sports clothes ,trainers
Purple shirt, ,grey trousers, red and grey tie




Yellow cotton blouse, blue scarf, blue jeans Blue T-shirt, blue jeans Red silk blue, black wool skirt red boots

Look at Millie Clothes
Sports clothes and a pair of trainers

Trainers are light and comfortable Are popular among young people

Simon Looks smart

a pair of grey trousers a purple shirt a red and grey tie


looks cool

A yellow cotton blouse A pair of blue jeans

looks cool Clothes: blue T-shirt, blue jeans a pair of colourful trainers

Sandy Looks modern and
beautiful the 1990s Clothes: A black wool skirt A pair of long red leather boots a red silk blouse in a 1990s style

Activity 3. Listen to the tape recorder and then tell T or F 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Young people like trainers T Simon’s tie is red and yellow. F grey Both Amy and Daniel wear blue jeans. T Jeans are popular among young people. T Sandy looks modern and beautiful. T

Activity 4

Further understanding

Read the text carefully again and try to find out the following questions.

1.How does Simon look at the fashion show? 2.Does Daniel look smart and modern? 3.How does Sandy look ?

4.Why do young people like trainers? 5.Do young people always like to wear jeans?

1.How does Simon look at the fashion show?

He looks smart
2.Does Daniel look smart and modern?

No, he doesn’t
3.How does Sandy look ?

He looks modern and beautiful.

4.Why do young people like trainers?

Because trainers are lightcomfortable
5.Do young people always like to wear jeans?

Yes, they do.

Activity1: A guessing game

Activity2: Give a fashion show
Activity3: An interview

Step 5 Homework

Please write an article about your friend’s fashionable clothes.

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