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人教新版七年级英语下册Unit7 It's raining.教学课件1

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Unit 7

It’s raining !

Section A
Goals :
1. Describe the weather;

2. Talk about what people are doing.

Important and difficult points(重难点)
(1)目标语言:对天气进行问答 What is the weather like in...(地点)? How is the weather in...(地点)? It’s rainy/raining. ... ... (2)现在进行时的用法。 (3)名词转换成形容词的构词法。

How is the weather today?


How is the weather today?


How is the weather today?


How is the weather today?


How is the weather today?


1、 -How’s the weather? 2、-What’s the
-It’s … sunny rainy cloudy /raining snowy/ snowing weather like? -It’s …


What do they mean? (What does it mean?)

sunny cloudy




It means ... ...

How is the weather ? = What’s the weather like? It’s….
snowy sunny



1a: Match the words with the pictures

1、a 2、b 3、e 4、c 5、d
1b: Listen and write these city names in the boxes above.

a、 Toronto b、 Boston c、 Beijing
d、 Moscow e、 Shanghai

Boston Toronto





Listen. Number 「1–4」 the pictures as you hear them.





Listen again. Match the names with the activities.

c 1. ____ Uncle Joe
2. ____ Jeff d 3. ____ Mary
b 4. ____ Aunt Sally a

a. is playing computer games.

b. is cooking.
c. is playing basketball d. is watching TV

Ask and answer questions. Talk about the people in activity 2a.

A: What’s Uncle Joe doing? B: He’s playing basketball.

sun sunny cloud cloudy rain rainy
snow snowy wind windy n. adj.
n.+y = adj.

What s he doing now? He’s eating dinner.


What s he doing? ,


He s running.

What s he doing? ,


He s running.

What are they doing?

They re dancing.


Section B

It’s snowy

How’s the weather?

It’s cloudy

It’s windy

It’s sunny

It’s humid. 潮湿
It’s warm.

It’s cool.


It’s hot.


It’s cold.


How is the weather in spring? It’s warm.

He’s playing baseball.

She’s skiing.
He’s playing basketball.

She’s running. He’s playing soccer ball.

What’s he doing?

What’s she doing?

What’s he doing?

He’s playing the violin. What are they doing?

She’s dancing. What is he doing?

He’s calling. What are they doing?

They are singing.

He’s seeing.

They are sitting.

1.现在进行时态表示现在(说话瞬间)正在进行或发生 的动作。如 The students are listening to the teacher. He is watching TV now. 现在进行时态还可以表示当前一段时间内的活动或现 阶段正在进行的动作。如 We are working on a farm these days . I am writing a book this month. 2.现在进行时是由be(am/is/are)+动词-ing形式构成的。 肯定式结构:主语+be+动词-ing形式+其他. 否定式结构:主语+be+not+动词-ing形式+其他. 一般疑问句式结构:Be+主语+动词-ing形式+其他?




What do you do when it’s raining?
I read a book.

Ask your classmates what they do in different kinds of weather. Make a list.



What do they do?



watch TV

Report: Lucy watches TV when it’s rainy.


Yuan yuan is reporting for CCTV’s Around The World show. Underline the things that people are doing. Circle the words that describe the weather.
Thank you for joining CCTV’s Around The World show. Today, we’re in Australia. It’s a beautiful, sunny day! There are many people here on vacation. Some are taking photos. Others are lying on the beach. Look at this group of people playing beach volleyball. They look cool! I am surprised they can play in this heat. This is a very interesting place. The people are really relaxed!


Look at the pictures of France. Then fill in the blanks.

It’s winter in France. The weather is windy and _____ cold coats _____. People are wearing _____ and scarves. But everyone is having a good time. Friends areeating/drinking/meetin _____ park playing in a restaurant. In a _____ , a musician is _____ the guitar and some boysare playing footballOne man is taking ___________ . _____ a photo _____.


Imagine you work for CCTV’s Around China show. Write what the weather is like in your hometown and what the people are doing.

sunny 1.When the sun comes out, it’s____. 2.When there are some clouds, cloudy it’s_____. rainy 3.When it’s raining, it’s______. 4.When it’s snowing, it’s______. snowy 5.When the wind is blowing(吹), windy it’s_____.

D 1. We want _________this book now. A. reading B. am reading C. read D. to read D 2. That boy isn’t ____the teacher . A. listen B. listens C. listening D. listening to 3.__you __the window?—Yes, I am. C A. Do, clean B. Is, cleaning C. Are, cleaning D. Do, cleaning

4.It’s eight o’clock. Jim’s father __TV. A A. is watching B. are watching C. watch D. to watch 5.____is the weather there?It’s windy. B A.What B.How C.What’s D.how 6.____the weather like today? Cloudy. D A.How’s B.What does C What D.What’s B 7.What’s the weather like today?____ A.It’s rain. B.It’s raining. C. It rainy. D. It’s wind.

1.It’s sunny (sun)today,but it’s___ (wind) ____ windy 2.Look,What____they_____?(do) are doing are playing They_______ (play) tennis. 3.There ___(be) some milk in the glass. is go 4. Can he____(go) shopping with me? 5.Lucy is having ______(have) lunch at school now. She usually _______(have) lunch has at school.

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