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2013-2014学年上学期期末检测 七年级英语试卷

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I-听句子,从各题所给的三个选项中选择一个与之相关的单词。(共5分) l. A.notebook. B.dictionary C.computer

2.A.their B.your C.our

3. A.basketbail B.baseball C.volleyball

4. A.shirts B.skirts C.sweaters

5. A.Monday B.Wednesday C.Friday


III听短对话,从各题所给的三个选顶中选出能回答问题的最佳选项。(共5分) 1l. Where is the hat?

A.It's on the chair. B.lt's under the desk. C.It's on the desk.

12. Who has a tennis ball?

A.Alan. B.Jane C,.Mike.

13. What color is the girl's pencil box?

A.Yellow. B.Green C.Purple

14. What fruit does the girl like'?

A.Oranges. B,Strawberries. C.Bananas.

15. When is Jenny's birthday?

A.On .July 23 rd. B.On June 5 th. C .On June 25 th


16. What color is Kate's dog?

A.White, B.Brown. c.Black.

17. Where is Mary's dog?

A.On the chair. B.Under the chair C.Under the sofa.

18, How old is Mary?

A.13. B.12. C.ll.

1 9. What's Kate's favorite subject?

A.Art. B.Music C.P.E.

20.Why doesn't Paul like math?

A.Because it's boring. B.Because it's too easy C.Because it's difficult. V.短文理解:听短文.根据短文内容完成所缺单词,每空一词。(共5分)

Our school haS some (21)________things this term. On April 4 th,students and teachers have a school trip. On (22)_________21 st. we have an English party. Our sports day is in

September. We can have a good (23)_______that day. The art festival is on November 22nd. We are all happy at the festival. In the (24)________month, in December, we have some (25) _________,so teachers and students are busy this month.



26. -Thank you for your English book, 一_________.

A.l'm fine, thanks B.Nice to meet you, too C.You're welcome

27. --Jane,I lost my keys. -You can______Jack at 357-5689.

A.call B.spell C.answer

28. -What's this? -lt's_______radio. ________radio is his.

A.an;the B.a; The C,the;A

29. -Are those your notebooks? -No, they are not_________.

A.mine B.yours C.hers

30.一一What's your favorite_________? -It's New Year's Day.

A.game B.month C,festival

31. ---Let's go to the library. -__________.

A.I come to the library B, I'm busy now C.That sounds good

32. --Do you like playing computer games, Cindy?

--No, I don't . I thinkit's

A.relaxing B.boring C.interesting

33. -Where is my bat? -Grandma,it's_________your head.

A.on B.in C.under

34. - _________ is the boy in the pY:oto? -He is my cousin, Tom.

A。What B.Who C.When

35. Here is some________for you. Do you like it?

A.bananas B.tomatoes C.chicken

36. My brother _______like baseball, ____he likes soccer ball.

A.doesn't; but B.don't;but C.doesn't, and

37. Lin Shuhao_______ in the morning, so he is very bealthy.

A.watclhes TV B.has a school trip C.plays sports

38. We________ all our clothes ________very good prices.

A.sell; for B.sell; at C.buy; for

39.I am_______now. I can help you.

A..free B.tidy C.cool

40. --Hello, can I help you? -Yes, please. I need_______for school.

A.a pair of black shoe B.two pair of black shoes C,.a pair of black shoes

Ij.完形填空:通读短文,从各小题所给的四个选项中选择一个最佳答案。(共10分) It is April 9 th today(今天).It's my mother's .She is a music teacher in a middle a birthday party everyyear(每年).My sister, brother and I buy her some books on the morning of her birthday. My sister is eleven. We all like the food on her birthday, because she wants _45 soccer, We

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