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( )21. Sandra has ______ orange after dinner. ______ orange is good for her.

A. an; A B. an; The C. a; The D. a; An

( )22. We work ______ only three hours ______ every afternoon.

A. at; on B. for; on C. on; at D. for; /

( )23. This is ______ room. It’s big and nice.

A. Lily and Lucy B. Lily and Lucy’s C. Lily’s and Lucy D. Lily’s and Lucy’s

( )24. —Do you want to eat the ______?—Yes, I do. They are healthy vegetables.

A. chicken B. apples C. broccoli D. carrots

( )25. Cindy is from America, but she can ______ Chinese.

A. find B. join C. speak D. listen

( )26. Frank’s father is ______ with his work, so he doesn’t have lots of time to be with his family.

A. busy B. tired C. funny D. sad

( )27. This computer is only 800 yuan. I can _____ the price.

A. take B. bring C. afford D. think

( )28. —You like to play chess. ______ don’t you join the chess club?—That sounds great.

A. Who B. Why C. When D. Where

( )29. —Does your brother eat well?—______. He has healthy food every day.

A. Yes, he has B. No, he hasn’t C. Yes, he does D. No, he doesn’t

( )30. —I lost my dictionary.—Let me ______ you look for it.

A. help B. helps C. helping D. to help

( )31. The blue shirt ______ sixty yuan, and the shorts ______ twenty yuan.

A. is; is B. is; are C. are; is D. are; are

( )32. My parents tell me ______ computer games because they are not good for me.

A. play B. don’t play C. to play D. not to play

( )33. —Do you have ______ broccoli at home?—No. I have ______ carrots.

A. any; any B. any; some C. some; any D. some; some

( )34. ______ exciting action movie it is!

A. How B. What C. How an D. What an

( )35. —Can I help you?—______. I don’t need any things.

A. OK, please B. I want a book C. No, thanks D. Sorry, I can’t II.完形填空(每小题1分, 共10分)

Lucy likes shopping (购物), but she often leaves (落) some of her things at stores.

One day, Lucy’s mother 36 Lucy to go to buy some food. She gives (给) 20 yuanto Lucy. "Here is 20 yuan, Lucy. Please help me 37 some eggs and tomatoes,"the mother says. "OK, Mom!"Lucy says. Then she gets the 20 yuanand 38 to the store. The store is big. It 39 all kinds of things. Lucy buys some 40 eggs and

tomatoes for 7 yuan. She gives 20 yuanto the 41 and then goes home.

Lucy’s mother is happy to see Lucy bring the 42 home. "Great, Lucy!"she says. Lucy is 43 . "Thank you, Mom. They’re 7 yuan,"she says. Then she 44 that she leaves one thing. "Sorry, Mom. I don’t leave the food this time, 45 I leave 13 yuanat the store,"Lucy says.

( )36. A. asks B. calls C. takes D. writes

( )37. A. eat B. buy C. meet D. draw

( )38. A. joins B. runs C. listens D. Loves

( )39. A. sees B. sells C. finds D. brings

( )40. A. old B. small C. tall D. nice

( )41. A. parent B. teacher C.clerk D. Student

( )42. A. food B. books C. fruit D. vegetables

( )43. A. sad B. happy C. sorry D. funny

( )44. A. finds B. wants C. needs D. speaks

( )45. A. or B. so C. and D. but

III.阅读理解(每小题2分, 共30分)


Cindy is my good friend. She has a sister and a brother. Jennifer is her sister and Victor is her brother. They are in a school. Cindy and Jennifer can sing and dance. Cindy can also play the guitar, but Jennifer can’t. Victor, Cindy and Jennifer can play chess, but Cindy doesn’t play with Victor. She likes playing with Jennifer because Jennifer play worst (最糟糕) of the three. Victor plays sports every day. He can play basketball very well. But Victor’s favorite sport is soccer, not basketball. He is in the school sports club. And he often plays in soccer games.


( )46. Cindy’s parents have two daughters and a son.

( )47. Jennifer can sing, dance, play chess and play the guitar.

( )48. Cindy doesn’t like playing chess with Vic-tor because he can’t play it well.

( )49. Victor likes playing sports.

( )50. Victor is short, so he can’t play basket-ball well.




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