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( with Mr Zhang’s speech.

A. began B. disagreed C. ended D. continued

( A. silly B. clever C. boring D. exciting

( A. always B. often C. seldom D. sometimes

( A. at last B. very soon C. very slowly D. in the future

( A. bring B. drop C. put D. take

B. 选择填空(每小题1分,共15分)

从下面每小题的 A、B、C、D四个选项中选出最佳选项。

( ) 6. ---- Have you bought __________ insurance for your nice car, Mrs Wang? ---- Yes, and I've chosen __________ best company in Shenzhen.

A. an; a B. an; the C. /; a D. the; a

( ) 7. ---- Why did you elect Sue __________ your tour guide in Hong Kong? ---- Because she had __________ experience.

A. for; a lot B to; a little C. at; much D. as; a lot of

( ) 8. ---- __________ good proof! That bad man won't deny his crime.

---- That's right. He must __________ in prison.

A. How; put B. How; be put C. What; put D. What a; be put

( ) 9. ---- Have you written a letter back to Jack __________?

---- No, never. I really don't know how to __________ to his letter.

A. already; praise B. already; control C. yet; respond D. yet; recognize

( ) 10. ---- __________ will we do with the dog? It seems that it wants to run away. ---- Dad suggested __________ it to the tree. We should take his advice.

A. How; to tie B. What; to tie C. How; tying D. What; tying

( ) 11. ---- __________ of the dishes on the table were Sichuan by a Sichuan chef


----- No wonder (难怪) they are __________ other dishes.

A. All; as hot as B. Each; as hot as C. All; hotter than D. None; hotter than

( ) 12. ---- Why are bikes still __________ used in China?

---- Because they are cheap and it is __________to use them.

A. wide; difficult B. wide; easily C. widely; easy D. widely; difficult

( ) 13. ---- Sally seems __________ now. What happened to her?

---- This morning she __________ in a dark room alone.

A. angry; locked B. happy is locked C. pleased; has locked D. frightened; was locked

( ) 14. ---- Most of the rivers in Shenzhen are dirty. What can we do to __________? ---- __________ my opinion, the government should close some factories.

A. clean it up; At B. clean it up; On C. clean them up; In D. clean them up; With

( ) 15. ---- A few friends took part in your party __________ me. Who were they? ---- Henry, Susan __________ Miller.

A. besides; instead of B. including; as well as C. without; instead of D. except; as well as

( ) 16. ---- __________ have you been an English teacher in Shenzhen, Mr Smith? ---- It's not a long time. I've been here __________ last year.

A. How soon; for B. How long; since C. How often; until D. How long; before

( ) 17. ---- Boss, all the fruit in our store __________ of today.

---- Great! This is __________ news I've ever heard this week.

A. is sold out; good B. was sold out; the best

C. are sold out; better D. were sold out; the better

( ) 18. ---- __________ young people suddenly die while working. Why? ---- Because they often work too hard and __________ their health.

A. More and more; take charge of B. More and more; are unaware of

C. Fewer and fewer; are responsible for D. Fewer and fewer; are dependent on

( ) 19. ---- You __________ give a helpful hand when someone is in trouble. ---- __________ I'll certainly follow your suggestion.

A. should; Good idea. B. could; That's bad

C. must; I disagree. D. ought to; Good news.

( ) 20. ---- Long time no see. How have you been recently?

---- __________ I'm sure my future will be better and better.

A. I'm sorry to hear that. B. My car was stolen.

C. Everything goes well. D. I know little about myself.

Ⅱ.完形填空。(每小题 1分,共 10分)

When some people died, they would go to heaven (天堂). One day, God came and said, "I want to _____21_____ the men into two groups. The men who could control their wives will be in one group. And _____22_____ group is for the men controlled by their wives. Also, I want all the _____23_____ to go to another place.” After a while, God _____24_____ and saw the women were all gone and there-were two groups of men. The line of the men that were controlled by their wives was about 100 miles _____25_____, and there was only one man in the other group. God became _____26_____ and said, “You men should be ashamed (羞愧的) of ____27______. It tried to create you and expected you to be strong men. But you behaved (表现) so _____28_____. Look at the only one of my sons in another group.

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