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( ) 1. I have ______ egg. You can have it.

A. a B. 不填 C. the

D. an

( ) 2. My birthday is ______ May and his birthday is ______ March 26th.

A. in; in B. in; 不填 C. for; 不填 D. at; on

( ) 3. — Does Helen like ________? — Yes. She likes eating apples, pears and bananas.

A. vegetables A. well

B. sports

C. fruits C. nice

D. clothes D. fine

( ) 4. — How do you eat at school? — We eat _________.

B. good

( ) 5. — Does Peter like geography? —______. He thinks it is boring.

A. Yes, he is

A. How

B. No, he doesn’t C. Yes, he does D. No, he isn’t B. What

C. When

D. Where

( ) 6. —______ is his birthday? —It is December 19th. ( ) 7. —______? —He is thirteen. A. How old is he

C. Where is he

B. How is he D. How much is it

( ) 8. — How much are the shorts? —______ 20 dollars.

A. It is B. They are C. He is D. You are

( ) 9. — Hi, Nancy. Are you _______ now? —Sorry. I have some things to do. A. healthy

A. breakfast

A. When

B. busy B. lunch B. How

C. fat C. dinner C. Where

D. free

( ) 10. We have ______ at 7 in the morning.

D. dessert D. Why

( ) 11. — ________ do you like history? — Because it is interesting. ( ) 12. — Let’s go to Lihua Clothes Store.

— OK. They _______ all the clothes at very good prices.

A. buy

B. find

C. sell C. useful C. date

D. call D. interesting D. color

( ) 13. Grace doesn’t like math because she thinks it is ________. A. difficult B. fun A. time

B. price

( ) 14. — What’s the ________ of the book? — 5 dollars. ( ) 15. — Can I help you? —______ A. Yes, please. I want a hat.

C. I’m fine. Thanks.



Mr Clark goes to a dinner party in old clothes. He comes into the room, but the people in the room don’t look at him. They don’t ask him to sit at the table.

B. You’re welcome. D. Here you are.

Mr Clark goes home and puts on (穿上) his good clothes. He goes back to the party. People in the room stands up and smiles at him. They give him very good food to eat.

Mr Clark and puts them in the food and say, “Eat, clothes!” The other people ask, “What are you doing?”

He answers, “I’m asking my coat (外套) to eat food. When I am wearing my old clothes, you don’t look at me. You don’t ask me to sit down. Now I am in these clothes. And you give me very good food. Now I know, you give the food to my clothes, not to me!”


( ) 16. How does Mr Clark goes to the party at first?

A. With his friends.

C. With good food.

A. don’t know him B. In old clothes. D. In good clothes. ( ) 17. When Mr Clark comes to the party in good clothes, people ______. B. don’t look at him

D. are good with him

D. the C. don’t ask him to sit at the table A. his coat


( ) 19. “Takes off” means (意思是) ______ in Chinese.

A. 买下 B. 收起 C. 脱下 D. 拿走

( ) 20. From the story (故事), we know ______.

A. Mr Clark takes some good food to the party

B. Mr Clark does not like the people at the party

C. The people at the party don’t know Mr Clark

D. Mr Clark was not good with the people at the party


Mr Hand is busy every day. He has a big clothes store. He usually gets up at 6:00. After brushing his teeth, he does some running. He has breakfast at 6:30 and takes a bus to his store at 7:00. His clothes are cheap (便宜的). So many people go to his clothes to buy clothes. He usually has lunch at 11:30 in the store. For lunch, he usually eats burgers, salad or oranges. He gets home at about 19:00. He has dinner with his families —— his wife (妻子) Julia Brown and their daughter Nancy Hand. They like chicken, broccoli, salad and tomatoes. After dinner, he takes a shower (淋浴). Then he watches TV. He goes to bed at 21:30.


( ) 21. Mr Hand usually gets up at 6:30.

( ) 22. Many people buy clothes in his store because His clothes are cheap.

( ) 23. Mr Hand has lunch at 11:30 at home.

( ) 24. Mr Hand has dinner with his wife and daughter at home.

( ) 25. Mr Hand watches TV after he takes a shower.


A) 从以下方框内选出适当的单词完成句子,使句子意思通顺。每词限用一次。 ( ) 18. Mr Clark asks ______ to eat the food. B. his old clothes C. his parents

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