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2013秋八年级英语(上)Unit 8 Section A 3a-3c

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Unit 8 How do you make a banana milk shake?

Qingtang Middle School by Zhou Bao.

How do you make a banana milk shake?

Peel the bananas.

Cut up the bananas.

Put the bananas and ice-cream in the blender.

Pour the milk into the blender.

Turn on the blender.

Finally, drink the milk shake.

How do you make Russian soup?

1. First, buy some beef, one cabbage, four carrots, three potatoes, five tomatoes and one onion. 2. Then, cut up the vegetables. 3. Next, put the beef, carrots and potatoes into a pot and add some water. 4. After that, cook them for 30 minutes.

5. Then add the cabbage, tomatoes and
onion and cook for another 10 minutes. 6. And don’t forget to add some salt.

根据课本内容,完成下列句子。 1. 你怎样做香蕉奶昔? _____ do you _____ a banana milk shake? How make 2. 首先,将香蕉剥皮。 ______, _____ the bananas. First peel 3. 接下来,将香蕉放入果汁机中。 ____, _____ the bananas in the blender. Next put 4. 然后,将牛奶倒进果汁机中。 _____, pour Then _____ the milk ____ the blender. into

5. 最后,打开果汁机。 ______, _______ ___ the blender. Finally turn on 6. 我们需要多少香蕉? ______ many bananas do we need? How _____ 7. 我们需要三只香蕉。 We ______ three _________. need bananas 8. 我们需要多少酸奶? _____ _____ yogurt do we need? How much 9. 我们需要一茶杯。 We need ___ ____ ____ yogurt. one cup of

如何问答名词的数量 1. 询问不可数名词的数量: _________ + 不可数名词 ……? How much 2. 回答不可数名词的数量: ___________ + 不可数名词 数量词 一杯 ________; 一碗 __________ a bowl of a cup of 3. 询问可数名词的数量: __________ + 可数名词……? How many

1. We need three cups of sugar. (提问) _____ ______ sugar do we need? How much 2. They need ten tomatoes for the soup. (提问) _____ many tomatoes do they need? How ______ 3. The T-shirt is twenty dollars. (提问) _____ much is the T-shirt? How _____ 4. We have six bottles of juice. (提问) ____ ______ bottles of juice do you have? How many

1. machine n. 机器;机械装置 e.g. Do you know how to handle this machine? 你知道如何操作这个机器吗?
2. dig v. 掘(地);凿(洞)挖(土)

e.g. It takes a lot of time to dig a well. 挖一口井要花费很多时间。

3. hole n. 洞;孔;坑 e.g. There is a hole in the wall. 在墙上有个洞。 4. corn n. 玉米;谷物 popcorn n. 爆米花

3a Circle the correct word in each question.
1. How ( much /many) bananas do we need? 2. How (much / many) sugar do we need? 3. How ( much / many) bread do we need? 4. How ( much / many) tomatoes do we need? 5. How ( much /many) cheese do we need?

3b Complete the questions and answer. Then match them.
First, put the popcorn into the popcorn popper.

Next turn on the popper.

Next pour the popcorn

into the bowl.

Then put salt on
the popcorn.

Finally eat the popco


3b Complete the questions and answer. Then match them. b 1.______do you make popcorn? How a 2.___________corn do you need? How much d 3.______ do we do next? What e 4.___________salt do we need? How much c 5.Now can we eat it? a.Half a cup. b.______ , put the corn into the popcorn machine. First c. Yes, we can! d. Next, _____on the machine. Finally add the ______, turn salt. e. Just one spoon.

Can you make noodles with beef and tomatoes?
First, Next, cut up the tomatoes and beef boil the noodles add the ingredients to the noodles.


Finally, add salt to the noodles

3c Write how to do one of the following things. Then tell your partner how to do it. plant a tree make beef noodles wash clothes get a book from the library

Dig a hole.

Put the tree in Put the soil back the hole. into the hole. It’s OK now.

Water the tree.

Fill in the blanks.
1. --_______ _______ bananas do you buy? How many
--Three kilos. How much 2. -- _______ _______ bread do we need? --Three pieces.

3. _______ _______ (not play) computer Don’t play
games, Jack!

4. There is an orange on the table. (划线提问) _______ _______ oranges are there How many on the table? How much 5. _______ _______ tomato sauce is there in the bottle? A little.

1. Copy and Recite the words in Pages 57-59. 2. Copy and finish 3a in Page 59. 3. Finish the workbook of Section A 3a-4.

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