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( )21.Mary has never seen the film, ?

A. hasn’t she B.has she C.haven’t they

( )22.Wang Dan is an girl from a village in .

A. eight years old B.eight year olds C.eight-year -old

( )23.I Chongqing two times.

A.have been to B. has gone to C.have gone to

( )24.He has been here three ago.

A. for B. at C. since

( )25.Liping the pen for two weeks.

A. has had B. borrowed C. has borrowed

二、阅读理解 A

Last term, Wu Hua was away from school more than a month, because he

was unhealthy.

This term, he is much healthier. He always gets up early and does much

sport. He usually goes to bed before ten o’clock at night.

Every day, he eats a lot of vegetables and he watches TV for no more

than two hours. He is good at all his lessons.

( )1、How long was Wu Hua away from school last term ?

A. less than a month. B. . Less than 30 days. C. More than 30 days. ( )2、Why was he away from school ?

A. Because he was lazy(懒的). B. Because he wasn’t healthy.

C. Because his teacher was ill.

( )3、He is healthier this term than last term , isn’t he?

A. Yes, he is. B. No, he isn’t. C. Yes, he was.

( )4、At what time does he usually go to bed this term ?

A. At 10:00. B. After 10:00. C. Before 10:00.

( )5、If you want to be a good students, you will ______ every day.

A. get up and go to bed early

B. do much sport and eat a lot of vegetables

C. don’t watch TV too much


( )6、You can go to Happy Children’s Palace to learn some skills(技能)

except (除)______.

A. on Monday B. On Wednesday C. On Thursday

( )7、If you want to improve your English, you’d better learn it from __.

A. Miss Yang Jing B. Prof. J. Brown C. Prof. G. White

( )8、If you are interested in painting and want to be an artist, Miss Yang

A. from 19:00 to 20:30 on Monday. B. from 17:30 to 19:00 on Tuesday

C. from 7:00 to 8:30 on Friday evening

( )9、If you don’t have enough time and you want to learn a skill in two

months, you’d better learn _____.

A. how to use the new software B. swimming C. how to take pictures ( )10、Which of the following statements(陈述) is TRUE?

A. Prof. G. White gives a talk about English learning for students on Monday.

B. You can go to learn how to use Office 2000 from Prof. J. Brown.

C. Prof. J. Brown teaches children English from 3:00—4:30

on Saturday afternoon.

三、完形填空(每题1分,共10分) They put many coloured bulbs (灯泡) on the trees, so the trees are more things on the trees. On Christmas day almost to ( )1. A. fathers B. mothers C. children D. people ( )2. A. closed B. open C. working D. teaching ( )3. A. family B. home C. house D. people ( )4. A. cake B. card C. tree D. day

( )5. A. make B. buy C. say D. think ( )6. A. green B. beautiful C. big D. small ( )7. A. day B. morning C. afternoon D. night ( )8. A. other B. any C. the other D. another ( )9. A. makes B. buys C. gives D. gets

( )10. A. to B. by C. from D. for

四、补全对话 (5分)

下面是迈克与他得朋友谈论在澳大利亚滑雪的一段对话。他的朋友问他滑雪 是否危险,有没有教练等。

A: Mike, how did you get to brown?

B: ___________________________(1)

A: ___________________________(2)

B: Well, we had a great instructor. So I don’t think it was very difficult. A: ____________________________(3)

B: Not really, every morning our instructions checked if we had helmets and the correct skis.

A: ____________________________(4)

B: Yeah and I hope you would go there.


1、(Thousand)of students are standing there.

2、3、4、5、6、7、8、9、10、六、根据括号内汉语完成英语句子,每空一词。(共10分) 尽量不要) translate every word when reading.

2.Liu Mei’s parents want her to 缀学) to help the family.

3.She didn’t go to school yesterday因为) illness.

4.(在……岁时) 14.

5.(而且)the violin.


1. She’ s visited China before. (改为一般疑问句 ) 2. My grandfather died ten years ago .(改为同义句) 3.Why don’t you listen to me carefully.(改为同义句) 4. I have already seen the film .(改为否定句)

5. He has worked in Chongqing for 10 years (改为同义句)

6.Lingling has never been to shanghai,构成反意疑问句) (构成反意疑问句)

八.改错. ( ) A B C ( ) A B C ( ) A B C

( ) A B C A B C


How to learn English?

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