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2013秋八年级英语(上)Unit 8 Section B 3a-4

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Unit 8 How do you make a banana milk shake?

Qingtang Middle School by Zhou Bao.

Fill in the blanks with the right words.

Thanksgiving is a s_____ holiday in the U.S.A. pecial It always on the f_____ Thursday in ourth November. There are many r______ for this easons special day. For some people, it is a time to give thanks for food in the a______. At this utumn time people also remember the first t_______ raveler from E______ about 500 years ago. These ngland days most Americans still have a big meal at home to c_______ it. The main dish of this elebrate

meal is almost always t_____. urkey How to make a turkey dinner? First, m__ together some bread pieces, ix onions, salt and pepper. F__ the turkey with ill this bread mix. Next, put the turkey in a hot oven and c____ ook it for a few hours. Then, place the turkey on a large plate and c____ it with gravy. over F_____, serve it to your friends with some inally other food.

Ask your partner his/her most

special day in China.
1. What do you think is the most special

________________________________ I think it’s Spring Festival.

2. What are the reasons for this special
day? People give thanks to the people who _________________________________ beat the scary animal Nian. _________________________________

3. How do you celebrate it? We usually put up red decorations and _________________________________ light firecrackers. _________________________________ 4. What are the main dishes?

________________________________ We usually eat dumplings.

Do you know the traditional food in your city? Can you list some of them?


Beijing Duck Yunnan Rice Noodles

mapo tofu

3a Read the recipe below and fill in the blanks with the words in the box.
cook next wash finally have enjoy first cut Yunnan Rice Noodles In Yunnan, many people eat rice noodles for breakfast, and even for lunch and dinner. To make this special food, you need to _________ have rice noodles, chicken soup, chicken, lettuce and eggs. (Of course, you can also have other things like fish and different vegetables.)_________, First wash _________ the lettuce and cut it up.________, Next ________the chicken into pieces. cut

cook next wash finally have enjoy first cut
Then, make the chicken soup very hot, over 100℃. Then ,_______ the eggs, meat and lettuce in the pot cook Finally of hot soup, one by one.________, put the rice noodles into the soup. Now, it’s time to ________ the enjoy rice noodles!

Think of a favorite food in your

3b hometown. Make a list of ingredients. For example: Beijing Duck ? pieces of ducks
? sauce and green onion

? some lettuce ? some pancakes

3c Write a recipe for your favorite food. Use 3a and 3b to help you.

ally等表示做事情的 次序的副词来使描述更清晰明确。

? We need some pieces of Beijing Duck, sauce and green onion, some lettuce and some pancake.

? First, put the green onion and some
sauce on the pancake.

? Next, put some pieces of duck on it.
? Then role the pancake and eat it.

4 Make up a crazy recipe with your partner. Then tell another pair of students how to make this crazy food. The other pair will draw it.
First, put some yogurt on a piece of bread. Then, cut up one apple and an onion and put them on yogurt…

1 Number these instructions for making tomato and eggs soup in the correct order. Then complete the instructions with the words in the box. First Next Then Finally

2________, mix everything together and serve it. Next 4________, cook for five minutes and add two eggs. Finally 1________, cut up three tomatoes and put them into a pot. First 3________, add some water, sugar and salt. Then

2 Write questions and answers using the words in brackets.
Q: How many eggs do we need to make a cake? _______________________________________ (how many / eggs / we / need / make /cake) A: We need two. _______________________________________ (two) How much mild do we need? Q: _______________________________________ ( how much / milk / we / need) A: We need three cups of milk. _______________________________________ (three cups) Q: Do we have to add sugar or honey? _______________________________________ (have to / add / sugar or honey) A:Yes ,we can add two spoons of honey. _______________________________________ (can / add / two spoons)

finally then next


A: How do you make fruit salad? First B: ________ cut up three bananas ,three apples and a watermelon. _________put the fruit in a bowl. Next ________ put in two teaspoons of honey and a cup of Then Finally yogurt. _______ mix it all up.


put turn on cut up pour mix up
1. I need some help. Can you _______ cut up the tomatoes, please? put 2. Next you need to _______ the ingredients into a blender. pour 3. Then _______ hot water into the blender.


turn on

cut up

pour mix up

4. Add some honey and ________ mix up

the ingredients.
5. __________ the blender for Turn on about two minutes.

二、用how much 或 how many填空

1. ___________ hours are there in a How many day? How much 2. --____________ is the shirt? --$ 30. How many 3. ____________ pens do you have ? How much 4. ____________ butter do you need?

三、将下列名词归类 yogurt, teaspoon, watermelon, popcorn, bread, banana, hamburger, strawberry, tomato, carrot, water 1. countable nouns _________________________________ watermelon banana hamburger strawberry tomato carrot _________________________________ 2. uncountable nouns yogurt popcorn bread water _________________________________

A 1. How does he ______ milk shake? A. make B. made C. makes D. do B 2. _______ milk do you need? A. How many B. How much C. How often D. How long C 3. Tur

n on the blender _____ about two minutes. A. in B. at C. for D. to

4. Please ___the blender. Let’s taste it. B A. turn on B. turn off C. turn up D. turn down 5. Then ____ peppers and ____on the cheese. A A. cut up: put them B. cut up; put it C. cut in; put them D. cuts up; put it 6. Pour water ____ the blender. B A. of B. into C. on D. up

7. How ____ bread do we need? D A. many B. long C. often D. much 8.There are ___ and a cup of yogurt. A A. two teaspoons of honey B. a teaspoon of honey C. two teaspoon of honey D. a teaspoons of honey

1. I need some help. (否定句) don’t need any I _____ ______ _____ help. 2.We need two teaspoons of honey. (划线提问) How many _____ ______ teaspoons of honey do _____ we need? 3. Put the pizza on the table. (否定句) Don’t put ______ ______ the pizza on the table.

4. There is only a little water in the bottle. (划线部分提问) _____ much water ___ _____ in the How _____ is there bottle? 5. There are some sandwiches on the plate. (改为一般疑问句) Are there any _____ _____ ____ sandwiches on the plate?

1. Copy and Recite the words in Page 61-64. 2. Finish and copy 2 in Self Check in Page 64. 3. Finish the workbook in Section B 3a-4.

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