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2013秋八年级英语(上)Unit 8 Section B 1a-1e

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Unit 8 How do you make a banana milk shake?

Qingtang Middle School by Zhou Bao.

Review: Use many or much to fill in the blanks :

1、A: How _____ watermelon do we need ? much
B: We need four pieces of watermelon . 2、A: How _____ watermelons do we need ? many

B: We need four . 3、A: How _____ oranges do you need ? many B: Two . 4、A: How _____ orange do you need ?(小心) much B: Two cups .
5、A: How _____ are the shoes ? much

B: Ten yuan .




a sandwich

two sandwiches

Sandwich [c] n : two pieces of bread with cheese, meat, vegetables, cooked egg, etc between them.

a turkey sandwich.

Let's see how to make a turkey sandwich.

1 2

a piece of bread two pieces of bread
3 4

a turkey

turkey pieces

1 2

a tomato

three tomatoes

an onion

three onions


lettuce two pieces of lettuce 2
butter two spoons of butter




turkey turkey pieces




Let's see how to make a turkey sandwich.

1.First, put some butter on a piece of bread.

2.Next, cut up a tomato. Put the tomato on the bread 3.Next,put some turkey pieces. 4.Then,put some butter on the turkey pieces. 5.Finally,put another piece of bread.

1a Make a list of the things you like in a sandwich.

I like tomatoes and lettuce, but I don’t like butter ____________________________________ _____________________________________ or onion.

butter 黄油 a spoon of butter

bread 面包 a piece of bread

bread two slices of bread

lettuce some lettuce

some pieces of lettuce

cheese some pieces of cheese


an onion


a tomato

1b. Pairwork
A: Do you like lettuce in a sandwich? B: Yes, I do. A: Do you like tomatoes? B: No, I don’t.

1c. Look at the picture in 1a. Listening and circle the words that you hear.

1d Listen and write the ingredients in the order.

First butter

Next tomato




a piece of onion bread cheese

another piece of bread

1e. Tell your partner how to make your favorite sandwich.

A: First, put some butter

on a piece of bread.
B: How much butter?

A: About one spoon.

turkey tomato finally then butter put

First _____ the butter on the two pieces of put Then bread. ______ cut up one ________. Put tomato the tomato on the bread. Next, add two pieces of turkey ________. _________ put Finally two spoons of ________ on the turkey. butter

B 1. It’s getting dark. Can you ______ the light?

A. turn off B. turn on C. turn over
2. — ________ yogurt do you need? B

— One spoon.
A. How many B. How much C. Which

3. The baby can eat ____ bread for C breakfast. A. two B. many of C. two pieces of 4. I have _______ bananas in the fridge. B

B. many C. much C 5. Would you like ____ butter on the bread? A. many B. any C. some

A. a lot

1. Recite the words in Page 60. 2. Preview the next.

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