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Words and expressions
the day before yesterday 前天

the day after tomorrow 后天
weekday n.工作日 照料;照顾

look after

1. Write down these phrases. prepare for … 1) 为……做准备 ______________

2) 得了流感 _____________ have the flu
3) 去见朋友 ________________ meet the friends

4) 当然,我愿意去 Sure. I’d love to. _______________
5) 太多作业 ___________________ too much homework

6. 对不起,我没空。 Sorry. I’m not available. ______________________
not … until 7. 直到……才 _____________ hang out 8. 泡在某处 ___________

9. accept反义词 ________ refuse

2. Make an invitation to your friends. — hang out, tonight; — study for a math test — play tennis; — not free, go to the doctor — come to my party; — I love to. 1) — Can you hang out with us tonight? — Sorry. I must study for a math test.

2. — Can you play tennis with us? — I’m not free. I must go to the doctor. 3. — Can you come to my party today? — Sure. I’d love to.


1. — What day is it today? — It’s Monday . 2. — What day was it yesterday? — It was Saturday . 3. — What day is it tomorrow? — It’s Tuesday . 4. — What day is it the day after tomorrow? — It’s Wedensday .

— What’s the date today?

— It’s December the 2nd — It was Decemberthe 1st — It’s Decemberthe 3rd — It’s December the 4th

. . . .

1. — What was the date yesterday? 2. — What’s the date tomorrow? 3. — What’s the date the day after tomorrow?

1b Write the words below the correct
dates. Sunday the _____ 30th Monday the _____ 1st weekday Tuesday Wednesday the _____ the _____ 2nd 3rd today weekday tomorrow weekday

the day before yesterday tomorrow


Thursday Friday the _____ the ______ 4th 5th the day after weekday tomorrow weekday

Saturday the ______ 6th weekend


A: What’s today? B: It’s Monday, the 2nd. A: What was yesterday? B: It was … A: What’s tomorrow? B: It’s … A: What’s the day after tomorrow? B: It’s …

1. the day before yesterday 前天 e.g. He arrived in New York the day before yesterday. 他前天到达了纽约。 2. the day after tomorrow 后天 e.g. I'll leave Beijing the day after tomorrow. 我将于后天离开北京。

3. weekday n. 工作日 e.g. He is always busy on weekdays. 他在工作日总是很忙。 4. look after v. 照顾;照料 e.g. She must look after her sister at home. 她必须在家里照顾她妹妹。

Listen. Can Vince play tennis with Andy? Circle Yes or No.



Listen again. Match Vince’s 1e activities with the days in 1d.
Vince’s activities ____ play soccer b a ____ go to the doctor ____ study for a test a b ____ have a piano lesson ____ look after his c sister Days a. today b. tomorrow c. the day after tomorrow

Fill in the blanks according to 1d.
Vince ______ play tennis with Andy. He can’t _____ go to the doctor and study for a test has to today. __________, he __________

soccer. has to play Tomorrow After that, he has a piano ______. And he is lesson going _____ to babysit his sister _____________________. the day after tomorrow

He is really _____ this week. busy

Andy invite Vince to play tennis. Hi, Vince. Can you play tennis with me?



Sorry, I can’t. I …

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