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2013秋八年级英语(上)Unit 8 Section B 2a-2e

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Unit 8 How do you make a banana milk shake?

Qingtang Middle School by Zhou Bao.

How do you make a turkey sandwich?

Put some butter on a piece of bread.


Cut up one tomato. Put the tomato on the bread.


Cut up an onion.


Add two pieces of turkey.


Put two spoons of butter on the turkey.







1. traditional adj. 传统的;惯例的 e.g. Dumplings are traditional Chinese food. 饺子是传统的中国食物。 2. autumn n. 秋天;秋季 e.g. Leaves turn yellow in autumn. 秋天到,树叶变黄了。

3. traveler n. 旅行者;漂泊者;游客 构词法:travel (动词) + er →traveler (名词)

e.g. A traveler is asking Jack the
way to the train station.


4. celebrate v. 庆祝;庆祝 e.g. How did you celebrate Spring Festival this year?

你们今年怎样庆祝春节的? 5. mix v. 混合;融合 e.g. Mix the sugar with flour.

6. fill v. (使) 充满;装满 e.g. Please fill the bowl with water.
请把碗装满水。 7. cover v. 遮盖;覆盖 n. 覆盖物;盖子

e.g. Please cover the table with clothes.

8. sever v. 接待;服务;提供 名词: service 服务 e.g. Mrs. Blown serves us with apple milk shake. 布朗夫人用苹果奶昔招待我们。 9. temperature n. 温度;气温;体温 e.g. The temperature is very low today. 今天气温很低。

Special Holiday in China

1.Spring Festival; Chinese New Year's Day 春节 2.Lantern Festival 元宵节 3.Ching Ming Festival ; Tomb-sweeping Festival 清明节 4.Dragon Boat Festival 端午节 5.Mid-Autumn Day Mid-Autumn Festival 中秋节. 6.Double-ninth Day 重阳节. 7.New Year's Eve 除夕

2a What kind of traditional food do people eat on special holiday in China? dumplings moon cakes zong zi laba porridge yuan xiao

2b Read the article.

Thanksgiving 感恩节 也作: Thanksgiving Day 美国的感恩节一般在11月的第四个礼拜。

traditional adj. Thanksgiving in the United States 传统的;惯例的 In most countries, people usually eat traditional foodtradition n. on 惯例;传统

special holidays. A special day in the United States is Thanksgiving. There are many reasons for this special day. remember v. traveler n.旅行者;旅客 For some people, it is a time to give thanks for food in the 回忆起;回想起;记起 travel v. 旅行 autumn. So it is always on the fourth Thursday in November in the United States. At this time, people also remember the first travelers from England who came to live in America about 500 years ago. These travelers had a long, hard winter, and many of them died. In the next autumn, they gave thanks for life and food in their new home. These days, most

celebrate v. 庆祝;赞美

Americans still celebrate this idea of giving thanks by having a big meal at home with their family. The main dish of thi

s meal is almost always turkey, a large bird. Making a turkey dinner Here is one way to make turkey for a Thanksgiving dinner. fill…with… 装满;充满 ? First, mix together some bread pieces, onions, salt and pepper. ? Next, fill the turkey with this bread mix. ? Then, put the turkey in a hot oven and cook it for a few hours. When it is ready, place the turkey on a large plate and cover it with gravy. ? Finally, cut the turkey into thin pieces and eat the meat with vegetables like carrots and potatoes. cover…with…

Then number the pictures






2c Read the article again and answer the following questions.
1. Where do people celebrate Thanksgiving?
In the USA.

2. Why do people celebrate it? 3. When do people celebrate it?
They give thanks for life and food in their new home. On the fourth Thursday in November.

4. How do people celebrate it now?
By having a big meal with their family at home.

5. What is the main dish of the Thanksgiving meal?
Turkey .

2d Here are the instructions for making a turkey dinner written in a different way. Put them in order. Write First, Next, Then and Finally. _______, serve it to your friends with some Finally vegetables. _______, put this into the bird. Next _______, cook it at a very high temperature Then for a long time. _______, put everything you need together in First a large bowl.

2e What do you think is the most special day in China? Answer the following questions.
1.When is this special day? 2.What are the reasons for this special day? Do people give thanks for anything on this day? Do people remember anything or anybody on this day? 3.How do most people celebrate this day? 4.Is there any traditional food? What are the main dishes? 5.Can you make these dishes?

turkey tomato

finally then

butter put

Here’s a recipe for a great turkey sandwich! put First ____ butter on two pieces of bread. ______ cut up one ________. Put the tomato tomato Then on the bread. Next, add two pieces of turkey ______. _______ put two spoons of ______ butter Finally on the turkey.

1.Please p____ me an orange . eel 2.P____the bananas and ice cream into the b_______. ut lender 3.C____ up the vegetables and then put them in the bowl. ut 4.Please t_____ on the blender. urn

5.How do you make a banana milk s_______? hake

1. Recite the words in Page3 61-62. 2. Recite how to make a turkey dinner in page 61. 3. Finish the workbook in Section B 1a-2e.

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