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Unit 9 Can you come to my party?

study for a test 1.复习备考______________

2. 帮助我的父母干家务
__________________________ help my parents do housework
go to the doctor 3. 去看医生________________ meet my friend 4. 见我朋友_____________

5.太多作业_____________________ too much homework
thanks for your invitation 6.谢谢你的邀请______________________


Read the conversation and answer the questions.

1. What did they do last fall? ___________________________________ They went bike riding. 2. What does Nick have to do on Saturday?

Nick has to prepare for an exam. ___________________________________
3. When will they hang out?

On Monday night. ___________________________________

2d Role-play the conversation.
Jeff: Hey, Nick, can you come to my house on

Saturday? My cousin Sam from Xi’an is
going to be here.

Nick: Oh, Sam! I remember
we went bike riding together

last fall when he visited you.
Jeff: Yes, that’s right.

Nick: I’d love to come, but I’m afraid I can’t. I have an exam on Monday so I must prepare for it.

Jeff: That’s really too bad! Oh, but Sam isn’t
leaving until next Wednesday. Can you

hang out with us on Monday night?
Nick: Sure! Catch you on Monday!

Language points
1. invite v. 邀请 invite sb. to sth. e.g. Lucy invites me to her party. The Smiths invite us to dinner. invitation n. 邀请, 邀请书 e.g. make an invitation

accept an invitation
decline an invitation( refuse)

Thanks for your invitation!

2. That’s really too bad! Oh, but Sam isn’t
leaving until next Wednesday.

示“ 直到……才……”。在口语中,还使用

Till 代替until ,构成not…till… 的结构。如:
Don’t leave today’s work till tomorrow.

I didn’t go to bed until past midnight.


3. Thanks for asking. 谢谢邀请。 表示感谢的几种方式: (1)thank you. 谢谢你。

(2)thanks a lot. 多谢。
(3)thank you for your help. 谢谢你的帮助。

(4) thank you for helping me. 谢谢你的帮助。

4. Can you hang out with us on Monday night? hang out with sb 与某人闲逛;和某人闲荡; 和某人闲逛;和某人一起闲混 相关搭配:hang out with e.g. hang out with friends 和朋友闲混;和朋友闲逛 hang out with family 放假的话 与…出去玩

5. Sure! Catch you on Monday!

这是英语中有一种道别方式,相当于:see You

next Monday! 类似的说法还有:catch / see
you later! (回头见!)

根据课本内容,完成下列句子。 1. 星期六你能来我的聚会吗? Can ____ you come to my party on Saturday? _____ 2. 当然,我乐意去。Sure. ____ ____ ___. I’d love to 3. 对不起,我必须为数学考试而学习。 must study for Sorry, I _____ ______ ____ a math test. 4. 明天晚上你能去看电影吗? Can you ____ to t

he movies __________ go ____ tomorrow night?

5. 当然可以,听起来很棒。 _____, that _______ _____. Sure sounds great 6. 恐怕不行,我得了流感。 afraid flu I’m ______ not. I have the ____. 7. 他能去聚会吗? ____ he ___ to the party? Can go 8. 不能。他得帮助他的父母。 No, he _____. He _____ to help his parents. can’t has 9. 她能参加棒球比赛吗? ____ she go to the baseball ______? Can game

10. 不,她没有空。她必须去看医生。 No, she’s ____ _________. She ______ not available must ___ to the _______. go doctor 11. 他们能去看电影吗? ____ they ____ to the _______? Can go movies 12. 不,他们没有空。他们可能必须去见朋 友。 free might have No, they’re not ____. They _____ _____ ___ meet their ________. to friends

can 用于表示“________”,如: 能,会 汤姆会骑马。___________________ Tom can ride a horse. Can you…? 表达 “____________”, 邀请或建议 答语:同意用 Sure, I’d love to. _________________ 不同意用 Sorry, I can’t. I … __________________________ __________________________ 或 I’m afraid not. I have to … 如:恐怕不行,我要去探望我的姑姑。 I’m afraid not. I have to visit my aunt. __________________________________

Complete the answers with might 3a and one of the phrases in the box.

watch TV, on the weekend, my cousin, visit my grandparents, practice the violin

1. A: What are you going to do on Saturday? watch TV B: I’m not sure. I might __________. 2. A: What are you planning to do after school? B: I don’t know. I might practice the violin ______________________.

3. A: When will you finish the science homework? I might finish it on the weekend B: ______________________________. 4. A: Who are you going to the movies with? B: __________________________. I might go with my cousin 5. A: Are you free to come to my place on Saturday? B: Sorry. I might visit my grandparents ________________________________.

Complete the sentences below. Use 3b the words in brackets to help you. Can you play tennis with us? 1. Inviting: ____________________________ (can/play tennis) Sure. I’d love to. Accepting: ________________________ Would you like to go to the movies? 2. Inviting: _____________________________ (would like to/go to the movies) Refusing: _____________________ I’m afraid I can’t. I might have to prepare for the math Reasons: ____________________________ exam. (might have to)

3. Inviting: ___________________________ Can you hang out with us tonight? (can/hang out with us tonight) Sorry. I can’t. Refusing: __________________________ Reason: I must help my mom at home. (must) _____________________ Would you like to come to my 4. Inviting: ___________________________ __________________________ (would birthday party? like to / come to my birthday party) Sure. I’d love to. Accepting: _________________________

Write down everything you have to do next week. Choose

a day and time to have a party. Then invite classmates to your party.



Invite your classmates to your party. See if they are available. Can you come to my party on Saturday afternoon? Sure. I’d love to.

I’m sorry. I must practice the violin on Saturday afternoon.

I’m afraid not. I have the flu.

A: Hey, Bob. 1. ___________ B: I’m sorry. I have to help my parents. A: 2. ________. How about you, Ling Ling? Can you come to my party? L: 3. _________ A: On Saturday afternoon. L: Oh, no, I can’t. 4. ____________ A: That’s too bad. 5. _____________. L: Sure! Thanks for asking.

A. That’s too bad.
B. Can you come to my party? C. Are you going shopping with me? D. Maybe another time. E. I have to study for a test. F. When is it? G. I’d love to.

1. ____ 2. ____ 3. ____ 4. _____ 5. _____ B A F E D

1. --_______ you come to my party? Can sure/Yes --______________, I’d love to. 2. --_______ you go to the movies? Can --I’m sorry, I _______. can’t 3. -- _______ you go to the basketball game? Can -- sorry, I ______. I’m playing soccer. can’t 4. --______ you go to the concert? Can love to --Great! I’d ______ _____. Can 5. -- _______ you go to the mall this week? can’t --Sorry, I _______.

1. I have _____ homework to do. B A. too many B. too much C. much too D. a few 2. He ___ stay at home, because his mother D was ill. A. has to B. have to C. had D. had to
C 3. I went to the mountain _____.

A. next week C. yesterday

B. the day after tomorrow D. tomorrow

4. ____ Friday morning, I like to go to the movie ___ friends. B A. In, on B. On, with C. On, and D. At, with D 5. Would you please ____me ____ the housework?

A. help, in
C. help, doing

B. to help, with
D. help, do

6. Are you ___ football this weekend? A
A. playing B. play C. play a D. Plays

7. I have to go to my guitar lesson ____ C
19:00___20:00 __ the evening.

A. from, to, on B. in, at , on
C. from, to, in D. at, at, on

你的朋友邀请你去看电影,请 根据在3c中所填写的信息编写 一个与你朋友的对话。 A: Can you go to the movie on Saturday evening?

B: Sorry, I can’t. I have to …

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