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Module 9 Heroes

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Module 9 Heroes 班级: 姓名:

一. 单项选择。(每题 分,共 分)

( )1. He went to Disneyland(迪斯尼乐园) for holiday ____he likes Mickey Mouse (米老鼠).

A. so B. so that C. because D. but

( )2. That little boy can sing the song ________.

A. beautiful B. beautifully C. nice D. good

( )3. I ______ an engineer(工程师) when I grow up.

A. want to be B. want to C. want to do D. am

( )4. Can you ______ my baby while I am on business tomorrow?

A. take care of B. care for C. look care of D. after

( )5. __________, Lin Fang from Class 1 won the final game.

A. By the end B. In the end C. final D. last

( )6. We will have to operate _______ his eyes.

A. to B. for C. on at

( )7. I got up early this morning _______ I could catch the early bus.

A. so that B. as C. because D. in order to

( )8. It is very brave ______ her to save the child in the fire.

A. at B. in C. of D. for

( )9. He was the ______ soldier in the war.

A. injure B. injuring C. injured injures

( )10.They got to school on time yesterday________ raining heavily.

A. because B. although C. in spite of D. so

( )11. Norman Bethune was a great man who gave his life to _____ the Chinese people.

A. help B. helps C. helping D. helped

( )12. I don’t like the ______ of your walking home alone.

A. thinking B. thought C. think D. to think

( )13. ---- Look! What’s this? It looks so strange. ------ Oh, it’s a ______ machine.

A. medicine B. medical C. medicines D. \

( )14. There was something wrong with his bike ______ he walked to work.

A. and B. but C. because D. so

( )15. I’m tired. Let’s stop _______.

A. have a rest B. to have a rest C. having a rest D. had a rest

( )16. My daughter often practices ________ the piano.

A. play B. playing C. to play D. plays

( )17. ----- Why do you hope to visit Hawaii? ------ __________ it has beautiful beaches.

A. Though B. Or C. Because D. So

( )18. You should learn to take care of _________.

A. yourself B. you C. your D. myself

( )19. I must try _________ writing the report tonight. My boss(老板) will use it tomorrow.

A. finish B. finishing C. to finish D. finished

( )20. America and Japan were on different sides in the _______ World War.

A. two B. Second C. Seconds D. Secondly

( )21. Did you go to school without ________ breakfast this morning?

A. have B. having C. has D. had

( )22. Annie can play this piece of music __________.

A. in her own B. by her own C. on her own D. with her own

( )23. He looks forward to _________ the Great Wall.

A. visit B. visiting C. to visit D. visited

( )24. ------ How do you know that she likes singing? ----- I often hear her ___ in her room.

A. to sing B. sang C. sing D. sings

( )25. She tried to avoid _______ personal questions.

A. answer B. to answer C. answers D. answering

( )26. His parents didn’t want to listen to any ________ for that.

A. an excuse B. excuse C. excuses D. excusing

( )27. Many people died because of the poor _______ in the past.

A. treat B. treatment C. treats D. treating

( )28. George is good at _______ . He runs in the park every morning.

A. running B. runs C. ran D. to run

( )29. Why hasn’t Sally ______ ? The concert will begin in ten minutes.

A. come to B. come on C. come up D. come from

( )30. He continued _____ though it was very late.

A. work B. works C. working D. worked

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