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一、 翻译短语

1.一串钥匙______________________ 2.你的卷笔刀______________________

3.我的学生证______________________ 4.电子游戏______________________

5.一本英语词典______________________ 6.他的手表______________________

7.她的笔记本______________________ 8.在失物招领处______________________

9.用英语______________________ 10.一床黑白相间的被子______________________


1.Is that her e____________?

2.How do you s___________pen?

3.What’s this in E___________?

4.This w___________is my father’s.

5.Is that a pencil c___________?

6.What is your l___________ name?

7.This is my ID c___________.

8.His f___________ name is Tom.

9.I like to play c___________ game.

10.What’s your t___________ number?


( )1.Please call Tom ___________ 2385098.

A.in B.at C.of D.to

( )2. ___________ do you spell watch?

A.What B.How C.What’s D.How’s

( )3.—Is that your noteboo?--___________.

A.It is B.No,it is C.Yes,it is D.it isn’t

( )4.Mary,please ___________ 2876543.

A.call B.do C.spell D.is

( )5.—Your backpack is very nice. --___________.

A.Yes,it is B.Thank you C.No D.Sure

( )6.-- ___________?--It’s White.

A.What color is it B.What’s your family name

C.What’s that D.What’s your first name

( )7.This is ___________ English dictionary.It’s Jim’s.

A.a B.an C.the D./

( )8.—Is that your ring?--___________.

A.That isn’t B.Yes,that is C.No,it isn’t D.No,that isn’t

( )9.Is that your computer game___________the case?

A.to B.at C.in D.of

( )10.-- ___________? --It’s a map.

A.How do you spell it B.What color is it

C.How are you D.What’s this in English


( )1.What’s his telephone number? A.I am ten..

( )2.Is that your backpack? B.

( )3.What’s this in English? C.Black.

( )4.How do you spell watch? D.It is 3498478.

( )5.What’s your name? E.No,it isn’t.It’s her backpack. ( )6.Fine,thank you.And you? F.It’s green.

( )7.Is this your dictionary? G.I am fine,thank you.

( )8.How old are you? H.My name is Jim Green.

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