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amusement [?'mju:zm?nt] park

space museum

Water park

n. 水族馆;养鱼池;玻璃缸


have I.

=I haven’t ,either.

1b.Listen.Have these students ever been to these places? Check (√) the boxes.
Amusement park Water park Space museum Aquarium Zoo


√ √


? Ask and answer questions about the places in the picture above.
A: Have you ever been to an aquarium ?
B: No, I haven’t. How about you?

A: ...
I went there last year. Have you ever been to…? B: No, I haven’t. What about you? A: Me neither. Let’s go to…. B: Good idea. (but I can’t…/but I don’t have money.)

1.have(has) been to 与have (has) gone to 有区别
? Have (has) been to 表示“曾经去过某地”,说话时已不 在去过的地方。Have (has) been +swh.(副词前不要to). ? Have (has) gone to 表示 “已经到某地去了”,不在说 话的地方。 ? Eg: I have been to Shanghai.我去过上海。(已经不在 上海了) ? He has been there three times. He wants to go there again. ? She has gone to Wuhan. 她到武汉去了。(她可能 已在去武汉的路上,也许已经到武汉了,总之:她现在不 在说话的地方)。

2.Neither的用法及neither 与either的区别

? 1)neither 意思是“也不”,意思是“也”,用于否定句。 Me neither与Me , too意思相反,表示说话者的情况与上述 否定句中所说内容一样,省略句,不可用主格。此文中Me neither.=Neither have I.= I haven’t ,either. ? Eg: You don’t have a computer . I don’t have a Me computer ,either.(=____ neither = ______ ____ I. ) _____. Neither do Me too ? He can swim . I can swim , too. (= ___,____. So can ? =_____ _____ I.) ? 2)neither 是either的否定形式:either 是指两个中任何一 个,表示肯定意义;neither是指两个中任何一个不,是否 定意义;但二者作主语时,谓语动词均用单数形式: ? Eg: a. Either of the answers is right. ? b. =Both of the answers are right. ? c. Neither of the answers is right. ? (a和b是同义句,c是a和b的否定句)

一.单项选择 C 1.I________ Guangzhou many times. Tomorrow I’ll go there again.
A. have been B. have gone to C. have been to D. have gone D 2.He________ America. He’ll come back in two weeks. A. has been B. has been to C. has gone D. has gone to 3.Either of the boxes ____ full of apples. A A. is B. are C. will D. were 4.My uncle went to Shenzhen last year. He_______ there for a year D A. has gone B. has been to C. has gone to D. has been B 5.Neither of the boys ____ noodles. A. like eat B. likes eating C. like eating D. like to eat 二.句型转换 1.Both of the boys are good at basketball. (改为否定句) Neither is ________ of the boys ___ good at basketball. 2.He has been to the Great Wall, so have I.(改为否定句) Hasn’t neither He _______ been to the Great Wall,__________ have I


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