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Unit9 Have you ever been to an amusement park?
Period2 Disneyland


What can you see in Disneyland?

Disney characters

Mickey Mouse

Donald Duck

Minnie Mouse



Do you know other Disney characters?

Can you match them?

Snow White


Hua Mulan

Sleeping Beauty

Winnie The Lion King Tom Jerry Q1:What characters have you heard of before?

I have heard of_____. He/She/It is ______
Q2: What characters have you seen in movies?

I have seen ____and____in movies. They are ______
hear of=hear about听说

? I heard from Mickey Mouse, he tell us something about Disneyland in the letter.
A. 收到..的来信 B.从…听到

Page 1: find the right words .


amusement , heard of, in fact, characters, several

* Most of us have probably heard of Mickey Mouse, Donald ______ Duck, and many other famous Disney characters Perhaps we ________. have even seen them in movies. But have you ever been to Disneyland? In fact there are now _____, _____ several different Disneyland amusement parks around the world. ________

Paragraph 2: read and answer.

Disneyland is an amusement park, but we can also call it a theme park. It has all the normal attractions that you can find at an amusement park, but it also has 2 a theme. The theme, of course, is Disney movies and Disney characters. For example, you can find a roller coaster in most amusement parks, but in Disneyland, the roller coaster is themed with Disney characters. 3 This mean that you can find Disney characters all over the roller coaster. You can also watch Disney movies, eat in Disney restaurants, and buy Disney gifts. And you can see Disney characters walking around Disneyland all the time!
Questions:1.What is Disneyland?

1 *

2.What is the theme in Disneyland?
3.What can you do in Disneyland?

? What can we do in Disneyland?
You can… 1. ride a roller coaster 2. watch Disney movies 3. eat in Disney restaurants 4. buy Disney gifts 5. see Disney characters walking around Disneyland

see sb. doing sth.
“看见某人正在某事” 类似的动词有find, discover, hear…

We can see Disney characters walking in Disneyland.
Disney characters are special attractions in Disneyland.
A.有行动力的人/物 B.有吸引力的人/物
Tom trip

Page 3: read and conclude.(有意识归纳总结同类词组,积累词汇量,便于写作。)

* Have you ever heard of a Disney Cruise? These are huge boats that also have the Disney theme. You can take a ride on the boat for several days, and you can sleep兜风 eat on board. There are also many attractions and on board, just like any other Disneyland. You can shop, go to Disney parties, and eat dinner with Mickey Mouse! The boats take different routes, but they all end up in finish 以…结束 the same place. That is Disney’s own island.end up with sth 行驶不同的路线 end up doing sth./
____take a ride____

Activities on Disney Cruise

sleep and eat on b

oard ____________

shop ____________ go to Disney parties ____________ eat dinner with Mickey ____________ Mouse


What can we do on board?
on board: on a Disney cruise

We can ……with

on board.


It is just so much fun in Disneyland!

Task 4 Watch a video and say
what can we do in Hong Kong Disneyland?

Have a adventure(冒险的) tour over the water

Sing and dance Ride a roller coaster--Space Mountain(太空山)

Watch a talent show

Buy Disney gifts

See Disney parade(游行)

Eat with Donald Duck

Task5 oral report (口头作文)

If you have a chance to visit Disneyland, 1.what do you want to see? 2.And what activities do you want to do? Why? ? Oral report: ? If I have a chance to visit Disneyland, I want to see…because.. ? And I want to……

Talk about Wenzhou amusement park
? 温州乐园座落于温州市瓯海区茶山街道霞岙村,倚山傍水而建,是一个 高档次旅游主题公园。乐园融入了美国迪斯尼乐园、美国环球乐园和 好莱坞等主题公园的设计理念,集自然景观、主题文化、高科技游乐、 参与性表演与一体。

? 温州乐园 ? 乐园内拥有多项全国先进的大型高科技游乐设备:全国第一台被誉为 游乐设备之王的极速风车、436米长度疯狂过山车、惊险刺激的飞旋 UFO、穿越山体的峡谷激流、省内最高的50米蹦极、国内首创的恐 龙谷探险和山洞步步惊魂、省内唯一的360度环幕电影等。园区内还 配备了立体电影、太空飞车、激光枪战、骑兵保垒、救火现场、淘金 体验、DIY儿童互动馆、风情歌舞表演等参与性

Attractions in Wenzhou amusement park

Flying UFO
Rapid windmills (急速风车)

roller coaster
Bungee [’b?n,d?i:] jumping

Carousel (旋转木马)

作业本P2,p3; 每课必练 Write a passage to introduce an interesting place you have been to, such as Wenzhou amusement park, Jiangxin Island…(写一篇文章来介绍一个你去过的好玩 的地方,如:温州乐园、江心屿、寨寮溪等。) 3. Write a short passage of Disneyland according to the table.(写一篇文章介绍迪士尼乐园) (作业2,3任选一项) 1. 2.

have/has been to的用法
现在完成时 1.意义:表示过去发生或已完成的动作对现在造成的影响或结 果;也表示过去已经开始,持续到现在的动作或状态。 2.基本结构:have/has +过去分词 其中have, has 为助动词。 3. have/has been to+ sp.表示“曾经去过某地”,暗指现在人 已不在那里(人已回来) 。可与just, ever, never等词连 用。 Eg.---____you ever ____ to Beijing? ☆ --- Yes, I went there last year. A. Have; been B. Have; gone C. Did; go D. Are; going 注:①have/has gone to + sp. 意为“到某地去了” ,表示到 了某地(人未回来)。 或正在去某地的途中 ②have/ has been in + sp. 表示“在某地待了多长时间”,常 与表


? Ex.
1. He’s never been to the Great Wall,____? A. is he B. isn’t he C. hasn’t he ★ has he D. 2. --- Where’s your math teacher? --- He____ Beijing for a meeting. He’ll come back in a week. A. went to B. has been to C. has gone to ★ 3. Mr Brown______ Shanghai for three days. ★ has been in A. B. have been to C. has gone to D. have been in 4. She has _____ Shanghai twice. A. been in B. gone to ★ been to D. gone in C.

Hong Kong Disneyland

Four theme parks in Hong Kong Disneyland ? ? ? ?

Fantasy land幻想世界 Adventure land 探险世界 Tomorrow land明日世界 Main Street U.S.A. 美国小镇大街

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