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Martin Henfield talks about some of his experience(经历) as a twin: when we were small my mother dressed the same clothes. That was bad enough and we didn’t like it. But we went on our first camping trip, it went into their sleeping bags for the were not happy to snuggle(偎依) inside a double sleeping bag my mother made for us.

Henfield One and Henfield Two, according to our initials my own friends that I started to feel my own freedom of identity(身份).

brother, Mike Henfield, didn’t work. One day I asked my boss, “Can I have a week __?” “Certainly,” he said, “but you won’t have the job when you back.” I didn’t want to __the job. So on Monday morning, Mike went there in my knew the difference. 1. A. in 2. A. badder

B. for

C. on

D. with D. better

B. worse

C. good D. all the boys C. night C. told

C. mustn’t C. both C. weekend C. find C. on C. got C. lost C. All

D. mid-night D. made D. couldn’t D. all D. holiday D. made D. back D. are D. losing D. trousers D. Each

3. A. all boys 4. A. day 5. A. called 6. A. didn’t 7. A. very

B. another boy

C. all the other boys

B. holiday B. knew B. needn’t B. college B. week B. got

B. each

8. A. middle school 9. A. holidays 10. A. received 11. A. off 12. A. came 13. A. miss 14. A. coat 15. A. None

C. high school D. school

B. free

B. lose

B. will get B. shirt B. Nobody

C. shoes

I have tried many ways to be . I don’t wear a sweater when I without my shoes. But so far nothing . Debbie once told me about a boy in her class who liked school. He would rub(摩擦) the end of the thermometer (温度计) until it went to 39℃. Then he’d put it in his mouth and his mother would think he was ill.

This morning I tried doing that but it went above 35℃ and I rubbed it for ten . So I held the thermometer the light on my desk and it went up to 40℃. I thought I’d put it in my mouth and walk downstairs like that. my mother would take it out and she would be when she saw that I was rather ill.

The only trouble was I didn’t know the thermometer would be so , As soon as I put it into my mouth I burnt my tongue(舌头)! I spit (吐) the thermometer out. It fell the floor but it 1. A . well 2. A . could 3. A . water

B. fine B. rain

C. ill C. sun B. leaving

D. bad D. might D. wind

B. should C. must

4. A . happens B. happened 5. A . being away from

C. will happen D. has happened

C. staying at 6. A . on 7. A . really 8. A . can’t 10. A . near 11. A . When 13. A . cold 14. A . off

D. being out of

C. up C. bad C. never

D. off

D. badly D. didn’t

D. moments D. next to D. If D. frightened

B. down B. not

B. real

9. A . seconds B. hours B. Then B. surprised B. hot

C. minutes C. So

B. near to C. next

C. happy C. warm C. to

12. A . worried

D. cool D. on

B. down

15. A . didn’t break B. didn’t broke C. wasn’t broken D. was broken

When the boys home, it was eleven o’clock. It was dark but there was a light inside their home and the door “Who can be? ” Said Peter. “Mother and Father to do some . They won’t be home eight o’clock. ”

When the man saw Peter, he looked led and said. “Come in! You don’t know me, but I’m a friend of

Peter went inside and began to the man but John didn’t. He quickly but quietly ran off. He soon found a policeman and brought him back home. The man was there, but when he saw the policeman, he tried to run off. The policeman caught him the arm. Just then the boys’ parents .

“Is the man your friend?” The policeman asked Mr. Turner .

“No, he is a thief. He wanted to steal my money. nice of you to catch him.” 1. 2. 3.

A. reached B. arrived at A. out of A. opened

B. outside B. was open B. she

B. have gone B. at B. fear

C. goes to

D. reached to

D. inside

C. outsides

C. it C. go

C. was opened D. open

D. that

D. went

D. shop

4. A. he 5. A. have been 7. A. until 8.

6. A. shops B. shopping

A. frightening

C. shoppings

C. to D. before C. frightened

C. speaking C. their C. still C. at

D. surprised D. telling

D. at D. yet D. by

C. your mother D. your family

9. A. your father B. your father’s 10. A. saying 11. A. to 13. A. in

B. talking

B. to their B. on

12. A. already B. always 14. A. returned

C. had returned

15. A. It’s

B. returned back D. had returned back

C. This is

D. So is

B. This’s

Long ago there was a poor farmer called Fred. Fred and his wife, Doris lived together in their small old house. One winter night, the Luck Fairy (仙女) visited them .

“Fred, you’re a farmer. I’d like to give you a wish,” said the Luck Fairy. “A wish?” Said Fred.

Fred and Doris smiled at each other. Then Fred said, “ Thank you , Luck Fairy. We’re very and happy.”

“ we’re old, we still work in the field every day,” said Doris.

“You wok very hard but you very little money. Would you like some gold coins ” asked the Luck Fairy.

“Oh no , my dear Luck Fairy. We’re poor. But we have food to eat.” Replied Fred. “You can use the gold coin to buy some clothes. The winter here is very cold,” said Luck Fairy. “Though we haven’t got clothes, we’ve got enough,” said Doris. “Well, what about a nice new house?” Asked Luck Fairy.

“Thank you, but I my small old house very much. I’ve lived here since I was born. I don’t a new house,” said Fred.

“You’re quite different from other people. I like you very much,” said the Luck Fairy. “I wish you happiness and Luck forever.” Then the Luck Fairy and never came back. 1. A. sadly 3. A. healthy 4. A. If

5. A. cost 6. A. no 7. A. old 8. A. hate 9. A. need

About 70,000,000 Americans are trying to lose weight(减肥). That is almost 1 out of every 3 people in the United States. Some people eat food and they hardly have any fats or sweets. Others do running, exercise with machines, take medicines, or even have operations. you can see losing weight is work, and it will also cost a lot of money. But do so many people in the United States want to lose weight? Many people in the United States worry about their look of the body. For many people, looking nice also means to be . Other people worry about their health as many doctors overweight is not good. Most people want to find an way to take off fat, and books of this kind are very popular. These books tell people how to lose weight. Each year a lot of new books like these are . Each one says it can easily help people take fat away.

Losing weight can be and women several hundred dollars a day at these health centres. People live there for one week or two, days on the programme, one woman called Mrs. Warren lost 5 pounds (2.27kg). At $ 400 a day, she spent $ 320 to 1. A. less 2. A. For 3. A. good

B. more B. So

C. nice

D. fast D. And

C. Or

B. happily C. worried B. lazy B. But

C. good C. difficult C. Because C. make C. enough C. bad C. buy

C. need C. laughed

B. careful

D. anxiously D. unhelpful D. important D. Though D. borrow D. expensive D. clean D. dislike D. build D. disappeared

2. A. bad

B. lose

B. little B. many

B. love B. see

B. nodded

10. A. smiled

B. useful C. hard D. easy C. how D. when

4. A. why B. what

5. A. high B. short C. thin

6. A. talk

7. A. dearer

8. A. taken

9. A. cheap

10. A. pay

11. A. making

12. A. Before

13. A. sorry

14. A. need

15. A. health

B. harder C. shorter B. given C. written B. expensive B. cost B. taking B. In B. angry B. have B. time C. easy C. take C. playing C. After D. fat D. easier D. copied D. safe D. have D. using D. At B. say C. speak D. tell C. sad D. glad C. use D. get C. food D. money

TV and Radio

TV and radio are very popular in the world today. They can be (1) everywhere. (2) people watch TV;perhaps even (3) people listen to the radio. TV is, of course, (4) than radio. On TV you can see and hear (5) is happening in the world today. But radio isn't disappearing(消失). It is (6) with us. And the (7) of listeners is becoming (8) . One reason(原因) for this is the (9) of the transistor (晶体管). It can (10) very small. It is very easy to (11) . You can put it in your pocket and listen to it in the bus or on your bike (12) you go to work. Besides (除此之外), radio is (13) for blind people. When people are working, they can’t (14) TV but can listen to music or news on the radio. Radio is much (15) than TV.

1. A. watched B. heard C. found D. placed

2. A. Million B. Millions C. Million of D. Millions of

3. A. many B. most C. more D. much

4. A. very useful B. more useful C. much useful D. use

5. A. which B. what C. how D. when

6. A. already B. yet C. still D. also

7. A. number B. population C. numbers D. populations

8. A. much B. many C. more D. large

9. A. invent B. invention C. inventor D. inventing

10.A. make B. be making C. be made D. be done

11. A. take B. bring C. have D. carry

12. A. when B. before C. after D. until

13. A. good B. better C. best D. well

14. A. listen B. watch C. see D. buy

15. A. more expensive B. cheaper

C. more important D. more interesting

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