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长元音 /ɑ:/ 短元音 / ?/ 轻辅音 浊辅音 轻辅音 浊辅音 鼻音 半元音 边音

/e?/ /??/ /p/ /b/ /?/ /?/ /m/ / j/ / ?/

/?:/ /?/ /a?/ /e?/ /a?/ / t/ /d/ / h/ / r/ /n/ / w/

/ ?:/ /?/ /??/ /??/


/i:/ /?/

/U:/ /?/ /θ/ /e/ /tr/ /dr/


/s/ /z/

双元音 /??/

/ k/ /g/ /ts/ /dz/ /?/

/f/ /v/ /t?/ /d?/



Mr. Jones and Mr. Brown worked in the same office. One day Mr. Jones said to Mr. Brown,“We are going to have a small party at our house next Wednesday evening. Would you and your wife like to join us?”

Mr. Brown said,“Thank you very much, but I will telephone my wife and ask her. Maybe she wants to go somewhere else that evening.”So Mr. Brown went to the other room and telephoned. When he came back, he looked very sorry.“What’s the matter?”said Mr. Jones.“Did you speak to your wife?”“No,”answered Mr. Brown,“She wasn’t there, my small son answered the telephone. I said to him,‘Is your mother there, David?’and he answered,‘No, she is not in the house. She is somewhere outside.’‘What is she doing?’‘She is looking for me.’”


Jim was born in a small village. His father, Mr. Brown, has a big farm and works hard on it. He often gets good harvests. Now Jim is six years old, but there’s no school near the village. He is very worried.“My sister works in London.”says Mrs. Brown.“We can take Jim to school there. What do you think of it?”“It’s a good idea!”Mr. Brown said happily. The next day they all went to London by train. Jim’s aunt was glad to see them. A week later, Jim came to school. “What’s your name, little boy?”asked a teacher. “Jim Brown.”answered the boy. “You must be polite,”said the teacher,“please say ‘sir’ when you are speaking to the old. Now answer my question again. What’s your name?”“Sir Jim Brown.”


What’s a library for? Most libraries have books and other things to read. Many of them have things to listen to. Some libraries even have computers. Very few people would think of a library as a place to live in.

One library in New York City turned into a home for 250 people for a few days. There were people everywhere in the library. They slept on the floor. Why did the people move into a library? The people move into the library because the city wanted to close it to save money. These 250 New Yorkers loved their library. They didn’t want to lose it. So they moved in. They knew that the library couldn’t be closed if they were living inside it. At last, the city agreed to keep the library open, and the people all went home.

1 了解语音(包括发音、重音、连读、失去爆破、语调、节奏等) 2 语音语调正确、自然、流畅

3 日常交际中能有效理解和表达问候、告别、感谢、介绍等

4 能对个人、家庭、朋友、社会热点等话题进行简单的交流和沟通 5 理解和掌握描述事件的发生、发展过程的表达方式

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