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人教版九年级英语unit3 Reading

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Unit 3 Teenagers should be allowed to choose their own clothes.


in the way achieve race realistic taught importance care care about succeed point

挡道的,妨碍人的 完成,实现 赛跑,比赛 现实的,注重实际的 teach的过去式或过去分词 重要,重要性 关心,忧虑 担心,关心 成功,到达,完成 要点,论点

Should I be allowed to make

my own decisions?

Should I be allowed to make my own
decisions? 妨碍,挡…的路例如:Playing
computer games too much can get Many teenagers have hobbies.study. sometimes But in the way of his

These hobbies can get in the way of schoolwork, and parents might worry about their child’s success at school. Teenagers
名词,成功successful successfully often think动词 should be succeed they

allowed to practice their hobbies as much as they

want, Do you agree?

Liu Yu, a fifteen-year-old boy from Shandong, is a running star. He

is on his school running team and has always wanted to be a professional
athlete. However, his parents won’t allowed him to train as much as he would like to. “Of course we want to see Liu Yu achieve his dreams,” says

Mr Liu, “and we know how much he loves running. That’s great, and my
wife and I have watched him in every one of his races. We have nothing against running! But we do think that our son needs to be realistic. Now

that he is getting older, he needs to think about what will happen if he
doesn’t become a professional runner in the end.”

Liu Yu doesn’t really agree. “Well, I think I should be allowed to make decisions for myself,” he says. “My parents have always taught me the

importance of working hard and not just to do what
I enjoy. I understand this. But I’m serious about running. Being a professional runner is the only thing I have ever wanted to do.”

Mr and Mrs Liu believe that Liu Yu should study

hard in the evening, and so they don’t allowed him to
practice running on school nights. “I know this might seem strict,” says Mrs Liu, “but we think we’re doing the right thing. He has to understand that very few people can become professional athletes. It’s a very difficult dream to achieve. We don’t allow him to practice every day because we think he needs to

spend time on his homework.”

But Liu Yu still doesn’t agree. “ I know my parents

care about me,” he says. “ But they are always
talking about what will happen if I don’t succeed! I think I should be allowed to make this decision for myself. Only then will I have a chance of achieving my dream.”

get in the way 妨碍
If you are not going to help, at least don't get in the way! 如果你不愿帮忙,至少别妨碍人家。

Her social life gets in the way of her study.

care about 担心, 关心

The young people should care about the old.
年轻人应该关心老人。 在乎, 在意

They don't care about the expenses.


succeed v. 成功 But they are always talking about what will happen if I don’t succeed. 但是他们总是讨论如果我不成功会怎么 样。

succeed 常用于“succeed in sth.”或“succeed in doing sth.”结构中。
He believes he can succeed in the test. 他相信他这次考试会成功。 He succeeded in getting the job. 他成功地得到了那份工作。 success n.

successful adj.
successfully adv.

3a Put these phrases from the reading into
sentences of your own.
1. get in the way of Playing video games can get in the way of doing ________________________________________ my homework. _________________ 2. (be) serious about I’m serious about getting good results at school. _____________________________ 3. spend time on I spend a lot of time on learning English. ______________________________

Scan the reading to find more examples to place under each heading.
Points show Yu’s parents care
about him. His parents worry about his success at school. They want him to achieve his dreams. They watch all his races.

Points show that Yu is
unhappy with his parents. His parents won’t let him practice when he wants. He doesn’t agree with his parents. He wants to be allowed to make decisions. In his opinion, his parents don’t believe in him.

Work in groups
Parents’ Points Liu Yu’s Points

They worry about his success at school . _______ They think he should spend ______ time on study. They think he needs realistic to be ________. They think it is a very difficult dream to achieve . ______

He wants to be a professional athlete _________________. He just wants to do what he ______ . enjoys He is serious about running ________. He believes himself. _______

Fill in the blanks with the words.
worry about achieve allow him to on…team get in the way of

1. Parents might worry about ___________their child’s success at school. get in the way of 2. These hobbies can _______________schoolwork. on team 3. Liu Yu is ___ his school running ____. allow him to 4. His parents won’t _____________train as much as he would like to. achieve 5. We want to see Liu Yu _______ his dreams.

With a partner, discuss the time you spend

on schoolwork and on hobbies. Imagine you
want to show your parents that you can

make responsible decisions. Plan a schedule
to balance the time needed for your schoolwork and your hobbies.





Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday

If you have time!

Do a project on a famous person. Write about their childhood and how they became successful. Display your project on

the classroom wall.

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