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I. 单项选择(20分)

( ) 1. -What is this in English? -It’s _______ apple.

A. a B. an C. the D. /

( ) 2.-How ____ you? -I _____ fine, thanks.

A. is, are B. are, are C. is, am D. are, am

( ) 3. -____ do you do? ---I’m a driver.

A. How B. Where C. Why D. What

( ) 4. This is ________ room.

A. Lucy’s and Lily C. Lucy’s and Lily’s

B. Lucy and Lily’s D. Lucy and Lily

( ) 5. There _____ a girl and three boys in the classroom.

A. am B. is C. be D. are

( ) 6. There is a science building _____ the dining hall.

A. in the front of B. in front of C. in front D. front of

( ) 7. .There are many ______ on the table.

A. tomato B. tomatoes C. potatos D. potato

( ) 8 ______ is an English student. _____ name is Tom.

A. He, His B. She, He C. He, Her D. She, His

( ) 9 Is his mother a teacher ______ a doctor?

A. or B. and C. with D. but

( ) 10 I haven’t got _______.

A. some brothers B. any brothers C. brother D. sister

( ) 11 Mike and Tom _____ good ______.

A. are, friend B. are, brother C. is, students D. is, friends

( ) 12 Let ________ help __________.

A. I, you B. me, your C. we, your D. him, you

( ) 13 Most children like sports, so they like having ________classes.

A. geography B. art C. PE D. history

( ) 14 –Could you give me ________ flowers, please? -Sorry, I haven’t got ________.

A. any; any B. some; any C. some; some D. any; some

( ) 15 ---What’s your father? ---_________.

A. A manager. B. About forty. C. He’s old. D. He’s at home.

( ) 16.Do you like _______ book?

A. reading B. reads C. read D. readding

( ) 17.—Nice to meet you. --_____________.

A. And you. C. Nice to meet you, too

B. Thank you! D. Fine, thank you.

) and I can play ______ tennis. ( ) 18. I can play ____ violin(小提琴


A. the; / B. /; / C. C. /; the D. a; an ( )19. We ________ Chinese ________ Monday morning.

A. have; at B. has; in C. have; on D. has; to ( ) 20. There are 50 ________ in my school.

A. woman teachers C. women teachers B. man teachers D. men teacher

II. 完形填空(10分)

Jim has a small room. There ___1___a desk, two chairs and a bed in it. The door is here. ___2___ basketball is ___3___ it. The window is there. Jim has a clock. ___4___ on the desk. A bag and some books ___5___ on it, too. A chair is behind the desk. ___6___ shoes are ___7___ the bed. Jim has a picture and a photo in his room. The picture is on the wall. You can ___8___ some trees and flowers in the picture. The photo is on the ___9___, too. It’s a photo of his family. You can see his parents, his sister and him in the photo. ___10___ a nice photo it is! ( ) 1 A are B is ( ) 2 A The B A ( ) 3 A on B in ( ) 4 A Its B It ( ) 5 A are B is ( ) 6 A His B Her ( ) 7 A in B on ( ) 8 A see B look ( ) 9 A room B desk ( ) 10 A How B And III. 补全对话(15分)

C has C An C behind C It’s C have C A C under C watch C bed C But

D have D / D with D Is D has D Any D from D find D wall D What

A. 从下列方框中选择合适的句子完成对话,答案写到横线上。 (5分) A: Hello, Jack, __1__

B. Your school is very beautiful. A: Thank you. Look! ___2___ B: Yes. Your classroom building looks great.

A: Thanks. In my school, there are 36 classes. B: ___3___

A: There are forty students. B: Where is the library? A: ___4___

B. Is your sister in this school? A: No, she isn’t. B: ____5___


A: She is in a primary school(小学) near here.

1. _________ 2. ________ 3. _________ 4. ________ 5. _________


Mum: Kate, Aunt Wang comes to our home for dinner. ___1___ we got ___2___

carrots in the fridge?

Kate: No, we ___3___ got any ___4___, mum.

Mum: Have we got any fish?

Kate: Yes. And we have got some eggs. ___5___we haven’t got any pork ___6___ beef. Mum: Beef is Aunt Li’s __7___ food. I think we need to buy some. Have we got any apples?

Mum: No, we have only got ____8___ oranges.

Kate: Have we got any ____9____?

Mum: No, we haven’t got any juice.

Kate: Mum, can I buy some cola?

Mum: No, too ____10____ cola is bad for you.

Kate: OK! I think we need to buy some beef, apples and juice.

1. __________ 2. ___________ 3. __________ 4. __________ 5. ___________

6. __________ 7. ___________ 8. __________ 9. __________ 10. __________ IV. 词汇及翻译(25分)

A. 用所给词的适当形式填空 (10分)

1. I don’t have any pens. I think she ______(have) some.

2. Let’s ___________ (play) football together.

3. That boy can __________ (draw) very well.

4. My brother and sister ________ (not be) students.

5. ____________ (stand) up quickly, please!

6. There _________ (be not) any milk in the bottle.

7. My mother is a ________(teach), and she works in a school.

8. __________(child) are the flowers in the morning.

9. I’m __________(four) years old and I study in a middle school.

10. Tom ________(come) from the USA.

B. 翻译句子(15分)

1. 我们在八点钟时上语文课。We have __________ ________ eight o’clock.

2. 办公楼在哪儿?__________ are the office __________?

3. 黑板上有一些图片吗?Are there __________ pictures __________ the wall?

4. 每天放学后我做数学作业.I do maths _______ after school _________ ________.

5. 我可以用英语和朋友交谈。I can talk _________ my friends __________ English.


7. 我最喜欢的科目是英语, 因为它有趣。________________________________


V. 阅读理解(35分)


Betty is a new student in our class. She is from England. She is an English girl. She is twelve years old. She is a good girl and we are good friends. Betty’s parents are teachers. Her father is our English teacher. He is very kind to us. We all like him. Her mother is a maths teacher. She doesn’t teach us. She is a good teacher, too. 阅读短文,判断下列句子正(T)误(F)。

( ) 1 Betty is from the USA.

( ) 2 Betty is thirteen years old.

( ) 3 Betty’s father is an English teacher.

( ) 4 Betty’s mother is an English teacher, too.

( ) 5 Betty’s parents are very popular(受欢迎的).


The food in America is different from our Chinese food. For example, they eat a lot of potatoes. They like to eat them every day. They eat bread for breakfast and for another meals. They eat bread with butter(黄油), maybe cheese or jam(果酱). Cheese and butter are made from (用……做成) milk. They drink a lot of milk, too. They drink the milk in hot or cold, and they put it in their tea. And they like meat or fish with potatoes and other vegetables. After the meal they always have something sweet. They call that dessert(甜点).

( ) 1. The American food is __________ Chinese food.

A. the same as C. as well as

B. different from D. better than

( ) 2. Cheese is made of __________.

A. milk B. butter C. jam

( ) 3. In America they usually eat bread with __________.

A. sugar B. milk C. cheese

( ) 4. They don’t drink __________ in America.

A. milk B. tea C. coffee

( ) 5. After the meal they like to have __________.

A. apples B. pizzas C. dessert

C D. sweet D. tea D. porridge(粥) D. oranges

My family is not very big. There are only three cats. I’m a white cat. My name is Snow White. My husband (丈夫) is a black cat. His name is Captain Black Cat. We have a pretty (漂亮的) daughter. Her name is Lily. She is black and white. She’s two years old. We live a happy life. Every day we work hard to catch the mice (捉老鼠). We help people live a happy life in this house.


( ) 1. In the cat’s family there are __________ cats.

A. one B. two C. three D. four

( ) 2. Mother cat is __________.

A. white B. black C. black and white D. snow

( ) 3. Mother cat and father cat have a __________.

A. son B. sister C. teacher D. daughter

( ) 4. Lily is __________ years old.

A. one B. a C. two D. three

( ) 5. The black cat is Lily’s __________.

A. mother B. friend C. husband D. father


My school is very big with some tall buildings. There are 2,000 students in my school. We have a big playground. There are lots of trees and flowers in the school.

We have lots of fun at school. After class we play games and do sports, like(像) playing football, basketball and table tennis. They are interesting.

I love my school because it’s like a big family. The teachers in my school are as kind to us as our parents. I’m proud of (以…为骄傲) my school because it’s one of the best schools in my heart.

根据短文,完成下列句子, 每空一词.

1. There are some tall ___________ and a big playground.

2. You can see lots of ____________ and flowers in the school.

3. After class we can play _________, basketball and table tennis.

4. There __________ 2000 students in my school.

5. Our school is like a big __________.


Hello, friends!

My name is Zhou Dan. I’m a Chinese girl. I’m twelve. I’m from Zhengzhou, China. Do you know Zhengzhou? It’s in the middle of China. I’m in No. 8 primary school. There are about nine hundred students and fifty teachers in our school. It is a good school in Zhengzhou. I’m in Class 2, Grade Six. There are 49 students in our class-29 girls and 20 boys. My English teacher is Zhao Dan. Our names are almost(差不多)the same, right? She is nice to me. We’re good friends. I like English, and I like music(音乐), too. I want to find a pen-friend. Please write to me.


Zhou Dan


16. How old is Zhou Dan ?


17. Where is Zhengzhou?



18. How many boys are there in Zhou Dan’s class?


19. Does Zhou Dan like music?


20. What’s Zhou Dan’s English teacher’s name?

_____________________________________________________________________ VI. 书面表达15分

根据提示信息,以“My school day”为题,写一篇60词左右的英语短文,所给信息不必全部写出,不得写出个人真实信息。

My school day





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