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1、Can you _____my e-dog when I go to Shanghai?

A.look at B.look after C.look out D.look for

2、What _____your sister’s name?

A.are B.does C.is D.am

3、Eddie has _____e-dog, and _____is very good.

A.an;they B.a;it C.an;it D.a;they

4、I love swimming. Can you tell me how_____in the swimming pool?

A.swimming B.to swim C.swim D.to swimming

5、They love _____ in the reading room.

A.reading B.to read C.read D.to reading

6、Where _____ his new classmate _____from?

A.is;come B.are;come C.does;come D.are;\

7、Jack is _______.

A.on Class2,Grade7

B.in class2,grade7

C.in the class5,grade7

D.in Class5,Grade7

8、Amy is good at _____and she can swims fast.

A.swiming B.swims C.swimming D.swim

8、Sandy _____ playing football at all.

A.isn’t like B.don’t like C.doesn’t like D.aren’t like

9、_____ everyone here today?

A. Is B. Are C. Is D. Is

10、_____ your cousin good at running?

A.Do B.Are C.Does D.Is

11、My father usually ___newspapers after supper everyday.

A.read B. reads C.reading D.is reading

12、Mille _____her homework at home in the evening.

A.doesn’t B. don’t C.doesn’t do D.don’t do

13、Helen always ___to school early and ___back home late.

A.come; goes B. goes;comes

C.goes;come D.come;go

14、Kitty enjoys _____.

A.listen to music B. dances C.swiming D.singing

15、Let’s _____.

A.to dance B.dancing C.dance D.dances

16、Look! The boy and his friends___in the swimming pool.

A.are swimming B.is swimming

C.swim D.swims

17、--Excuse me. _____?

--I’m from Beijing.

A.Where are you come from B.Where do you from

C.Where are you from D.What are you from

18、--What _____ your uncle?

--He’s a doctor.

A.is B.are C.does D.am

19、Mr.Green ___a son, but he ___ a daughter.

A.have; don’t have B.has; does’t have

C.has; don’t have D.have; does’t have

20、-- ____ Lucy come from America?

-- No. She ___ from America.

A.Is; isn’t B.Is; doesn’t

C.Does; doesn’t D.Does; isn’t

21、What a lovely dog! What’s ___ name?

A.it B.he C.his D.it’s

22、Which is the different sounds of the four words?

23、-- You look cool today.

-- _________.

A.No, I’m not. B.Yes, I am.

C.Don’t say so. D.Thank you.

24、 _______. Where is your father?

A. I’m sorry. B. Excuse me.

C.Thank you. D. Hello.

25、I have ___ football. I often play ___ football after school.

A. a; / B. /; / C.the; the D. a; the

26、Simon with his friends ___ on the playground now.

A. be running B. are running

C. is running D. am running

27、Her father and mother _____ drinking black tea.

A. are both like B. are all like

C. both like D. all like

28、Every student ____ to see the famous scientist(科学家).

A.is happy B. are happy

C. is happily D. are happily

29、It’s 8 o’clock in the morning. Let’s ___ our class.

A.begin B.begins C.beginning D.to begin

30、Simon always _______.

A.wear glass B.wear glasses

C. wears glass D. wears glasses

31、My parents call __ Bob.

A. me B. my C.I D. Mine

32、Jim often walks __ school and walks __ home everyday.

A. to; to B. /; / C/; to D. to; /

33、LiBing and LiMing are ____.

A. China B. Chinas C.Chineses D.Chinese


1、She _______ (not have) long hair now.

2、It’s the ____ (first) day at school . So I don’t know much about anything.

3、Do you know these_____( classmate) names?


________ ________ he like ________ ?

5、-- _____ you happy today?

--Yes, we _____.

6、Don’t ___ late for class again.

7、My classmates often help me and I often help them.(改为同义句)

My classmates ______ I often help ______ ______ .

8、What about a cup of tea?(改为同义句)

_______ you ______ a cup of tea?

9、His brother is a boy in a middle school.(改为同义句) His brother is a __________ __________ __________.

10、Lily with his sister _______ (be) in the classroom.

11、You _____ a nurse, but she _____ a teacher. (be)

12、There are three _____(glasses) of water on the table.

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